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  1. As a Washington Redskins fan, I totally embrace the name change. Although it is a sad day when we turn our backs on the teams whole identity by dropping the Native American theme entirely. Most of the suggestions for a new name are unsuitable and leave me underwhelmed. But one that really stands out and has the most potential is the 'Washington Redwolves'. This has the obvious advantage of retaining the colours. Keeping the #HTTR and the fight-song (with some updated lyrics). It would be a mistake to abandon the teams long and storied history...this could work nicely as a viable evolution.
  2. Hi all, I got bored one-day and decided to use Nike's teambuilder website to re-design some NFL uniforms Up first: The Carolina Panthers I like Carolina's design right now. Simple and clean. I wanted to keep that going and add a little to it. The home jerseys stay black with white numbers and a light blue outline. However I added the Panthers across front in light blue and put some light blue sleeves on it. Also a light blue/white stripe across the middle. The away jersey follows the same design as the home jersey with a some color swaps to fit the jersey. The alt light-blue jersey also works as the color rush jersey. Let me know what you guys think! Next up will be the Arizona Cardinals
  3. As I'm sure most of you know, the Washington Redskins wore 1960s-style fauxback uniforms in 2002 for all of their home games except for Dallas (forcing them to wear blue). Does anyone know why/how the NFL allowed the team to have a full-time alternate for one year? Does that even fit within the NFL's parameters for this sort of thing? A couple other notes: -The below photo shows the team wearing their normal white-topped striped socks rather than what they ended up using. -Snyder's claim they might go back to wearing them full time is fascinating and something I never knew was considered. Here's part of a story from about the changes: The Redskins will wear their new uniforms for this season only, though owner Daniel Snyder did not rule out making a permanent change after this year. Washington Redskins' Rod Gardner (87) and Fred Smoot (21) wear the new home-field uniform for the 2002 season during a news conference in Ashburn, Va., Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2002. The Redskins have adopted a new uniform for their 70th anniversary season, shedding the image of a stern Indian face from the side of their helmets. The revamped uniforms, which will only be worn at home games, include burgundy helmets that feature a logo with a spear and feathers, according to the team. (AP Photo/Stephen J. Boitano) Washington will wear gold pants with burgundy and white stripes and a dark burgundy top. The Redskins' helmets will be dark burgundy with a spear and feather dangling off it. But they'll only wear the uniforms for home games--it's back to the more recent jerseys on the road. However, Spurrier said the Redskins would wear white tops at home against Dallas, forcing the Cowboys to wear their less-favored dark uniforms. And Snyder was adamant that this move had nothing to do with any pressure by local civic groups to change the name. ''None whatsoever,'' Snyder said. ''We won't be changing the name for 100-years plus.'' The change is designed to commemorate the franchise's 70th anniversary. It also will boost sales of jerseys--the Redskins lag in the middle of the NFL sales for such items.
  4. After seeing a fruitful discussion about a Washington Redskins throwback uniform from 2002-2003, I decided to make my first uniform concept since 2013. These aren't anything groundbreaking, but they represent the latest of what I would want to see my NFL team do with their uniforms. C&C appreciated.
  5. I'm not making fun of the other thread. Just taking more of a reminiscent,sentimental history angle.
  6. *Update added 3/16, still in progress* I don't think the Skins will go in this direction (nor should they necessarily), but I wanted to try something different from most Washington rebrand concepts. I wanted to create something military-themed with a few nods to the franchise lineage. I like the name "DC Soldiers," but "Washington Warriors" would probably work, too... this is a first draft & I do want to make this logo a bit less Archer-ish (especially the eyes), so any feedback would be great!
  7. Living in the DC area I hear a lot of talk about the Redskins, even if it is annoying when you are a baseball (Nationals) fan and couldn't give a damn about the NFL. Anyways, all the talk about the Redskins being a racist slur and if it should be used for the name of the team got me thinking about a rebrand. The look of the 'Skins works very well, so it shouldn't be radically changed, in my opinion. The simplest thing would be to change the name to the Washington Warriors and utilized past icons to forward the brand. It is more of a tweak rather than a full rebrand. Utilizing the primary logo from 1965-1969 as the helmet logo, and substituting Warriors for Redskins on the uniforms, you can have a simple rebrand. For an alternate, I focused on the helmet. I was fascinated by the 1970-71 Helmet so I wanted to utilize that in a new rebrand to the Warriors. So I went to the 1970-71 Primary Logo and took a close look at it. It seemed, at least on this version of the logo, that the R was created by the font Big Caslon, so I used that to replace the R with a W. The W can work for either Washington or Warriors name. With a few tweaks, this is what I created based off that 1970-71 logo: Utilizing that logo I created this alternate helmet look: Anyways, this is my preference to a rebrand. Keeping it simple and keeping the things that work on the already existing brand. What do you think?
  8. I haven't been on this board for a while so I am a little out of touch with what is being posted. I've noticed that there are quite a few NFL Concept Series taking place right now. Hopefully my work won't be too similar! So I've had a couple of weeks available to attack this concept series. I will be looking to upload as much as I can as I complete the work. I won't ramble on as the series is pretty self explanatory but I have started with teams that I think need to have a change. Some of the changes are drastic, some are subtle. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the work and and C&C is welcome. Below is the concept order. Panthers Bengals Cowboys Titans Patriots Saints Broncos Jets Cardinals Jaguars Rams Falcons Braves (Redskins) Eagles Texans Chargers Lions Ravens 49ers Bills Steelers Raiders Packers Giants Chiefs Colts Bears Seahawks Vikings Dolphins Buccaneers Browns First up are the Carolina Panthers. I felt that although they have an already great uniform (despite being two decades old and unchanged) it was time for a slight change. Home Road Alternate Hope you like them and looking forward to C&C.
  9. I don't care about the CHANGE THE NAME thing, I just want to make logos at this point. I have an updated versions of the skins logo ready to share, and i would love c&c Primary partial (unintentionally) possibly racist alternate?
  10. On June 18, the United States Patent and Trademark Office moved to cancel the trademarks for the Washington Redskins, including the use of the name “Redskin.” This ruling was very important to the ongoing debate of whether to keep the Redskins name or toss it. To generalize, there are two polarizing opinions on the matter: That the name and logo are in no way racist or disparaging, or that the name and logo are a slur to the Native American community and need to be thrown away immediately. There are also a number of opinions in between, including mine. I believe that the name “Redskins” is only racist when used in a racial context. The name by itself is not racist. It is only racist and disparaging when used alongside the Native American caricature that happens to be the Redskins primary logo. A few other professional sports teams use derogatory team names but do not have logos that make it derogatory. For example, MLB’s New York Yankees feature a name that was used by the British as a derogatory name for Americans, however the Yankees primary logo is just a “Yankees” word mark, and their only other logo is the famous blue “NY” emblem. The Vancouver Canucks of the NHL is a derogatory term for Canadians, however their logo is a whale. Why? I have no clue, but the point is that it’s not a Canadian, and that the New York Yankees logo isn't an American. There has been no uproar about “Yankee” or “Canuck” because they are just words that describe the players on their respective rosters and do not disparage against groups of people. “Redskins” when not used with something resembling Native American culture (The Redskins also have a few other logos with headdress feathers) should not be considered racist because the word would only be used to describe the players on the Washington team, thus rendering “Redskins” neither racist nor disparaging. That brings me to my solution to the Washington Redskins “identity crisis” if you will. I believe my solution satisfies both sides of the argument. My solution is pretty simple, really: Scrap every current Redskins logo that indicates Native Americans, and replace it with something different. Now, many “something different” ideas have been thrown around. Complete name changes and rebrands have been brought up, but they don’t satisfy both sides of the Redskins name argument. To satisfy both sides, the Redskins need a logo set with no mention of Native Americans, and one that still keeps with the long, nearly-80-year Redskins tradition. (Only 5 NFL teams have been around longer). The simple fix is this: Get rid of every Native American-esque Redskins logo, and replace the Native American head logo with the maroon and gold cursive “R” logo the Redskins used from 2004 to 2008 and still use on their merchandise from time to time. (The organization can make it look like a throwback rebrand, which has become popular lately in the NBA.) There are already a number of NFL teams that use only letter(s) as their primary logo, such as the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants. The Redskins can also keep using their “REDSKINS” word mark, since it doesn’t mention Native Americans just by itself. Even better, the team could issue a statement saying that the term “Redskins” officially does not refer to Native Americans, but rather to the Washington players, whose uniforms, or “skins” if you will, have red in them. The team can continue using their regular uniforms, just replacing the Native American head on the helmet with the aforementioned “R” logo. Now, I know this may not satisfy everyone, but I believe it is the best of both worlds for both sides of the Redskins argument.
  11. I'm starting the process of making a new helmet. I have a decent size helmet collection and I've made/reconditioned most the helmets in my collection myself. For my next helmet, I'm making a Redskins "fauxback" helmet using the colors and logo that the team used on their throwback uniform from the past two season. I typically start by making a quick photoshop of what I envision the helmet to eventually look like. I'm pretty settled on the logo and the striping, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the facemask. My natural inclination to go with a gray mask, but that seems typical and boring for this fauxback. I've also toyed with gold and burgundy masks. Which mask do you think would like best?....
  12. Hello, I am a student at Colorado State University. This is my first time posting a project to receive critique. This is a rebrand for the Washington Redskins. The reason I chose Wolves is because Maryland Native Americans worshipped them and believed they were very spiritual animals. As of now I only have the logo, secondary logo, and type done. Uniforms will be next. I'd appreciate any ideas/comments.
  13. I made a logo update of the Redskins, mainly subtle changes, but they add up. As always C&C is appreciated. here's a side by side view(old left, new right): Its a rough draft so it's not perfect
  14. I think, at this point, the end of the professional football team in Washington D.C. being officially known as the Redskins is inevitable, so I decided to come up with a concept of what I would like to see when the time comes for a name change. I know Warriors has been a popular option so I took that and ran with it. I know the Redskins have very strong visual identity, so I wanted to keep the burgundy and gold, but went with the shades from the spear helmet throwbacks. So here they are: The Washington Warriors I wanted to keep the basic elements of the helmet and logo the same, so as you can see, the Native American has been replaced with another type of warrior, an American soldier. Alternate Logo This shield is based on the shoulder patch used by the 2nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, which is known as Indianhead and as the Warrior Division. The 2nd has fought in major battles of every major American conflict since WWI,and I thought the use of the shield would be a nice aknowlegement of the team's past, as well as a nod to the U.S. Army in America's capital. Lastly, the uniforms and wordmark So what does everybody think? Any c&c or other comments are always appreciated, thanks.
  15. Finally ready! This personal project has been 4 years in the making. It started while i was in college and wanting to update the NFL's ugliest logo. It evolved in wanting to give them a better name and better brand. This is my proposal for the Washington Redhawks
  16. I am a Redskins fan, and why I like the overall aesthetics of their look, there are a few things that bother me about it, so I made a few changes. Primary Logo I went to the single season 1982 "curled feather" logo, as I feel that with the current logo with the feathers hanging vertically means the Native American head/circle part gets shrunk a little more than necessary, especially on merchandise but also on the helmet. I also recolored the skin tone to be the burgundy of the rest of the uniform as it's never made sense to me to have two colors that are so close. Now the only color in the logo not on the uniforms is black. Home Uniform It annoys me that in the current set, none of the stripes on the helmet, jersey pants or socks match. I changed that by making them all match as double stripes, as the two color stripes on the jersey and pants are the pattern I associate with all three Super Bowl wins. I moved the sleeve stripes up very slightly to restore the cuffs. I also moved the TV numbers to the shoulders as with sleeve stripes and Nike logos, sleeve real estate is at a premium. So, the sleeve numbers become shoulder numbers out of pragmatism. As an additional note, I kind of suck at GIMP with this template, which is why the "stripes" on the 3 quarter helmet view look like paint spill, when they are supposed to be simple stripes continuing the pattern from the helmet front. Road Uniform Same reasoning and changes as for the home uniform. Only major change I made was bringing back the burgundy pants, as I miss them from the current set. The socks here are to avoid the dreaded leotard look. Your thoughts?
  17. This is an old idea that I've been kicking around forever. I think I did my first Redskin concept adding bright red back when I did these in markers. Anyway, just for fun... I think, given the power, I wouldn't really do this, but I just wanted it out there.
  18. What's going on everyone? Happy Friday! As you all probably know by now, the mayor of the city of Washington DC would like to the Washington Redskins to change their name, because he finds the name racist towards Indians (it's about time). Although the name has a lot of history to it, I think it would be good for Washington to change their name, one reason being because the name Redskins is a little racist, and another being because they are going into a new era under RGIII. I was planning on making a rebrand, but theres only one problem, I can't think of a name. I narrowed it down to a couple, those few being the Washington Minutemen, Washington Colonials, and Washington Generals. I am open to new names, though. I would like to do something along the lines of old military, though. I have decided on a color scheme, navy blue and gold. I have already created a player model, which is seen below. So, what do you guy's think? What do you think the name should be? What do you think about the uniform? Let me know. (Note: I left the word "Redskins" on the chest of the player model because I don't know the team name yet, I will replace it when the name is decided)