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  1. Didn't see any posts about this, but they've changed to the Kings' colors and added a crown.
  2. Last time I was here I did a redesign for the Phoenix Suns, for my next set I'm staying right in the Pacific Division with the Seattle Supersonics Anaheim Sacramento Kings In my first sketches with this logo I wanted to add some heraldic imagery and make the entire logo look more regal, but that didn't fix what I felt the issue with the Kings logo is. The whole thing is too busy. There's lances, there's ribbons, there's a crown, there's a basketball it's just all over the place. So from there I decided to pick out the crown and build around a sword/shield design (I toyed with castle ramparts but it made the whole thing messy again). The primary logo holds a shield and the corners in the middle came from an evolution of having the swords in that location. If you're the kind of person that likes a story behind a logo, the single diamond represents the Kings lone title as the Rochester Royals in 1951. The secondary logo is effectively the crown in application but this would function as a logo for social media / tickets / center court. The uniforms I was tempted to leave asymmetrical and only have the side paneling on the left side of the jersey (right side from viewer) to evoke the 1994-2002. As for why the full wordmark on the uniforms, I didn't feel that either font worked strong enough alone (though an inevitable mockup with the fonts may have you disagree) so I opted for the full shield. It just felt sturdier. I'll head off the inevitable, the gold on the back is the championship tag. So here we are, is the new logo better than the old, do you like the uniform design? Would you rather see a different shade of purple. C+C is always welcome and I'm willing to discuss the thought process
  3. So in a thread or two I've noticed a lot discussion about the deal that might be made for the sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Hansen-Balmer group to move the team to Seattle. I've been specifically curious as to what people think the branding direction should be taking. I personally would prefer either the SuperSonics name or something new to be rolled out. I'd however want that whatever the name is - to have the colours reminiscent of the Sonics colours. So what are your thoughts - ideas on branding and how they should treat all this? All the franchise history chatter should fit well here too of course, as well as rumours for designs and such.
  4. here is a Sacramento concept, just logos for now, uniforms to come. one thing i need help with is the accent on the i, im not sure what shape to make it and i dont like the current one, any ideas? Primary Secondary c&c would be apreciated