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  1. When a team changes the logo and/or uniform, it can go either way- fans love/hate the change and it either does very well in sales/popularity or not. What are some examples of this you recall? For me, some NBA ones stand out. Positive #1- 1992 Suns. Some forget that Barkley wore the old uni in the preseason, so it's not like we knew what was coming. Literally. The new logo and uniform were unveiled on opening night. The famous staburst logo/uni. It became a hot seller and it was good timing- with the Lakers in decline, Phoenix became the chic Western Conference team. Positive #2- 2001-02 Mavericks. Some forget that the Cuban era and the 50 win playoff streak actually started in the last year of the old unis. This, like the Suns, made the team come off a lot cooler. Didn't hurt that Nash/Nowitzki were thriving, giving these new duds hot-selling names for jersey sales. Negative #1- 1995 Cavaliers. Like the Suns/Mavs, new arena = new look. But this one wasn't seen quite the same. It didn't help that they lacked a big-name to sell the jerseys like Barkley, or even Malone/Stockton with the Jazz mountain unis. Negative #2- 1999 Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks previous unis were ones that most remember- the PacMan logo, the mid-90s one, and the bird uni. Again- new arena, new look. But it just fell flat IMO. And the lack of success makes it more startling- With the PacMan logo uni- made the playoffs all but twice from 1983-1992. With the other uni and then the bird one- 7 straight playoff appearances. With the 1999 uni: never made the playoffs. Switched from yellow/red to red/blue- seven straight playoff appearances. Is it a coincidence that an era of bland jerseys had the least success compared to others?