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  1. mcrosby

    Ballpark Mashup

    The Ideal MLB ballpark post over in sports logos got me working on a sketchup project. Here's what I've got so far. I started with Camden yards, specifically for the right field warehouse. I haven't done too much to the outer facade or anything other than the outfield. That'll be the next step. I then added Petco's Western Metal Supply Co + the Green Monster + Minute Maid's train in left field. Center field is a mix of PNC's simple hedges and Citizen's Bank stacked bullpens. The outfield wall has a nice layer of Wrigley Ivy all the way around. As of now I haven't found a good way to include the Wrigley scoreboard in center like I would like. There will be some terrible sightlines at this park, and the only way the outfield would be any less fun to play in would be the addition of Tal's Hill, but that's the joy of baseball compared to any other sport.
  2. My beloved Camp Randall's most recent renovation added a beautiful new entrance to the student section, as well as an enormous new scoreboard. But, it also added yet another disconnected style to the stadium that has made many upgrades that never really felt connected to the rest. The Field House at the South end of the stadium is the crown jewel of the stadium, and is what the new North entrance looks to be most connected to. I wanted to fill in the blanks between the two and make the stadium feel like it was all built at the same time. A lot of this can be fixed by facades, while in other cases I took a more drastic route. I also added to the upper deck, increasing the student section capacity and adding North endzone suite.
  3. I was wondering if anyone wants a campus for the ncfa fbs&fcs if you want me to do one I will need a academic logo and an athletic logo pmed to me and what stadium is yours based on or any other athletic facilities and then tell me what type of architectural style of buildingsyou want any other questions concerning this can private message me or email me at swatfan12@Gmail. Com
  4. Here in Madison we've got a spectacular stadium, opened in 1926, called Breese Stevens Field. The field is a historic site, is owned by the city, and just recently went under the operations umbrella of the company that runs the Madison Mallards (at another city owned field). The Mallards updated Warner Park into a top of the line minor league stadium, and I've got fingers crossed they'll do the same at Breese. The idea is that the Mallards (who have made the Northwoods League into one of the best collegiate leagues in the nation, and the Mallards at the top of that list) can start a mid to upper level soccer club that can fill a 10,000+ seat stadium. The current stadium seats up to 4,000 and can hold ~7,500 for concerts. The concept would hold ~11,000 and ~13,000 for on field/concert events. This was my first Google Sketchup project, so I hope you enjoy. I did what I could to keep the current structure as untouched as possible, due to it being a registered historic site. New concourse: houses concessions as well as locker rooms. The raised open corners would have shrubbery/small trees because why not? New press box and box seating. View from the upper-deck beer garden. The Mallards have had great success with their "Duck Blind" beer garden in right field. The stadium borders are the same as the current borders, taking up one city block.
  5. There seems to be a macarena-like fad of sketchup stadium concepts, so im putting this here so the individual concept threads dont get sidetracked from the actual concept to the '''whoaa, how maaaan?!" type deals. so, heres sketchup : and heres what i use to render the scenes: both free. Anyway, a little about the craft..... here, have a seat: ....very simple. 3 planes. practically modern art. not many people dig modern art, so lets slap some textures on: heres a quick render of the same thing...oooh... sexy seat: heres the back: still simple, but showing that you can assign a front and back texture to one plane. ...and the sexy back: but hey, you might be asking, what if i want a diff color seat? no prob you can tint the color of the texture within the program, and not actually modifying the base texture file. this is why i had the textures in grayscale. its easier to do this that way (but still possible otherwise with wonky results). so youre like, great! but thats too much work to photoshop textures. i just want stuff man. tough! here's all the source material, do it yourself! ........ you go all in .png format to preserve transparent areas. now i realize that seating isnt crucial. you'll just slap a texture on a wide area and call it a day. i just use this as an example because you can apply this elsewhere, and when you really think about it, its not that hard to go the extra mile. .....actually it is kinda hard...initially......what i meant is, its totally worth it. everyone else feel free to add some jazz.... questions, concerns, comments etc.
  6. I've been on a Google Sketch-Up kick recently and figured I'd share what I've been working on. This is a concept for a sports stadium located in Sauget, IL (about 10 min. outside of St. Louis). It would be home to a NASL team, the Missouri Valley Conference football and soccer championships, and the MSHSAA's football and soccer championships. It holds 10,500 fans and 11,750 with standing room only. The stadium features two main entrances on both the north and south ends of the facility. On one end of the pitch/field is a three sided scoreboard, corporate office space, and the facilities ticket office. On the other end is an open view of the St. Louis skyline facing east. without further ado, overview of stadium North entrance South entrance view of playing field from south stand West end view Side view of north entrance Another overview East end view Bleacher details Ticket office at east end I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on it.
  7. Now, obviously Quidditch is the fictional sport from Harry Potter, is played on flying broomsticks, etc. Buuuuut… Muggle Quidditch is not played on flying brooms, and holds a lot of popularity on some college campuses. What it really needs, I thought, is to be brought to the masses. Make it a sport that everybody can play and everybody can love, and that can fill up some empty arena dates in the spring/summer/fall when there is no basketball or hockey. Make it something everyone will want to watch. I worked out an indoor ‘pitch’ for the game, and the rules. I’m not much of an artist but I do plan to do some team concepts nonetheless, and what I hope for is a group project where anyone who wants to could submit their own ‘Arena Quidditch’ team. A community project, basically. As far as rules go, many are taken straight from the International Quidditch Association. They have the idea, but what I’ve done is moved the game indoors, and turned the game from a campus lark to something that could become a major sport. *please suspend your disbelief* Now, the Arena Quidditch Association is an international sport structure that maintains the rules of the indoor game, and organizes the game into levels and leagues, much like FIFA would for association football (soccer). There are two major top-flight leagues, one in North America and one in Europe. Like soccer, there are lower leagues and a promotion-relegation system, so that any group can attempt to become the best in the world. Each year, there would be an international tournament of the top teams from each league (including lower leagues), so that even squads who haven’t made it to the apex of the sport can still get some face time with an international audience. Arena Quidditch Association rules: The pitch: Attacking Zone Goal Hoops (centres are 36", 54" and 72" off the pitch, inner diameter of 42" each) Summary: Because the game of Muggle Quidditch first began on college campuses in the United States and Canada, the sport is most popular in college towns and among the younger demographic. However, due to the game’s associations to British literature and JK Rowling’s descriptions of Wizard Quidditch teams in the books, many (but certainly not all) teams will follow soccer naming traditions (United, City, QC, or simply a location name). The general uniform worn by Muggle Quidditch players is shorts, a short-sleeved shirt and a cape. The full robes seem overkill if you’re not able to have them trailing in the wind while flying, but if anyone has any suggestions for whether that should be considered the standard apparel for Arena Quidditch, I’d love to hear your input. That is one thing I certainly haven’t decided. Teams could be placed in any small- medium- or large-sized city or borough, as long as there is an appropriate arena available. Team names can be local, regional, etc, derived from something magical or not, a Potter reference or not, etc. Think original!