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  1. I decided with the presidential frenzy ensuing in the United States, I'd finally make the presidential jerseys I'd been wanting to create for a while. Each jersey has a US flag on its right shouldr, and a US flag-inspired collar. Either the candidate's personal logo or the party's official logo has been put on the front of each jersey. DEMOCRATS - HILLARY CLINTON Hillary has been under a lot of fire for her numerous corporate sponsors and pandering to certain demographics, so I tried to putt hose into the jersey. The jersey's overall design is classical, and something you can't dislike, but the arrows in the striping point to her sponsors that dump millions into her campaign. REPUBLICANS - DONALD TRUMP Trump's "phallic" logo is the crest for this jersey, and the stripes on the flag create the jersey's striping pattern. I was going to use a cinderblock wall pattern under the striping or as a yoke to symbolize the wall he wants to build, but there was no way to incorporate it and make it look good. LIBERTARIANS - GARY JOHNSON The Libertarians are the most "Crazy" party in America, at least as far as ideas go. They believe in breaking free of government and nearly abolishing it, and the jersey brings that into play, trying to be free flowing, overly modern, and breaking free of the standard jersey type. GREEN PARTY - JILL STEIN The Green Party focuses on protecting the Earth and natural resources, and therefore they have a green and yellow logo. The party is the only one without red and/or blue in it, and the jersey shows that. It's a classic and safe jersey. What do you think? Do I need to change anything?
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