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  1. A continuation of teams from a minor league or semi-pro league the Great Lakes Hockey Assoc. Following the Marathon Argos and the Chicago Huskies. These are the Ann Arbor Blues. Not like the music blues but the color after the Michigan Wolverines. The the oak tree and the three stripes on the roundel and throughout the design comes from the flag of Ann Arbor. The shield logo is to have a university look to it with the Latin phrase "Fortes Fortuna Iuvat" meaning "Fortune Favors the Brave" I have some ideas for teams but any ideas for teams would be welcomed. Teams do not need to be on the lake just in states and provinces surrounding them. Next possible team is the Mackinac Islanders or another name, maybe a team in Green Bay or somewhere in Wisconsin. Any comments welcomed and appreciated. This will be sent to HJC later on
  2. I had this concept pop into my mind when I was thinking of making a logo for my younger brother based on his old nickname Argo. Initially I was going to call them Jason's Argos but it evolved into the semi-pro Marathon Argos in Marathon, Ontario in the fictious GLHA (Great Lakes Hockey Association). I do plan on submitting this to the Hockeyjerseyconcepts. I created the main crest from a sketch i made of a ship based on pics I found online of ancient Greek bireme and trireme ships and artist's renderings of the Argo itself. The Spartan style helmet I had a more MSU style helmet, but I found this and used it to create my own. Spartan warrior helmet.The pants and shoulder patch logo is my design with M for Marathon the striping pattern from the jerseys which is taken from ancient Greek patterns. The midnight blue and aqua tones I used from colors that may have been prominent in ancient Greece I came across while looking online. The gold color to tie in with the story of Jason and the Argonauts with the search for the golden fleece. Sponsor logo is from Shaw telecommunications from that area of Ontario. The GLHA logo is my own design I did use the shield and the wave like design on the Maritime Junior Hockey League logo as a basis for that league logo. Any comments and critiques welcome.
  3. I know this isn't exactly breaking news, but it's probably new for most of yall, and even for me, an Ann Arbor resident, I'm just now finding out about it, thanks to some recent developments. Basically the Great Lakes Premier League (GLPL) will be having its inaugural season this year, starting in May, featuring 5 teams from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois who will play a round-robin season with no postseason. The league will qualify teams for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup via its United States Adult Soccer Association membership, so it does "matter" (you might see one of these clubs playing your favorite MLS team!). I'll be posting the team logos and uniforms ITT, starting with AFC Ann Arbor (starring TJ Tomasso, former New England Revolution keeper). Feel free to contribute if you have any logos or uniforms that I miss. First, AFC Ann Arbor's placeholder logo used during their Indiegogo fundraising campaign last year: Thankfully, this was recently upgraded, and also thankfully it wasn't done by the Browns' designers: There's also a roundel logo on their website, which may be their secondary (I'm not sure): As for the uniforms, you can see in the above pic that they're just practicing in generic clothes right now, but they posted this concept on that Indiegogo page last year: However, based on the logo changing from blue and green to double blue, and also due to their Indiegogo page mentioning to "show up in your sky blue and orange next spring when AFC Ann Arbor takes the field to battle the likes of Detroit City, Lansing United, and the Indiana Fire", I'm betting that the uniforms they wear in May will look much different.