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  1. It is about time to show some love to rugby here ! As always I found an obscure league in need of an overhaul and so I'm glad to present you my redesign of the spanish División de Honor, the top tier of spanish rugby union. The league has 12 teams and has a relegation system, meaning that the last team is sent down to the División de Honor B and the champion of the lower tier gets promoted; the second to last of the División and vice-champion of the B tier get to play a play-in-out game. This is a pro league, meaning that players get paid, but for many not enough for a living, so a number of them has a side job or are students. This a very common thing in european pro rugby outside of the top leagues. Many teams have important sponsorships that even change their names, I don't really like this system so I'll call the teams without their sponsorship name. The División was founded in 1953 and since then a number of teams have won the trophy but the most succesful are Valladolid RAC (10 titles), Club Deportivo Arquitectura (9 titles) and CR El Salvador (8 titles). Teams for the 2020/21 season are: Valladolid RAC (Valladolid, Castilla y León) UE Santboiana (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Catalunya) CR Cisneros (Madrid) Independiente RC (Santander, Cantabria) CR El Salvador (Valladolid) Ordizia RE (Ordizia, Gipuzkoa) Aparejadores RC (Burgos,Castilla y León) Getxo Errugbia (Getxo, Vizcaya) FC Barcelona Rugby (Barcelona, Catalunya) Club Alcobendas Rugby (Alcobendas, Madrid) Ciencias CR (Sevilla, Andalucia) CR Santander (Santander) league map Here you have my redesiged logo fot the league. Renfe, the spanish national railway company, is the main league sponsor. For reference you also have their actual logo (this is the 2014 edition, seems like they haven't a newer one)
  2. Hello, it's my first time in a good while doing a logo series, but I thought I had some stuff worth sharing. This little series is based on the premise of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks deciding to expand on their sports holdings and launch expansion teams in various other leagues. I have dubbed this hypothetical enterprise the Deer Sports Empire. Currently, aside from the Bucks they own the Wisconsin Herd. I will be leaving the logos for those teams as is, partially because I really like them and partially because the idea is the owners are launching new teams with similar branding touches (colors, font, etc). I also will not be touching MLB or giving them an NFL team as there's no world where those things would happen. These are the teams and leagues I plan to do so far. A couple are already done or close to finished. As suggestions (hopefully) are made and new ideas come to me I may add to this list. If anyone has a team in a league they would like to see, feel free to make suggestions. I dont have uniform templates for all the different sports so I'm just focusing on uniforms right now. Posted Logos... WNBA: Milwaukee Does (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 MLS: Cream City SC (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 IFL: Milwaukee Staghorns --> Evolved from a swing-and-miss at a Mustangs Arena Football revival, which can be seen by scrolling through. NLL: Milwaukee Blaze MLR: Milwaukee White Harts NHL: Milwaukee Hunters
  3. Since I haven't seen one on here, thought I would start one for the rugby followers. The World Cup started today with Japan taking on Russia. Saw the first few minutes of the game and was kind of surprised by how well Russia was playing. Anyways, curious to see input on picks to win it all this year. The All Blacks are heavy favorites to do the three-peat but haven't been playing all that well leading up to it. a big lose to Australia and a tire with South Africa in the Rugby Championship saw them lose that competition to South Africa. The Spring Boks could also be a favorite to win their 3rd Webb Ellis Trophy as they have been playing well. As for the northern hemisphere teams, Ireland who holds the number 1 ranking going into the competition has a decent chance of winning their first World Cup. The other side story is the up and coming 2 tier nations. Japan is starting to play really good rugby as well as the USA. Could be their coming out party and actually put some real pressure on those tier one countries. As for Canada, they are projected to beat Namibia but that's about it. They have been playing terrible for the last 4-5 years and there has been a lot of internal turmoil within Rugby Canada. I am really hoping they can pull off the upset victory over Italy and get that win over Namibia so they secure an automatic birth in the next World Cup. What are the other predictions for this World Cup?
  4. It's been a minute, but just wanted to get some feedback on something I've been working on. Lake Forest College Rugby has been one of the most successful clubs on the LF campus, but has never been more than a club. In recent years the competition has increased dramatically, and the move to a full-fledged varsity program looks realistic. With this in mind, I made something that could be considered the first official crest of this club. Hope you guys enjoy, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, it's been a while. While I was up at university, my case of rugby fever got exponentially worse. Now that I'm back home in AZ, it got me thinking about if everyone had the same obsession with the sport as I have developed. I'm unsure if this will continue beyond this little concept, but I have a little more time to kill now that school's out so who knows. For now, I have a little concept for neighborhood a I grew up around. "Encanto-Palmcroft", in central Phoenix. The colors are meant to represent the vintage feeling of the neighborhood, as well as the stucco/tile coloration many of the houses have. Crest Encanto-Palcroft is well known for its historic homes, mostly Spanish style villas and its streets lined with palm trees. I did my best to recreate a simple, stylized version of one of these types of houses, and included the palm tree at the bottom to include both aspects of the name. I struggled a little bit with the tiling on the roofs, and would like to know how I could represent them in a different way. Kits The kits are not very complicated. I thought the shoulder striping looked classy, and although the template does not show it the socks would feature identical striping. The clash kit features green details that are supposed to represent the green fronds of the palms (maybe a little exaggerated), and the black is just a dark base besides maroon to make the green pop. The kit ad is probably the most interesting part of the uniform. The Heard Museum is dedicated to preserving as much of the indigenous native-american culture as it can, and is adored by everyone in the central phoenix area (if you are ever in Phoenix check it out, it's very cool). This template was given to me over a year ago, and I cannot find who gave it to me. If I see the name it will click very quickly, so PM me so I can give whoever it was credit! What do you guys think? Should I expand into more well-known areas of AZ, or even a larger rugby concept? C&C is always appreciated, thanks!
  6. After watching the speed and action of Rugby Sevens in the Olympics I was baffled to see that the only sevens league was World Rugby. The nation vs nation format is great, but why is there no independant/private/pro/semi-pro league of teams? I feel like it is a spectator friendly sport. It could be arranged as a "game per week" or "triangular per week" format. Maybe after it's been in the Olympics for a few cycles the idea will catch on.
  7. Hey Guys, I decided to take another route redesigning the Wallabies Logo. I took some inspiration from the kangaroo on the team's coat of arms. But it still feels as if something is missing. The yellow background is what it'd look like on a guernsey.
  8. AusGiant

    Wallabies Logo

    I decided to try my hand at redesigning the Wallabies logo, but have since been unsure about how to improve upon a couple of these designs. Any improvement ideas would be awesome.
  9. As I'm a big rugby fan, I'll be presenting you my own version of the English First Utility Super League, a rugby league tournament with teams from Northen England and Southern France. Here below there is a short explanation of what rugby league is, if you already know it you can skip it Rugby league is a quite popular game in Northen England, Southwest France, Australia and New Zealand, it is slightly different from Rugby Union as in a game there are 13 players instead of 15. It was originated in Northen England in 1895 as a split of rugby union for problems over the issue of the payment of players. Nowadays it is a quite different sport from rugby union because of the smaller number of players and peculiar rules which resulting in a faster game with less rucks. You can check the current teams' logos here (some of them are a bit out of date) Here you have my attempt with a new league logo.
  10. PRO Rugby was launched last November and began play last month (April 2016) with 5 franchises for which they are currently accepting name submissions from the public. Denver Ohio Sacramento San Diego San Francisco
  11. I thought I would do OK in the Anniversary Patch event of the Logolympiad. Then I saw Dave Steib. Anyway, I went through several different options for my submission before finally settling on Babe Ruth's 1st homerun. In retrospect, none of these would have placed well, but I wanted to show them off and get some feedback. Thanks in advance. My entry: 100th Anniversary of Babe Ruth’s 1st Homerun (thanks to the couple of you who voted for it!) South Africa Rugby Golden Penalty Flag Turns 50 "The Tramp" Turns 100 And, Jack Johnson: I thought this was maybe my best, but then I researched more and my original date source was incorrect--he lost the crown in 1915--so I scrapped this as my entry)
  12. I created this concept series for another forum, but I thought i'd post it here as well, as we don't see too much rugby based design. I'm not really a rugby league fan myself, but i'm really interested in the design of their jerseys. The South Australian Rugby League is a league that currently exists, but i thought i'd have a go at redesigning it from scratch. All new teams, and trying to stay as far away from existing designs or NRL designs as I could, so it would be a bit different. League Logo: The yellow shape is a stylised outline of South Australia. First team, representing the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, the Modbury Tigers Next, representing the Southern Suburbs, the Southern Vikings Representing the City of Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, the Adelaide City Elephants Representing the western suburbs and beaches, the Western Blaze Representing the northern suburbs, the Playford Stallions Representing the Adelaide hills region, the Hills Kangaroos Representing the eastern suburbs, the Eastern Suburbs Bears And finally, representing the Port Adelaide area, the Port Adelaide Dolphins
  13. The 2015 Super Rugby kicked off early this morning with three games and the remainder being played tonight and tomorrow morning. Because of the Rugby World Cup being hosted in England/Wales/Scotland in September, the Super Rugby Final will be in July and The Rugby Championship will only be contested over three rounds. Any thoughts on this upcoming season? Will Waratahs repeat as champions (they kickoff v Force on Sunday)? What a dominant win by the Brumbies this morning over the Red 47-3. The Reds are still going to be struggling throughout the season like they did in 2014. But the Brumbies set out an early marker for the remainder of the clubs to meet or beat.
  14. So it being October, it's that time of year again with the iRB Americas Rugby Championship (commonly known as ARC) kicking off here in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. This is the third year in a row that Langford, BC is hosting the championship with Canada 'A', USA Selects, Argentina Jaguars and Uruguay national teams. Langford is located just outside Victoria and is the home of Rugby Canada at the newly ddesigned and constructed Westhills Stadium. Built in 2009, it was the home of the USL PDL side Victoria Highlanders until 2011 when Rugby Canada decided to move their main offices and training facility to Langford, BC. It has a normal seating capacity of 2500 but standing room can go up to 4000. Each year, the ARC draws huge local numbers out to the matches, with an average of 2700-3500 fans each of the six matches. Complete tournament packages range from $45-319 depending on seating locations. That gets you to see all six matches live. And my wife bought me a tournament pass for my birthday for the third consecutive year. It's great rugby and highly competitive. This thread will keep the rugby fans on the board abreast of the matches, plus have a area to talk about the matches. I went to both matches today and both were full of end to end action. If you can't get to Victoria to watch the matches live, you can watch it streamed through the ARC website, see above. Matchday 1 (October 11) USA 14-41 Argentina Canada 20-6 Uruguay Table after Matchday 1 Argentina 1-0-0 1 BP 27 PD 5 pts Canada 1-0-0 0 BP 14 PD 4 pts Uruguay 0-0-1 0 BP -16 PD 0 pts USA 0-0-1 0 BP -27 PD 0 pts Upcoming fixtures: Matchday 2 (October 15) Argentina v Uruguay 18.00 PT Canada v USA 20.00 PT Matchday 3 (October 19) Uruguay v USA 14,30 PT Argentina v Canada 16.30 PT
  15. I'm not sure anyone has done something like this, but here goes. Ever since I was in Grade 7 I have been drawing an entire city, Johnstonville. I have always been fascinated by Cities, Roads, what-have-you and I have also always loved sports and design; but I have never put them together until now. This idea of a city has expanded into an entire country. It would be its own island west of Australia, East of South Africa and South of India. I still have yet to name it, but I have a few City, State/Province, County names. It is very similar to Canada with some added American, European, Austra-Japanese Elements. The population is about 60 million with the largest Metro area being around 8 million people. I won't bore you guys anymore with some useless fantasy that doesn't relate to the sports. So to start it off I have chosen the capital of my country; Johnstonville, New Ontario. (That's the Province of New Ontario). The city's colours are Cookies and Cream so most of the concepts will consist of that colour scheme. "What a strange colour combination!" Yes, it is, but it's unique. The reasoning behind this was when I first made the city - which is now just downtown - I used names of Chocolate companies to name some of the streets. I guess I had a sweet tooth when I was a kid. Due to the limit on Outsourcing Jobs in my country, Hershey's built a plant and office in Johnstonville to be the HQ of Hershey's in the Eastern World. As well as a few other chocolate companies having offices in the city and then later moved to Greenfield, New Ontario. Also having the same colour scheme makes it a little easier - as this is kind of a sample to see if I can handle all of these sports - the team will have the same name. The name is after the F-117 Nighthawk. "BUT THAT'S MADE IN CALIFORNIA!" It's made in Johnstonville in my world and is really the only involvement my country has with war. My goal is to make entire professional leagues for the entire country. So think of it in the style of High School or College for now, where all the sports have the same name. So far the Major Sports I have in mind are: Hockey (the Ice kind, not that field stuff) Women's Hockey (possibly) Football (the Canadian kind, bigger ball, bigger field, 13 players, with NFL's 4 downs) Soccer Baseball Basketball Rugby (Union, 15 players) Lacrosse (Indoor)
  16. Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce you to the concept league that I have been working on for some time now. I'm a big fan of rugby, played back in the day and still enjoy watching whenever I get a chance. Canada is currently considered a Tier 2 rugby nation and is 14th in the IRB rankings. I'd love to see Canada move into the top 10 and become a true Tier 1 nation. A big problem is the fact that there are very few international roster spots in the top rugby competitions around the world, making it difficult for Canadian players to play on a regular basis against the best in the world. My solution is a fully professional rugby union competition for Canada, which I have called the Canadian Rugby Premiership. The format would follow closely that of England's Aviva Premiership Rugby, with 12 teams playing a balanced schedule of 22 games per season. I thought about dividing the competition (I'm trying to avoid using the term 'league' to avoid confusion with rugby league) into an east and west division, but with a balanced schedule I didn't see much point. The top 6 teams make the playoffs with seeds 1 and 2 getting a bye to the semifinals. The final is played at a predetermined location (the playoff structure is very similar to the CFL). I'll be introducing the clubs periodically. I already have a pretty good start on the concepts, but any C&C would be great. I've chosen names for each club, but am willing to be swayed. I'll start off by presenting the CRP logo and the location and name of the teams. The CRP logo is pretty straightforward. The initials in a rugby ball shape with a maple leaf coming out the top. I wanted to keep it super simple so that it can be integrated easily into the kits. And this is the only maple leaf you'll see in the entire concept. While working on this concept I have thought a lot about where teams would play. Rugby needs to be played on grass, which creates a problem as many Canadian stadiums have artificial turf. Toronto could play at BMO and Montreal at Saputo. Vancouver could play at Swangard. Beyond that I'm not too familiar with cities' stadiums, so if you have any suggestions of where clubs could play, let me know. The criteria would likely be no less than 5000 capacity with natural grass. I'll introduce the teams randomly. If there is one you would like to see first, let me know. Anyone have thoughts on the structure, locations, names or the CRP logo? Canadian Rugby Premiership Pacific Coast Rugby Football Club Vancouver Blues Calgary Mounties Edmonton City Rugby Club Saskatchewan Prairie Dogs Winnipeg Giants Rugby Football Club Hamilton Steel Rugby Club Toronto St. Pats Ottawa Rugby Football Club Montreal Rouges Arlequins Quebec Atlantic Confederation Rugby Club
  17. After completing my Canadian Rugby Premiership, I've had a few requests to do a similar concept for the US. So I thought I'd get the topic started now to generate some ideas before starting on the concepts. The CRP has 12 clubs, but I think this league will consist of 16 (with potential expansion in the future). I am now taking suggestions for the following: 1. League name As I mentioned in the CRP thread, I'd like to avoid the word 'league' so as to avoid confusion with the sport of rugby league (this being a rugby union competition). Some of my ideas: National Rugby Union, National Rugby Association, American Rugby Union, American Rugby Association. I'll change the thread name once a name has been decided upon. 2. Club locations Like I said, 16 clubs to begin with. Only 1 team per city (no NYC and NJ/Long Island, for example). I think the only guarantees are NY, LA and Chicago. Keep in mind where rugby is popular (Wikipedia says New England and Colorado/Utah) as well as where there are suitable facilities (BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston has hosted a lot of rugby events). The Las Vegas Sevens tournament is one of the most popular in the world, so maybe LV would be a good spot for a club? 3. Club names/colours/identities Much like I did with the CRP I'd like to combine traditional rugby club names (in the CRP I used Harlequins and Blues), traditional North American sporting nicknames (CRP examples: Giants, Prairie Dogs) and teams without official nicknames (Ottawa RFC in the CRP). I'd like there to be some connection between location and identity. In the CRP I resurrected the Toronto St. Pats name that used to be a hockey team. I would consider doing the same in this competition. Let's hear your ideas. I'll get started later in the week. East Division Atlanta Rugby Football Club Boston Harps Chicago Union Gotham Rugby Football Club Minnesota Voyageurs Philadelphia Glory Tropical Miami Rugby Football Club Washington Stars Rugby Football Club West Division Dallas Bulls Denver Bighorns Golden Gate Rugby Football Club Houston Generals Rugby Club Saracens Los Angeles Seattle Cascades Rugby Club Sin City Rugby Football Club Utah Hornets
  18. New logo: Old logo: Newslink: