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  1. Lately, I knew I needed to do something logo-related, but I was losing inspiration. However, I came up with an idea: creating sigs. My sigs are not flashy or crazy, they are simple to reflect one's pride for a team, and can be used with any style. I designed them so that they can be customized to a certain degree. The sigs have a logo or picture, which take up no more than 1/3 of the sig. The text will fill up all the rest of the blank space. Now, I have a couple examples for inspiration: Team Name (can be just city, just name, or both): Motto: Player (only last name and numbers 0-99): BEFORE REQUESTING: There are some restrictions, some personal, and some relating to my program: -When requesting a player, keep it to a last name and a 2 digit number (0-99) -When requesting a picture or logo, do not request one with a watermark or an image that is not compatible with Paint. -Also, if the image cannot easily be found on the internet, please have a sample image ready for me. This will ensure that I have an image for your sig. -If you want to request a font, please double check that it is free. I will not be paying any money for a font. If you do request a font that requires money, I will try to select one similar to it. -If I miss your request, please PM me. This will ensure that one, I will add it to my list without the risk of losing your request if you post it again, and two, if I purposely did not do your for one reason or another, I can contact you without building up the thread with unnecessary posts. Here is how you should lay your request out: Preferred text (font, what to type, player information, etc.) Description of logo or picture (with logos, say what logo you exactly want. Ex: Super Bowl 50 logo, Denver Broncos Alternate logo, Georgetown 1978-1995 Primary, etc.) Background color: Text Color: These sigs can be personalized for: Fantasy sports teams Stadiums Events Sports Teams Players Other Locations or people Request List: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Thank You! EDIT: PLEASE HOLD ON. THE SIGS ARE CURRENTLY TOO BIG. I AM EDITING THE SIZE NOW. EDIT 2: It may take longer than expected to change the size. As of right now, I am currently trying to change it, but I am getting it smaller than I intended. I made a mistake in posting this early. I am sorry.
  2. So the cartoon head has died down (not like it was popular ) but, anyway, I'm back, and I promise this time NO requests will get left out. 100%. Anyway, I'm back and I have 2-tone gradient sigs this time. I hope you like them. Anyway, starting off with the MLB; the AL East! Baltimore Boston New York Tampa Bay Toronto P.S.: I'm going to the beach so don't expect any new sigs in a week or so but I'm making a mental to-do list.
  3. This is my first post to the CCSLC forums but believe me, I've been a lurker here for a looooong time. Anyway, lately I've been working on some signature designs for people to use here in the forums if they'd like. Any feedback or thoughts on these designs is much appreciated! I sort of envision myself making these for a bunch of different sports, but for now I'm starting with soccer and the first few completed designs are for MLS teams. Here are my first two: San Jose Earthquakes: New York City FC: I'll post more as I complete them, and of course if anyone is interested I can take requests of your favorite teams. In the mean time I'll work on getting through MLS.