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  1. A few days ago, I decided to once again rebrand the Seattle Mariners. My intention was to modernize and simplify those logos by decluttering the "S"-mark, which nowadays would very likely become the club's primary mark, while the roundel would either be dropped or would turn into a secondary/alternate logo. Biggest difference compared to the current mark is that Seattle's "S" is now in front of the compass rose and not partly covered by it anymore. The baseball is gone (to also declutter the overall look) and was replaced by a simple white circle with navy border, which could either come across as a very simplistic baseball, or a circle, which one can find in almost every compass rose. "Northwest Green" has been slightly modified and replaced with PANTONE 7717 C. This shade is a little more bluish and lighter than the current color. PANTONE 289 (navy) and PANTONE 877 C (metallic silver) are unmodified.
  2. the St Louis Cardinals are my baseball team and they have always looked good to great as far as I'm concerned. However I was pretty disappointed when they emoted the blue hats to "alternate" status a few years ago and added the unnecessary cream St Louis alt. If the Cardinals must messa round with their look, I would like to see them do something like this: There aren't many huge changes here. The biggest changes are probably the addition of an updated Sluggerbird sleeve patch, and the tweaked logos with yellow eyes as a throwback to previous iterations of the Birds on the Bat. I also removed the front numbers because I think baseball uniforms generally look better without them. I love the way the Cardinals have looked throughout their history when they wear a blue cap with a red bill, so it has become the primary cap and a red bird-on-bat cap would be the home Sunday cap. The changes are pretty straight forward and simple, but I think they do improve upon a look that is already very very good. Please let me know what you thing, I would love to ear some C&C. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  3. The genesis of this actually came while I was working on a Hartford Whalers concept at work. I kept trying to play with the W to become a harpoon but I couldn't get the H right. Then I flipped the harpoon and got a trident and the rest as they say is history. The new Primary Logo brings back the Trident modified for a 2016 look. The Gold used is lifted straight from the 1977 Cap Logo, while the new shade of blue is 50% the classic royal blue and 50% the Mariners current shade of blue. The two letter set up for the primary logo got me thinking to have two different caps for home and road (and attached is a concept for the alt cap that uses the classic colors). Naturally S is on the road cap and the Trident-M is on the home. The Script logo is an updated version of the wordmark used from 1977-1979. The font used is called "Ravencroft" which I chose for mix of sharp points and wavy edges the letters (particularly how the middle of the M comes to a point and how the R and N mirror the I grabbed my attention even though playing with the M to make a trident didn't work) And last but not least are the wordmarks for the uniforms which I'm still working on. I adjusted the road grey color to be more blue compared to the current greys which have a green tint to them. There will be at least one alt jersey in royal or powder blue. As always C+C is always welcome and I hope you enjoy this rebrand as much as I did making it! Cap designs, uniforms and MLB Required Roundel Logo coming in due time!