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  1. 1904 FC Facebook
  2. Created a soccer concept for San Diego MLS bid, San Diego Football Club. Shout out to @Xamboni for helping with some of the mockup renderings and @raysox for his jersey template. Please let me know what you guys think. Im more than happy to tweak/fix anything as I know it's not perfect. Thanks in advance. Also once I finalize logo/jersey etc I will look to create a media guide.
  3. Hello everyone My friend back home recently found out that he lost his team the San Diego Chargers. Like most fans he is devastated and has no wish to follow the team if they do not play in San Diego. However he loves football (soccer) so thought I would create a concept for a team based around the recent rumors of San Diego looking into MLS. I have a contact in China who can make any football jersey designs I design so my plan is to make a kit as If it were me designing for a real team coming to San Diego. My idea for the crest is based on the seal of the city of San Diego, as I loved the way the pillars looked and had an Idea how they could be used to fuse that crest and the pillars together. They seemed similar to the pillars used by the Spanish national team's royal crest so felt like it was a good Idea to follow. As for the crest Itself I wanted to go for a US navy theme given San Diego history with the US navy. I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible as less is better in football (soccer) usually. My question to the community is what are your thoughts? I need your opinions on any changes that need to be made etc. The jersey itself will be charger powder blue with yellow and white so that San Diego keeps that colour scheme. Don't forget I'm relatively amateur, I'm using inkscape and have taught myself up to this point. I plan to go to school and I'm utilizing skilshare but this is a project I need to have done before I go home on vacation to England so I can give him the jersey. Any tips, criticism, etc will be welcome. If anyone is interested in this project I will post updates with the completed jersey etc. Thanks for taking the time to read etc.
  4. Full project here: The beach. The palm trees. Hollywood. America's game in the City of Angels. Los Angeles deserves an NFL team that's undoubtedly, indigenously LA. With San Diego returning to it's roots after 55 years in San Diego, they are in need of a new brand. This brand should still pay some homage to the Charger days, but with a fresh take on the identity that also embraces LA, in equilibrium. I sought to feature the LA surf, sun and celebrity culture. I think this brand better speaks to the fan base in LA, versus just slapping "Los Angeles" in front of Chargers.
  5. I figured I'd toss my two cents into what will inevitably be a deluge of LA Chargers concepts. Moved the Bolts up to make the A Crossbar and made the bolt angles match the letters. And some powder blue variations because you can't abandon that look.
  6. So after looking at the Padres' past uniforms and what they have now, it's obvious what they used to have is better. I wanted to bring back brown but use a color from their recent history, so I went with the powder blue from the logo used 2004-2011. One of my biggest design rules is, with a unique color scheme, you can have rather simple uniforms. So by using powder blue and brown, I think the Padres can have a very unique look while doing something new. The home uses the script from 1974-1977. I used the original primary logo on the sleeve but made it brown and white. Finally, the cap logo from 1985-2003 is found on the hat. The away uses the wordmark from the 1991-2003 roads sans dropshadow. Primary Alt Road Alt C&C appreciated
  7. Let me know what you think of this concept uniforms for the chargers, either stay in SD or move...
  8. Hello All! The concept I hope will speak for itself, but I'll throw in some words anyways! I've always loved the Swingin' Friar. Every version of it has been on my list of baseball favorites, whether in brown robes, navy robes, or even that burgundy-ish robe he donned for a little while. Though I'm perfectly cool with it as-is, I've always wanted to try out putting my own stamp on it and giving him a little update. So, off I went! I made sure to include a few different color variations (including a personal favorite of mine that doesn't get tossed around as much as it should as an idea: brown and khaki), as well as a nod-to-the-inaugural version with circle included. There's a little something for everyone!.....unless you like orange..... Well anyways, not much else needs be said! Here's my take on the Swingin Friar!
  9. Hello all! I've been pretty excited for the upcoming Olympics this Summer. I've always been a huge fan of the games, and also have always loved the branding behind each of the games (unpopular opinion, I actually really liked the London 2012 branding.....NO DON'T LEAVE THE THREAD COME BACK!) Coupled with that excitement, I've felt the need lately to really kickstart my portfolio and get a bunch of ideas cranked out, produced, and finished. That all married together and inspired me to take on this personal project. It can be described pretty simply, a few days ago I thought about a lot of North American cities and wondered, "many of these will probably never host an Olympics in the near future...but what if they did?" So with curiosity running crazy, I sketched out a bunch of ideas for quite a few cities (and resketched...and went back to the drawing board...y'all know the drill), and dreamed up what each city would be represented by if they were to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Now I know Los Angeles is currently the city being supported by the USOC and that none of these other options are realistic now (or would have been to begin with anyways), so I kindly ask if y'all would please focus on the designs and concepts themselves, rather than the legitimacy of the cities' chances. I'm well aware that Omaha or Nashville among many others aren't all that likely, but will happily take C&C for their designs anyways! Also, I won't be taking requests for potential cities at the moment, so I kindly ask you please refrain from requesting as well. For now, the concepts I've developed or are in the process of developing are all North American cities, but I'm planning on expanding to cities all over the world in due time. But also keep an eye out for three or four famous fictional cities as well down the road....*cough*I'm a huge Parks and Rec fan*cough*Pawnee*cough* So enough about all that, how about some designs? We'll start off with two for now. First off, Jacksonville. Jacksonville was honestly one of the hardest ones to develop. I went through a few different directions - the Andrew Jackson statue, the Main St. Bridge, and some forms of abstract palm trees/hidden athlete imagery (think Nagano 1998) - before finally latching onto the Nautical theme. I just loved the simplicity that the spelled-out "JAX" had to offer, and felt it clicked best overall. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially considering how tough it was to develop, and am eager to hear your thoughts. And second, Winnipeg! The bison/flame idea came right off the bat during brainstorming, and couldn't help but run with it. I chose Blue Bombers-esque colors because for some reason, I feel like they're great "prarie colors" and provided a great contrast to the colors of the Olympic logo. One thing I would like some help with is some potential suggestions for adding a little more color, if y'all feel it's needed; I explored the idea of adding some light blue and orange to the navy and gold, but nothing I came up with looked all that great. If y'all know of a way that can work, I'd love to hear it, among all other suggestions as well of course! Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for more as the days come!
  10. San Diego Sockers MLS Concept.
  11. Tossed up an idea I thought of for a jersey for the new San Diego Gulls. What do you all think?
  12. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST: I decided to throw my hat in the ring for the Clippers' new look. This is just the rough draft right now, and I'll get into more detail (logos, uniforms, wordmark, numbers) later, but let me know what ya think...
  13. This is a sequel to me earlier brown Padres series. That one was more wishful thinking while this one is a helpful suggestion to the team, which seems pretty set on switching back to navy and orange next season (the team has been overloading on 98 nostalgia and the new team president cut his teeth with that team). My goal was to update the 98 look by modernizing it and keep unique among all the other teams that wear orange. I also didn't want to go too heavy in one direction as the either, as Padres fans can be a bit sensitive about looking too much like the Giants or the Dodgers. I think I did a good job of splitting the difference but of course, constructive criticism is welcome. I hope that the home and road jerseys speak for themselves but I know some explanation is needed for the navy alt. I went blue-on-blue as a tribute to the alternate jersey the Padres wore in 98, which is a personal favorite. I played around with a white-on-blue look and it didn't look bad but I thought I'd start with this one and see what people think. If the reception to this is OK, I have a camo version planned and a brown alternate (the Padres are supposedly thinking about wearing brown on Fridays).
  14. Here's the uniforms Here's the logo set For the uniforms, I kept the basic template fairly the same with the lightning bolt based design, however the obvious updates are the new color of foam green which replaces navy along with a new powder blue and yellow that are similar but not the same to what they use now, a new font which is one of Conrad's (thank you) called Tempe, a white facemask, and a return to the blue jersey/yellow pants scheme. There are yellow numbers as well. With the logos, the bolt stays but is recolored to fit the new scheme. I made a secondary based off of the old horse logo but changed some things. C&C would be awesome! Thanks!
  15. Been a while since you seen something outta me, ain't it?? Well, every now and then I can still do this stuff. So let's get on with this... ...Been a bit of chatter going on 'round the interwebs lately about a certain Major League Baseball team considering yet another identity update. Considering their past one was what, three or four years ago, suffice it to say this club might well be one of the most schizophrenic in all of American major pro sports. That said, whatever they do next, they really need to make sure it hits home and can actually last, so they can quit changing clothes more often than some of us change socks. Popular opinion holds that the San Diego Padres should revisit and return to the brown and yellow colors. For one, its a unique colorway in that no other major pro four sports teams use it, and for two, it actually has bona fide history behind it--henceforth, where the main idea of this concept set goes. You see, when many mention a return to brown and yellow, many also indirectly pine for a near-facsimile of something akin to the Padres' sets of the '70s or whatnot. Here's the other problem I've seen with the Padres over the years: to me, it seems they have no clear clue of what direction they want to take their identity. The former logo set emphasized more of the "beach", with colors to match (sky blue and sand). That's all and good...except baseball, as we all know, has overall the most tradition-laden visual appearance of all. So bearing all that in mind, here's the question I posed in my own brain: how can I set upon an angle no one's yet really tried, to concoct an identity that the people in, and even out of, San Diego can immediately connect to at first glance? THE BRAND As we all know, "padre" translates to "father". The original Pacific Coast League Padres got their name from the Spanish friars of the Franciscan Great Order, who founded the city way back in 1541. Of the four great orders, the Franciscans were distinguished by their brown robes and were sometimes known as "brown friars" (so now you know where the brown in the color scheme comes from). For the Catholics among us, you know that priests are sometimes referred to as "father"; hence the word, and this team's name, "Padres". I based this set around the brown as well, albeit a bit of a different shade, one I call, aptly enough, "mission brown". (For any of you who happen to work in the roofing business, that's also one of GAF Timberline's designer shingle colors...and as I currently work in the business, the color name stuck in my mind and as such here it is now. Don't know if they pulled that name from this same source or not, The secondary color is golden yellow, but instead of inserting orange, I mixed in a bit of another color prominent in the Catholic church, cardinal. These two colors also come directly from the San Diego city flag, so they fit perfectly. THE IDENTITY Some of you may have deduced by now that the direction of this set is heavily rooted in history, particularly that of San Diego. Some of those friars I mentioned last paragrpah built missions in and around California, such as this one, the Mission San Diego de Alcala. And see, that right there is exactly the place I went for this whole set. The primary logo features a caricature version of the belfry of this particular mission, with an updated version of the script from the original PCL Padres uniforms. I'm actually pretty proud of how that turned out, since I vehemently suck at trying to render baseball scripts. I also worked the arch forms of that belfry prominently into this concept, as seen on the main logo. It's also worked into the road script and jersey numbers, as well. Mixed in a bit of cardinal for depth, but not so much as to compete with the yellow. I kept the swinging friar around as an additional logo, along with a slightly edited version of the Padres' current cap logo. THE IMAGE This is what I hope you will see with where I tried to base this identity; if your emotional and sensory reactions match up with what I was trying to create, I'll know this was a success. Of course, there's only one way to know, so here they are... *Note: if for some reason these images are not working, you can also check this project out over in my corner of the dribbbleverse, as well as my personal portfolio over on Behance. Lemme know what y'all I said, it's been a long time. ~Buc
  16. My Padres Concept if/when they change to Brown and Gold
  17. This is an update of an old chargers logo from the 60's. Coments are welcomed.
  18. So I am not a huge fan of the Padres uniforms as of late, they are not bad looking but I just am not that interested in them so I decided to try my hand at some Padres Uniforms. I have loads of MLB concepts that I will posting in a new thread shortly but I thought I'd like to get some C&C on my padres concepts. And to give credit where credit is due the Uniform template is based off of Tim O'Brien's template, I just added a few elements to the template. The Cleat and Batting glove templates are ones that I created and are original designs, not existing nike cleats and batting gloves. Thanks!
  19. I am a huge San Diego Padre fan and amongst my many complaints about my team is their boring uniforms. Brown and mustard are the colors that the Friars should be wearing. Despite what some think, brown and mustard can look classy (maybe this can get in front of the eyes of the Padres owners). Without further ado here is my first attempt at a Padres brown and mustard redesign... (note i just did this on microsoft paint so i am looking for more recommendations about the grand scheme rather than the fine details as i am not terribly experienced on any other graphic design software, but feel free to critique).