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  1. With the influx of powder blue uniforms returning to the MLB, I thought to myself "What if the majority of teams had a road uniform that wasn't grey?". So that's exactly what I tried to answer with this series. A few points need to be made before I post the first uniform. - Not every team will be featured. I only picked the teams that I think could get by not having a grey uniform - Not every team that had a powder blue uniform in its past will be featured - Some of these uniforms will actually be alternates, because I like the team's current grey roads - Four of the teams featured will have 2 sets of colored uniforms - 16 teams in total will have non-grey uniforms. Hope you all enjoy this series! FINISHED TEAMS Arizona Diamondbacks Baltimore Orioles Chicago White Sox Colorado Rockies Kansas City Royals Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers Oakland Athletics Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Seattle Mariners Tampa Bay Rays
  2. I gotta stop this habit of unintentional hiatuses...anyway, the MLB Rivalry Series is back off the DL, and taking on a border battle of semi-epic proportions...leading off, the Milwaukee Brewers The homes...I've been considering making a modernized (read: semi-traditional) version of the Brew's TATC jersey for a few years now. Never considered using the current script for the simple fact that it wouldn't work even if I tried. The road set...I'd considered simply going with a straight fauxback akin to the RL pinstripes, but decided in the end to modify it with Marquette style stripes. And now...the Minnesota Twins The road set, much like their 87-09 grays, have pinstripes. Unlike that set, these pins alternate between navy and red. I thought about reviving the ASG cap for at least the home whites, but decided on this red-front number instead. The home whites are completely based on the uniforms donned by the Handshake Guys: Paul's STP taking center stage on the left chest, with Minny's M on the right sleeve for good measure. Have your say.