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  1. Check out my World Cup Concept Jersey series at: Make sure to see all the other groups in my behance profile and feel free to appreciate if you liked it!
  2. Check out my World Cup concept series at, featuring Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Iran in Group B. New teams will come out based on group over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!
  3. World Cup of Hockey Concepts I made these about a year ago for a design contest on and since the world cup logos and jerseys were released last night I thought it might be fun to revisit them now. Now I will be the first to admit, some of these are crap. This was one of my first ventures into Photoshop and also one of the first times I've made a logo, so please keep that in mind when you are criticizing them. I may go back and do the US jersey again without the sash just for the hell of it so keep and eye out for that. Other than that, enjoy my concepts from last year and let me know what you think. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain (why not)
  4. My first concept jersey is for the glorious motherland (of Russia). This, obviously, was inspired by the "big Red Machine" uniforms, and I tried to use a custom letter font for the front of the jersey so it would look like it was really the old typeface.
  5. Hi all, Welcome to the third episode of "What if...". This time the Cold War didn't have an end so four teams (that are actually defunct) are taking back to life. Check it here! Thanks!
  6. Not much to say about this, after this years uniform mess (well kinda, some were great though), I decided to do some creative work on some national team kits. The first one is for Brazil. After the 1:7 debacle some wondered if they'll change their home kit like they did back in 1950. I took the challenge and created this: The second team I did is Colombia. Their look was really screwed up this WC. I went back to their traditional 90s look. I especially wanted to recreate the red kit with blue shorts and yellow socks from the 90s, as I think this is the best look they ever had. Next ones: Germany and Portugal!
  7. To kick off the Olympics I decided to make a series of concepts on Russian matryoshka stackable dolls..and yes I had to google what the actual name those things were. So to start off the series is the home nation for the Olympics this year Russia
  8. I thought it was time to open up this topic, since we're so keen on talking about hockey 24/7/365 here anyway. Let's get it going! Who are our expected medal contenders this time around? Is the COC going to continue its 2010 podium success in 2014? And what about the call for boycotts due to the recent laws against LGBT relations passed by the Kremlin? Discuss!
  9. Just a T-shirt that I designed recently. It's called "Bob Says Nyet". "Nyet" in Russian means "No" Had the idea to make a Sergei Bobrosky Tee, using the CBJ Logo and replacing the flag with a Soviet one. Just thought that I would share. Comments Appreciated. Also, if you like it, it is currently available for purchase here