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Found 4 results

  1. You guys are gonna hate me for this. So around the same time I had the idea for the Habs'ing the NHL thread, I had this idea: What if every NBA team had a home and away sleeved set of jerseys? Wouldn't want to see this play out in real life, but thanks to Nike taking over the NBA, we won't have to worry about it Anyways, just like in the NHL thread, not immediately planning on alternates, though my mood might change later on. Unlike the NHL thread, I'm just going in alphabetical order here, so kicking us off is Atlanta: So I'm still undecided if I like the whole Red, Volt, and Black scheme for ATL. But if I have to work with it, I guess I can. Biggest changes here is the pattern is limited to the sleeves, HAWKS is now on the home jersey and the shorts are symmetrical now. C&C welcome, Boston will be up next!
  2. I have a question: How many NFL teams, with the ever-shrinking sleeve lengths, still have stripes that go all the way around? I can only think of the Panthers, and their stripe is all the way up on the armpit. Furthermore, for those whose stripes used to be complete but are now partial (Steelers, 49ers, Giants off the top of my head), when did they truncate them? Secondly, same question except replace "NFL" with "NCAA."
  3. I looked through the boards and didn't see any thread or posts about this news item (plus, what thread would it go in other than one dedicated to it? 2014-15 College Basketball? 2015-16 College Basketball? High School Basketball?), so here we go. When I just saw the jerseys in the headline, I was like wow, Adidas continuing their NBA All-Star game form with simple jerseys that don't suck (other than the sleeves on these), but then I saw the full set in the article and realized the shorts are the same design as the 2015 Made in March template. Dat ass-stripe. Also, why purple shoes?
  4. Personally, not sure if I'm digging them or not, but anyway... (oops, missed these in the NBA mega-thread)