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  1. A template for a Nissan Altima race car. Would not be compatible with the current generation NASCAR (it has standard-size 18-inch wheels instead of the 15-inch NASCAR wheels), but would probably be compatible with the Next Generation NASCAR, or your own racing series. Based on the 2018 Nissan Altima. Base blueprint was from, and was traced and modified. Feel free to use it, it's my first take at making a base template, so bear with me if it isn't exactly perfect. C&C Welcome and Appreciated.
  2. Happy new year & welcome one & all to the 2018 NASCAR season thread! Well its that time once again folks, counting the days down to the clash & then the Great American race. 2017 had been a very interesting season, with the dominance of Martin Truex Jr. the points system that was put into place, Monster Energy becoming the sponsor & last but not least, saying goodbye to Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth (who knows how long) & Danica Patrick as well as the Chevrolet SS. With 2018, we see some changes happening, along with almost a changing of the guard. Chevrolet brought in the Camaro ZL1 unexpectedly (& happily surprised) but also we see William Byron jump up to Monster & Alex Bowman taking over the 88 but we also see Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. join Richard Petty Motorsports & RPM form an alliance with Richard Childress Racing & switching to Chevrolet. I think Byron vs. Wallace will make for a really good battle for ROTY Now let's get down to nitty gritty. 2018 we restart at Daytona & a new schedule for the playoffs including Las Vegas, Richmond & the Roval in Charlotte, will we see the same dominance from Truex & or Toyota, or will Chevy say enough is enough? Will Chase Elliott finally get that first win that he has before hand only to slip away before. Will Jimmie break the barrier & get his 8th championship? Will Kyle Busch shurg off his 2nd place finish to get his 2nd championship? So many questions, so little time... So a run down that has happened (thanks again to @DNAsports & many others) Monster Energy: -Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. join Richard Petty Motorsports as RPM forms an alliance with Richard Childress Racing & Chevrolet - William Byron will drive the 24, while Chase Elliott will drive the 9 - Aric Almiorla joins Stewart Haas Racing & Kurt Busch resigned with SHR - Ryan Blaney joins Team Penske in a 3rd car - Paul Menard joins Wood Brothers Racing - Erik Jones joins Joe Gibbs Racing - Kasey Khane goes to Leavine Family Racing Predicitions ROTY: William Byron Regular season champion: Martin Truex Jr. Playoff champion: Jimmie Johnson Will Ford switch cars in 2019? Yes, I see the Mustang coming in, especially if the reports of Ford discontinuing the Fusion are true. Any new manufacture plans? I think we may see Dodge announce something if the muscle cars have anything to say. Welcome to 2018, let the fun begin!
  3. SO, I was playing F1 2015 yesterday and then saw someone had just recently posted a template for the new formula car, and wanted to do some concepts for it. I know NASCAR like the back of my hand, Formula is a distant follow. I wanted to imagine some NASCAR teams sponsors as formula cars, with Haas being the obvious crossover (the 14 car will look similar to how i think they should really look) but I only have 2 completed so far. I know they're a touch plain to start, but I didn't want to go all in if nobody would bat an eye. So enjoy, leave some C&C or let me know if you want to see some more! If this gets a positive reaction I'm planning on doing a car for all 36 chartered teams. Here is the Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates #1 Cessna and the Penske Racing #2:
  4. Welcome to the 2018, open wheel race chat! I'd figure I would get this started since the roar before the 24 happening this week, I'd figured I would open up this as well. - Some big changes in open wheel especially in IMSA now that Team Penske has returned to IMSA with not only Juan Pablo Montoya but also Helio Castroneves & Ricky Taylor & their goal is simple, stop the dominant force that is Cadillac - In Indycar, we have a new chasis & a new champion in Josef Newgarden & from the looks of the car as well as the reaction, I think we're going to have a great season - In Formula 1, the question is who will get their 5th championship first, the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton or will Sebastian Vettel finally end Ferrari's drought, or will Red Bull's Max Versatppen or Daniel Ricciardo or even Valteri Bottas play spoiler? - World Endurance will begin its super season but with rumors coming about LMP1 possibly switching their model design to look more like a road car, could we see the next revolution in Prototype racing (IMSA is also listening & hopefully this brings in more manufactures) - World Touring Car Championship is no more, they have decided to go TCR so that will mean more manufactures. - Pirellli World Challenge is going through some changes, Cadillac has left & Callaway has come in, bringing Corvettes with them. K-Pax switch to Bentley Looks like we got a lot in store this open wheel season.
  6. 2017 Jimmie Johnson "Legendary" scheme. This car is Metallic Blue with Gold door numbers, sponsor decals and stripes. This is my second scheme I am trying to actually get on a car. I would like to see this run at the 2017 Daytona 500. (So far no luck contacting Hendrick Motorsports)
  7. Like most folks, the time I learned and had my first exposure to racing tends to be the time I consider the "glory days." There are a lot of changes or other things which can be argued or discussed, but frankly, I just like the look and appearance of the mid-1990's Reynard chassis of the Indycars, or CART Champ Cars, following the split. In this series, I'll be posting some liveries of cars which I either admired at the time (replicated to the best of my ability), or modern-day liveries on that Reynard chassis. To begin, my favorite paint scheme of the time, Tasman Motorsports, and Andre Ribero: This next one might blow some minds, but it's a tribute to one of the greatest American drivers, even if he was in a different series- It would have been interesting if he can spent some time in Indycar as some others of his generation did- #3, and The Intimidator:
  8. Well now that school is done for a while, I can focus on continuing my never ending concepts for my imaginary country of Tamaria. In case you don't know - which I assume would be most of you - I have an imaginary country designed up complete with nearly everything imaginable. Only recently I have been putting my creation to paper - or digital paper - so it's not complete but the idea is there. For more information, it can be found here. So I've been working on a NASCAR series that runs in the South East (of the world) with a few races in Australia and New Zealand, but its based in Tamaria with a majority of the races occurring there. I figured the best sponsor would be Qantas as it is the most recognizable company from Australia, it provides air services for the series when needed and doesn't conflict with good/services that have many companies (such as a Busch series with Coors Light, Budweiser and Molson cars). Speaking of Alcohol, due to Tamaria's leniency towards Tobacco and Alcohol sponsoring in Motorsports, there will be plenty of popular designs you may remember form decades ago. It is a 33 race season that runs on Thursday nights (because in Tamaria the weekend is Friday and Saturday rather than the traditional Saturday and Sunday) from mid-August to May with the final race being held in the first week of June. There is a 2 week break around Christmas time and occasional bi-weeks. The season is referred to as the starting year - for example, the 2015 season runs from August 2015 to June 2016. The reason for this is because back in the late 70's and 80's when the series was still young, the final race occurred the week after New Years so a majority of the season was in the preceding year. Here is a rough list of the dates and track info. Here is a map of the locations of the track. The actual track designs will be up soon and once complete, I will get to the good stuff - the cars. The tracks are a mix of traditional ovals (D-Oval, Tri-Oval, Quad-Oval, etc) as well as some resurrections and tracks strongly influenced by famous tracks. A little more info regarding the cars... I am planning to have about 50 or so cars even though the field is 42 cars. The cars will have 2-3 different schemes per driver. Most of the number logos are the same from Sprint Cup. Race teams are made up of a minimum of 2 drivers and maximum of 4 drivers. Each team must run the same manufacturer and other teams running the same manufacturer are considered semi-teammates and often use tactics to help each other out as there is a bonus for the manufacturer with the most points. Cars will run in a V6 or V8 class. Specs remain the same, I just felt it was more appropriate for those companies with existing V6's and I6's to use their respective displacements. The race in Thornhill features all throwback or fauxback liveries on the cars. Some teams opt to use different sponsors. The race is called Throwback Thursday at Thornhill and is where the term "Throwback Thursday" originated from Cars: V8's Ford Taurus SHO Chevrolet Lumina SS (Chevrolet SS) Holden Commodore SS Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Jaguar XKR V6's Subaru Impreza WRX Nissan GT-R R35 Audi S5 BMW M4 and here is a timeline for all the cars ever used in the Qantas series since its foundation in 1978. I know there is probably a lot I'm missing, it is a big task especially considering it's based in a fictional place so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
  9. Hi, My take on the McLaren Honda 2015.
  10. Hi, here's my take on the livery of the 2015 Williams Martini Racing Formula 1™ team.