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  1. Hi, I like to redesign soccer logos as a way to unwind. Here are a few I've done since I decided to make a start. I always wanted to try my hand at redesigning them, but never got round to it or just span the wheels so to speak....until a few weeks ago. First up, Harrogate Town. They traded their old crest (which was almost identical to the coat of arms of Harrogate) for a new one when they turned professional in 2017, and like many new emblems, it was done in the "English Style" in one similar to the new Manchester City logo (Roundel, date of formation on midline of surround, many outlines). I decided on something that moved away from "English Style" As far as I'm aware, there aren't any other clubs in England that have an alchemical symbol as part of their crest, and Harrogate are nicknamed the Sulphurites. So I've used an alchemical symbol for Sulphur as the centrepiece for the crest, to reflect the nickname of the team and the springs that the town of Harrogate is known for. I also used a more "Brimstone" shade of yellow, and a font that feels "Yorkshire". The white rose is also larger on this crest, and the date of the teams foundation is on the crest, rather than their admittance into the West Riding (of Yorkshire) league. Redesign for the Corsican club Bastia, their Current logo has black outlines on everything and the emblem of Corsica isn't the focal point. The only black outline is the one around the shield with the Moors Head. The star is a nod to the teams earlier name of Sporting √Čtoile Club Bastia, which is the name they had when they reached the final of UEFA Cup in 1978 and won the Coupe de France in 1981. The shape of the shield was taken from a carving in the Citadel of Bastia. And last for the time being, Oxford United. This is sort of an update to the crest that the team wore between 2001 and 2015, but with the yellow the dominant colour and the horns breaking through the roundel. The Desmond Morris designed Ox head is timeless, so I left that well alone, and used the shades the team wore in 1985-87, when they made their way to the top tier of English Football for the first time and won the League Cup.
  2. So I've been doing a few redesigns of community college logos lately which I placed in my other thread but after thinking about it for a while now I decided to start a new one since they're really not vintage logo updates (well the Delgado is but I still consider it a redesign). If anyone has seen these already in my other thread & feel I should just keep them over there please let me know so I can shut this one down. Thanks! First up is the Delgado Dolphins, as always C&C welcome.
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