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Found 2 results

  1. I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
  2. If you frequent these boards you might recognize me from my MLB Combination of Eras Thread and other projects, but for "real life" I teach high school classes and coach baseball at a small K-12 school. We are called the Rams, and this is our logo: Yeah, yikes. My AD told me they found the logo on some embroidery website and paid $10 for unlimited use of it. Yes, we are operating on a very tight budget. I asked if he would be interested in having me try to come up with a new logo, and he was interested. Our school colors are navy, white, and silver/gray. He also expressed interest in adding another supporting color, so I wanted to make a logo that could introduce another color. That being said, most of the t-shirts we have printed are single color, so I want a logo that looks good in one color on a solid background. I wanted to keep the profile of the ram head rather than go with something completely different. Anyhow, this is what I currently have: Yes, I used the St. Louis Rams to help with this logo. Right now, I am afraid that it looks too close to their logo in some respects (especially the mouth, nose, and eye). This is my first logo and first time using Illustrator to do more than get vectors recolored, tweaking of logos, etc., so I am learning as I go. Here are some questions I have; I would love some feedback on what's working well and what could use some work yet. 1. I want to nail down head/horn shape first so that I can get a real outline down (right now it is just a stroke). I am happy with the shape of the head, but should I be? What about the horn: is it good or should I rework it? 2. I want some sort of detail/texture, but is what I have working? How can it be improved? 3. Do you have any good ideas of what to do with the mouth or eye to make it look a little less like St. Louis's logo? 4. Do you like the shape of the shading/alternate color? Should I add more shading (like around the jaw area)? In the end the light blue could end up becoming a different color, so I am most concerned right now with shape. We can work on color later. Obviously, if the eye shape changes, this shape will almost certainly change too. 5. Should I add an ear? Right now the top of the logo looks empty, but no ram head logo like this that I have found adds an ear. There has to be a reason for this. In my sketch I couldn't get anything down that I was happy with, but if the logo would be improved with it, I will see what I can do. Obviously, if you have any comments or critiques on anything else, please let me know.