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Found 13 results

  1. What do you guys think of MLB teams that have on field hats they don't wear anymore, but keep around for the fans to buy? Such as the Marlins orange hat (tragic), the reds black hat, the Red Sox hanging sox hat, etc.
  2. What teams do you guys think have had terrible colors, logos, and/or uniforms for their entire history?
  3. Since baseball is practically here, I thought I'd start a discussion: high pants or low pants. I'm talking about these: Vs these: I personally like to wear my pants higher up, and I love it when MLB players do it too. It looks great, and brings back nostalgia. So I was wondering, what do you guys think is better? High pants, or low pants?
  4. High school teams that have unis like college or pro teams, college teams that have unis like pro teams, colleges with similar unis, or pro teams with similar unis. Example: Louisiana Tech looks like New England Patriots Or my high school used the same jersey template as USC And supposedly my school will be wearing something like UCLA next year So, do you guys know any other schools/teams like this?
  5. (Am I posting too many threads? Oh well) What do you guys think is/are the best road grey jerseys in MLB right now? Dodgers, Cubs, and Giants grey alternates count (I have a feeling the cubs won't be on here). I nominate the Athletics
  6. What team has the best alternate jersey? I nominate the Twins retro off-white uniform (I'm not biased) It looks clean and brings back the some of the best years in franchise history. (Plus it looks really good with the regular TC hat)
  7. Just post what you think the currently worst on-field hat is. It can be regular, diamond era, or the sports knits I nominate the Atlanta braves road hat the Cincinnati reds alternate they never wear And the cleveland Indians road and de hats
  8. Have the patriots ever worn (in their current set) the white (road) jersey with the grey (home) pants? I know they've worn blue (home) jerseys with blue (road) pants. If they have, is it possible to have a picture?
  9. What teams do you think need a rebrand? (College has its own thread, so try to stick to pro teams)
  10. So Oregon has had their current design of uniforms for 3 years. My hometown team, the Montana Grizzlies, update their uniforms every 3 years. So I was wondering, how often does Oregon change the design of their uniforms?
  11. What rivalry in ANY level of college football looks the best? I.e.: colors, logos, uniforms. This has nothing to do with team history or fan bases or atmosphere. Just which rivalry looks the best
  12. This is about the best looking hats in MLB right now. History has nothing to do with anything. Which hat looks the best?
  13. If you could come up with an ncaa bowl, what would it be called? And where would it be? Perfect idea: General Mills Cereal Bowl held in Minneapolis (I.e. new vikings stadium)