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  1. I am trying to create a solid brand for my High School, Catalina Foothills to propose to the AD. I have emailed him, and he told me in person that it is on his radar for sure. So far I have gotten a basic idea which was hand drawn, and then I digitalized what would be the secondary mark which is the CF monogram. Down the line I hope to create a solid Falcon logo, as pur current one is very outdated! Colors: Royal, Silver, White, Black (sometimes). The black in the case looks much better for right now. (I may go a different route with the "font style" but for now this is it. Current Logo:
  2. Some schools have patterns and designs that are known specifically with certain schools and teams (like UNC, FSU, Tennessee, etc.). If you know of any other patterns that haven't been listed please post them. And if anyone could make versions of the ones shown that are on helmets or other objects, like the Maryland helmet below, into flat versions, like the second Oregon one below, so people in the concept section can use them that would be great. North Carolina Tar Heels Florida State Seminoles Tennessee Vols (Checkerboard) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Honeycomb) Maryland Terrapins (Maryland Flag and Turtle Shell) Oregon Ducks (Both types of feathers)
  3. I've been a lurker for quite some time and am always very impressed with a lot of the work shown. Therefore, I trust your opinions and critique on my own work and I've finally decided to share my very first concept with you. However, it is still a work-in-progress as for I am still stuck on the primary logo. The team's nickname is the 'Broncos' and my original thought was to incorporate a Bronco into the primary logo. However, I was unable to create one I really liked. So my question is will my original secondary logo (shown below) work as a primary for a high school athletic department? C&C's always welcomed! Uniforms: Football Baseball Basketball
  4. Hello guys I wanted to redesign all the football Teams in the state of texas and then i realized that was kinda impossible so here is my school Columbus CC is welcomed along with request for your school.
  5. Hey everyone! Was working on a concept for my old high school and wanted everyone's feedback to see where I can improve! And then had a little fun with it Here is the old logo for comparison (Yes, it's Mizzou)
  6. So I'm working on my school's logo. My school is named after Faust Vrancic (google him), who is the inventor of the first parachute. Here is the retrospective of what inspired me: And the logo is: First one is the main logo and the second one is just an acronym. The colors and font is not yet final, I may change them, but what's bugging me is that it just looks like there is something missing. I can't put my finger on what it is so this is where you come in. C&C is desperately needed. Please!
  7. Hello everyone. I posted a version of this logo for last years tournament and got some good feedback, so I thought I would post the 2014 version and see where it goes. Couldn't decide on a chrome version or the color version so I did both. Feedback is appreciated! Color version: Chrome version: Old logo VS New logo:
  8. Team Name: Cut Knife Condors Team Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange The logo consists of a Condor with a volleyball etched on it's head. Kept the school colours *black, yellow, green, orange* Tell me what you think, and what I could improve on.