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  1. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better
  2. It's been forever, several years actually, since I've posted a non-alternate universe concept on this board. Been wanting to do a rethinking of the Astros for a very long time, especially for the past two years since a uniform change to the old colors was announced. I figured instead of doing up the whole concept and unleashing it all at once, I'd instead post the individual elements as I go and allow for feedback and critique to steer it into territories that even I may not have conceived. So here it is, the modernized yet retro rethinking of the classic Houston Astros rainbows. Enjoy.
  3. C&C Appreciated, have no idea how to do a baseball name & number so that's why its not there.
  4. A while back, I'd posted a few Rockies alts & one-offs, one of which was a purple-heavy white alt. Decided to revisit it, as a full set this time, and as Buc had put it in that past thread, the Rockies should own purple. Not kinda wear it, like they do now, but OWN it. To that goes. home/away The scripts are based on what the Denver Bears wore in the 50s, with a rather distinct underscore. Though I don't really feel one way or the other towards the CR, I know most here aren't exactly fans of it. Thus, the C from the road script becomes the cap logo. And before I forget, far as colors, I dropped black and silver, replacing the latter with lavender. alts On your lefthand side is an 80s Nuggets tribute...complete with purple rainbow and Nuggets-style script. The other alt is a lavender vest.