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  1. Hello everyone, Man, it’s gotten so much easier to post with the new updates. This hatchet logo was the first sketch and then computerize logo I’ve ever done and it’s been through a process. This thread was inspired by @hettinger_rl‘s thread on his bison logo (which is quite good, check it out!). The logo started out as something to fiddle with during art class when I was in grade 9. The idea was a Chicago Blackhawks alternate. I soon came to terms with this site and discovered that my logo was far off from what I needed it to be. I did a lot of sketches, most of which are lost and forgotten. I recovered one earlier this year and computerized it, and sent it out on Twitter. After receiving advice, I went for round two. This is the fourth draft of the logo I’ve completed and I think it’s time I finished this thing. Above is the sketch, and the past versions of the mark, and the current one (#4). Here are the updates in a word fashion; Draft 1>2 Rounded off back edge for more of a tomahawk look Cut off half of handle for a shadowed look Draft 2>3 Added rope/handles Added shadows on rock and handle Draft 3>4 Made rock shadowing more jagged and accurate Added feather detail and stems And here are the images…. AND some alternate colour choices for the logo… Keep in mind…this isn’t a Blackhawks concept…that was just my first thought of it. Please leave C+C! This has been a three-month, off-and-on project.