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  1. With the first year of the Reverse Retro program nearing its conclusion, I thought I'd share some alternate concepts for every NHL team that I came up with throughout the season. I feel that the actual Reverse Retro designs were very well-done and fun, at least the vast majority of them. So I'm not necessarily looking to "fix" anything; this concept series is purely a just-for-fun exercise of using the Reverse Retro rules, but picking a different historical jersey. (There are just a couple teams where I've reused the IRL choices in a different way, because of a lack of other good options from the team's history. I'm not using any of the Edge-era piping-covered messes, because a) they're generally ugly, b) they're not really "retro" yet, and c) they're not particularly compatible with the Adizero template.) There's a healthy mix of classic, (in)famous, and obscure jersey designs. All 32 teams are finished and ready to share, so the thread should move along at a pretty decent clip; I'll do my best to post one a day, though I may miss a day here and there. But it does mean that I should have plenty of time to take in any C&C and suggestions, and post revisions and updated versions. Since alphabetical order is so passé, I figured I'll post them alternating between the end of the alphabet and the beginning of the alphabet, and meet in the middle, just for the heck of it. Winnipeg Jets -- same jersey in modern Jets colors Anaheim Ducks Washington Capitals Arizona Coyotes -- new version Vegas Golden Knights Boston Bruins -- same jersey colored differently Vancouver Canucks -- new logo on sleeves Buffalo Sabres Toronto Maple Leafs Calgary Flames -- revised equipment colors Tampa Bay Lightning -- revised equipment colors -- new version Carolina Hurricanes Seattle Kraken -- revised "modernized" versions -- resized logo Chicago Blackhawks San Jose Sharks Colorado Avalanche St. Louis Blues Columbus Blue Jackets -- new version Pittsburgh Penguins -- two new versions Dallas Stars -- same jersey colored differently Philadelphia Flyers Detroit Red Wings Ottawa Senators Edmonton Oilers New York Rangers Florida Panthers New York Islanders Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators Montreal Canadiens So first up is the... Winnipeg Jets The Jets 2.0 have now used the Jets 1.0's well-known WHA uniforms as throwbacks, and their first NHL jersey design was used for the IRL Reverse Retro jersey, so the remaining options are a bit limited. (One thing that I'm not doing is using past locations of a franchise, so we won't see any Colorado Nordiques or Carolina Whalers in this series; plus, I've already seen several Jets/Thrashers RR concepts that I wouldn't be able to top.) So I went a bit obscure, and used the Jets' inaugural WHA uniforms, which only lasted for the one season, '72-'73, before being replaced by the classic jersey that we all identify with them. This jersey has a shockingly generic logo, and a fun and unique NOB font with a contrasting nameplate, which appears to have extended from shoulder to shoulder regardless of the actual length of the name. I went with the blue jersey (without the shoulder yoke), and simply reversed red and blue, leaving white as-is. (In the spoiler tag: For posterity, the original version with an unfortunate technical mistake on the waist stripes, as pointed out by @B-mer).
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