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  1. Teams Posted (32/32): Links Included NFC SOUTH (4/4) AFC SOUTH (4/4) NFC EAST (4/4) AFC EAST (4/4) NFC WEST (4/4) AFC WEST (4/4) NFC NORTH (4/4) AFC NORTH (4/4) PRO BOWL What's up guys, I just want to preface this real quick. The last time I made concepts was two football seasons ago. I just completed my second year at the University of Alabama and after a rocky start to my collegiate career here (with a major change), I have finally started to organize all of my time for school, social life and my hobbies. I just recently made the switch to a MacBook Pro after my Dell crashed. It had all of my artwork on it so I lost it when the computer crashed. About a month ago, I decided to just go ahead and start from scratch and downloaded GIMP, fonts and templates so that I could pick this back up. Anyways, I decided to do a legitimate NFL series for the first time. I've posted a few NFL concepts before but I've always been a bigger fan of College so it has been fun to do something different. I have already completed every team for the series (first time ever to complete a series) but I am only going to post one division at a time starting out with the NFC. I will alternate between conferences and I will try to post a division every week. I would like to post the entire NFC South today but it will take multiple post for each team so I'm just going to start with one and if I have some time later I will at least post one more, I'll try to get the whole division up over the weekend and let it sit for a while before I move on to the AFC South. Before I get into the uniform rules for each team, I want to give credit to some people, Conrad for his amazing font packs, mattwilcox for the template and's uniform database. Alright, without further adieu here is my NFL Concept series. The rest of the post will serve as my guidelines (most will probably skip this, which is fine) but I wanted to include this just so I can explain the thought process that went behind designing all of the different sets for each team. (MY) NFL UNIFORM GUIDELINES Helmets: Each team is required to have at least TWO helmets (Primary, Throwback), and each team has the option to add a THIRD (Alternate), I'll get to the Alternate rule a little bit later. Jerseys: Each team is required to have FOUR jerseys (Home, Away, Alternate, Throwback). No more color rush uniforms, the Throwback does not count as the Alternate and I'll get to that in a little bit as well. Pants: Every team has to have at least TWO pants (Primary, Throwback). I think I have at least one Secondary set of pants for every team though, they are allowed up to four total but some teams do not take advantage of that rule. Teams can mix and match any of their pants as they'd like except for their throwback set. Alternate Helmet Rule: With this new set of Guidelines, some teams will have an Alternate helmet that is automatically paired with their Alternate jersey, They would be allowed to wear the Alternate helmet up to THREE times a year, basically this could happen one of two ways. Either the team would be allowed to wear the Alternate helmet with their Primary Home and Away jersey once each and with their Alternate uniform once or if they choose to wear their Alternate jersey twice during the season, that would allow them to wear their Alternate helmet only one more time with either their Primary Home or Away. Alternate Jersey Rule: Each team is only allowed to wear their Alternate jerseys TWICE a year. They do not have to choose to do so and if this were reality, it would not be a requirement to even wear the jersey once every season. The Alternate jersey is a requirement mainly for reasons to allow teams to have a different option and use it as a merchandise tool instead of the NFL's current Color Rush. THROWBACK WEEK (THANKSGIVING): Throwbacks get separated from the rest of the bunch, this is my personal favorite rule. I used to love watching teams wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving week so I decided to make it a rule that every team will wear a retro-inspired uniform during the week/weekend of 11/24/16-11/27/16. Each uniform takes inspiration from various eras in each team's history, some will be based on one retro set more than others, while some teams actually piece together more of a Fauxback uniform (Expansion teams especially). Okay so that covers it all. Sorry for all of the writing, if you made it this far please don't get bored. I'm going to keep the uniform post short and sweet but I've put a lot of thought into this project so I wanted to try and avoid questions about things such as Alternates and Throwbacks.
  2. So I wanted to make some Pro Bowl uniforms. I think the new colors are interesting. They could never work full time, but I like them for the situation they are used. I wanted to make an interesting design, and make the font thicker. Hopefully I did that with the pants and doing grey vs. anthracite.
  3. I didn't want to start a full-up NFL redesign, but I wanted to showcase a few concepts. Here's my first NFL Inkscape concept: There's nothing huge here. The Bills already have great look, so a big change-up wasn't necessary. I added a red helmet. I also fixed the tapered stripe on the helmet. Thanks to PaperThin for showing me how to make the stripes, and to mattb for sharing the template. The Giants are next, and since everyone knows I hate the Giants, I'll have something different in store for them. Beyond... I don't know, but I'll decided once I finish the Giants. Enjoy! EDIT: Added a poll to let you guys decide. Dallas, Denver, Arizona, or Atlanta. Have at it Buffalo Bills New York Giants Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl
  4. With the Pro Bowl coming up Sunday, the mostly garrish Pro Bowl uniforms of the past are again brought into conversations for a few days. When the NFL ditched conferences at the 2013 Pro Bowl, most liked the idea. The uniforms featured volt, anthracite, and whatever the hell Nike called the orange. I didn't mind the color scheme, but I thought the uniforms could receive a few improvements. First, I'm not really a fan of players wearing their own helmets, so that's out the window. I didn't like the use of the gray-scale logos on the sleeves, so I incoporated the team color in. I ditched black from the jerseys, and only used dark gray, light gray and either green or orange. The font (from Conrad) remains the same. I anticipate having a more in-depth Super Bowl redesign up sometime next week, so consider this an apitizer for now.
  5. Nike has officially unveiled the new uniforms for the Pro Bowl... The Red, white and blue are gone in favor of gray, lime green and highlighter orange. Source: (Yes, I know this is being discussed in the NFL thread, but something this drastic usually warrants a separate thread.)
  6. With the announcement of the new Pro Bowl format being two captains drafting players to their respective teams regardless of Conference, the old "AFC" "NFC" uniforms and colors are likely obsolete now. What kind of designs do you think Nike will roll out for this new Pro Bowl? Any ideas on the names of the two teams? What would you like to see the uniforms look like?
  7. In this thread, I will post several designs/proposals for the new pro bowl uniforms. Some will be all out, Nike to the end, some will be more of a classic look. Just playing around here and bouncing ideas off you guys. the first two designs are team Rice's "Resilience" and team Sanders' "Speed". Here is Rice's "Resilience": Sanders' "Speed" will be up either in an hour or so or in the morning. I have not yet decided.