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  1. Hey Guys! If you remember, I already made a Revolution Logo concept, I just had an idea and wanted to run with it! This logo is a simple crest with 13 stripes for the US flag. Also, I have "N" and "E" for New England that fills in for the stars. 1776 for the year of United States Independence. And there you have it, another Revolution Logo Concept. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  2. So, here is a New England Revolution concept that I have been working on for a while now. The crest is based on the Flag of New England, a flag in use during the Revolutionary war and which has become a symbol amongst the supporters of the New England Revolution and the club itself. It is comprised of the tree featured in the flag on a white background and encompassed by a roundel with the name of the club encircling it on green with a red outline. In the center is a new "NE" monogram created by myself. I used the roundel shape, as opposed to something like a shield, because the roundel, I feel, as a staple of American sports branding, is more appropriate for a team who takes its branding from American Revolutionary war themes, than a shield, which is more English in feel. I also personally believe the shield shape for a crest has become overrused and almost cliche in American soccer. The partial logos could be used in applications such as hats, training gear, and fan apparel. The home kit features a red shirt with white shoulders and sleeves, with green accents. The red portion symbolizes the red body of the Flag of New England and the white symbolizes the white canton of the flag. The green elements are symbolic of the green from the tree on the flag. The shorts are red with white and green accents. The socks are also red with white accents and feature the "NE" monogram from the crest on the calf. The idea for this kit comes loosely from the current Revolution away kit. I like the direction the Revolution went with this kit, but have found it too busy, with a bevy of needless design features. I aimed for something much more clean. The away kit features an all black look with red and green accents. The away kits would be worn in the event of a clash with another team's kits. The all black look also gives the team a clean, marketable alternative look to sell to fans. The shirt sponsor, Santander, is a bank with its world headquarters in Santander Spain, but which has a large presence in New England, and is currently one of the biggest sponsors of the Revolution. I chose to use their logo over the current sponsor, United Healthcare, mostly because I think their logo looks BRUTAL aesthetically on the shirts, but also because I think a multinational bank with its world headquarters in Spain and its American headquarters in Boston would be a great fit as a presenting sponsor for the Revs and give them a certain credibility in the world of soccer. I'd appreciate your comments, critique, and suggestions and I hope you enjoy my concept. I look forward to hearing what you think, and how you think I can make improvements.
  3. Hey Guys! This is my New England Revolution Concept, I thought i would try something different. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!