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  1. Welcome to my version of the No Fun League National Football League, where every team will look (what I think) their best possible. There are some ground rules before we begin: Socks must contrast the pants. No exceptions. No straight throwbacks. Something (even if minor, as we'll see with the first team) must be different from previous looks. That includes classic teams like the Bears, Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, ans so on. The model player will be that team's QB unless he doesn't wear a double-digit number. Everyone is free to voice their opinions, whether constructive or critical. I'll try to keep up with suggestions, but I'll be going by my pace. Don;t be disappointed if I don't immediately post your suggestion; I will eventually get to it. With that being said, lets begin with our first team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sure, the Bucs have spent most of their recent history in pewter, but their "creamsicle" look stands out to me, and we need more teams with bright color schemes. Bright orange and red screams tropical Florida, and for a team named after a bay, it just looks right. The Bucs signature logo gets a creamsicle color swap, but remains the same design-wise. The basic design of the throwbacks are the same, but I brought back the orange pants they wore for a few years as an option. Instead of a bland gray facemask, the cage is now red. A new red alternate is added, but I chose orange numbers to distingush them from their Super Bowl opponent Kansas City.
  2. Hi all, Recently I was browsing the internet and noticed a lot of teams had rejected rebrands or renames that never quite made it to the final product but were awfully close. Thus, I felt it would be cool to do a design series on those rejected rebrands. There are two categories of brand rejection that I will be going into: 1) The rejected brand names either during a team creation or name change (8 teams, 2 in each sport) 2) Teams whose relocations fell through and never happened (4 teams, 1 in each sport) Hope you like this series. Without further ado, let's start this one off with what would've been one of the worst and most outdated team names in all of sports: Rocky Mountain Extreme (1995: Would be branded as the Colorado Avalanche instead) The logo is based directly off concept images for what would have been the logo for the Rocky Mountain Extreme. I updated and refined some aspects of the logo and applied the Avs color scheme to it as well. The uniforms are also partially based on the design of the Avs uniforms originally, but made some alterations to make the appearance more 90s (namely the rough, snowy font).
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