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  1. US Quidditch Cup 12 is coming up in just under two weeks, and the gameplay format was just announced, so naturally, I've been thinking a lot about quidditch lately. I wouldn't be here on this website if I didn't think about uniforms, and a lot of quidditch teams have pretty bad uniforms. You can probably see where this is heading. (If you read that paragraph and were like "back up. you play what???" then you should know that quidditch is hella fun and you should also check out these links.) Anyway, I'm planning to redesign the 84 teams participating in USQC12. Here are my guidelines: 1. The main thing I wanted to accomplish was to better align collegiate quidditch teams with the rest of their schools' athletic programs. I don't know if it will actually help, but I feel like people might take quidditch more seriously if their uniforms were a little less ridiculous and, more importantly, if they didn't have names like Wyverns and Narwhals. (You might argue that quidditch teams shouldn't take themselves seriously; I'd counter that we can manage to not take ourselves seriously no matter what we're wearing.) That said, I did try to base my designs at least a little bit on what teams have worn in the past. 2. Every team gets two, and exactly two, jerseys, a primary and a clash. A lot of quidditch teams don't have a ton of budget and can really only afford one jersey, which is fine for the most part, but can sometimes give you games that look like this one between Virginia Tech and South Carolina. Some teams already have two jerseys, so I figure this isn't too crazy. 3. Given that a lot of quidditch games occur at large tournaments, I wanted to make sure all sets were as mix-and-match-able as possible so that a full change wasn't necessary every time a team had to wear its clash uniform. Lots of teams will only get one pair of shorts and one pair of socks for this reason, or they'll have a pair that will be more of an alternate. I'm planning to run through the teams by division, then alphabetically by region, and then alphabetically by name. First, though, I wanted to show off my modified USQ logo: First off, that shield's awfully rough, so I picked a new one. I based it off the one used by Middlebury College, since they invented the sport and all. I also updated the player's equipment: brooms haven't had bristles since 2014, players haven't worn capes since 2011, and the snitch has never actually been able to fly (that ball is now either a quaffle or bludger depending on your viewpoint). I swapped the colors to make blue more dominant, brightened the red a little bit, and I added the "USQ" on the side both for better brand recognition and to try and fill up all that space left behind by the cape. I don't feel like I changed much but I wrote this whole paragraph about it, so maybe I did? I should have the first team up soon, but in the meantime, what do you think? If you have any questions about quidditch in general, I'm happy to answer them too.
  2. So a group of my teammates and I were approached to help redesign the logo for the Massachusetts Quidditch Conference, and my design was selected. I've got a bit more time while I'm on vacation and can't do much of anything, so I wanted to see what y'all had to say. Here's the logo sheet I sent them: For reference, here's the current logo: Just a heads up - I won't be able to touch anything until Saturday probably, but I'll absolutely be incorporating your C&C when I can. Leave a comment below!
  3. Hello all, As a fan of Harry Potter, I wish that there were more Quidditch concepts here on the boards. So here is my attempt to add some more concepts to the forum. I have created concepts for the Quidditch World Cup (QWC), which is extremely similar to the soccer World Cup. The QWC happens every four years, and according to the math of Harry Potter, 2018 is the next year for the QWC. So, I have in mind 32 different countries to create logos and Quidditch Kits for, and then to move to a professional quidditch league of some sort. We'll see where this project goes, but without further ado, I present to you all, the 2018 QWC logo. The 2018 QWC takes place in the United Kingdom, hence the blue and red . The snitch is featured because the snitch is the most important aspect of a quidditch game, not to mention the QWC trophy I designed has a snitch on it. As always, C&C appreciated! The first two team's logos and kits will be up sometime today!
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