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  1. The 2022 MLB All-Star break has come and gone, making the AT&T SportsNet graphics package the oldest in the MLB (introduced to start the second half in 2017). I am of the opinion that the overlays used in this package were dated as soon as they hit the screen. They use glossy bevel effects and dark colors that have poor contrast and obscure logos, which are the only identifiers of which teams are playing. I spent some time putting together a concept of what I think ATTSN should be using in their next update. Here are some of the primary rules I tried to follow while making the score bug: Primary score bug is in the top left of the screen - this location has become the most common in the latest round of updates for other networks, so this follows viewers expectations Teams and scores are in colors, other network and game info is on a white base - provides contrast between primary and secondary information for a game Player information is also in team colors, but at a higher transparency No bevels or rounded corners - detail gets lost even on a 55" TV, plus streaming on phones is more common now than ever Secondary overlays should simplify information that is provided - even if lots of stats are put on the screen, the overlay should be simple enough that it can be read/scanned in ~5 seconds That said, here's my concept for the primary score bug: One thing I would like to see from more networks is instantaneous information on ball-in-play stats. So much is available like exit velocity/launch angle, expected batting average, projected distance, etc. that I think would be good for viewers. Here's an example of a lower-third overlay with advanced stats. Yahoo! had a cool article asking players what stats they would put on tv for fans to view: https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-all-star-game-2022-numbers-made-them-all-stars-what-stats-do-baseballs-best-prefer-to-look-at-192454565.html, which led me to showing stuff like BACON and wRC+ over Batting Average and RBIs. I have a couple other ideas for more generic overlay designs that I will post soon, but let me know if you have any feedback! ATTSN also covers lots of other sports in different markets, so I may try to mock up some other score bugs.
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