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  1. I'm talking about the triple striped socks in the New England Patriots' away uniform. How is it possible that Nike is being forced to include a design element that is essentially an adidas trademark in the Patriots uniforms? The Pats' current away uniforms were designed by adidas in the late 90's and debuted in the year 2000. They feature a signature adidas design element: three stripes on each sock. In case you think this is silly, that nobody can trademark the number of stripes on a sock, adidas markets itself as "the brand with the three stripes" and three stripes, not only on socks, but on t-shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets is an adidas branded design element. It may or may not be an officially registered trademark but adidas has aggressively sued other companies who design clothing that even remotely comes close to looking like their three stripes. So why did Reebok agree to keep making the triple striped socks when they took over the NFL uniform contract from adidas in 2002? Adidas ended up buying Reebok in 2005 so it makes sense that the triple striped socks would stay after that but now that Nike is in control, why are they continuing to make a symbol of a competitor on such a high profile team? Considering how Nike loves to "fix" what isn't broken I'm sure the subject has come up many times. So why do you guys think Nike hasn't changed the design of the away socks by now?
  2. One of my biggest uniform pet peeves is the current trend in the NFL of teams wearing dark pants with the same color dark socks, or as it's usually known around here, the "leotard look"... That is just nasty on so many levels. By my count, last season there were 15 teams that subjected us to this horrific look at least once. (I'm not entirely sure about Miami... they supposedly have a pair of socks with a contrasting blue top to break up the leotard but I don't know for sure if they were worn.) Only the Bears, Patriots, Jets, and Chiefs still have the good taste and common sense to have a second pair of socks design specifically to contrast with their dark pants. Anyway, here's my proposed fix for 14 of those teams. I didn't include Cleveland because their new uniform, besides being ridiculous any number of ways, has yet to be worn as a leotard, and based on the sock options, doesn't need to be. In my mind, all these looks would be worn with a white jersey (except Baltimore, which could be worn with the purple)... in my world monochrome wouldn't happen in the NFL, only in small time High Schools, where it belongs. These are a mixture of white socks with stripes and contrasting color dark socks... whichever I felt worked best. I avoided making solid color socks in really light colors... gold, gray, or yellow... the Lions tried that back in the 90's and it really didn't work. Also, the Cardinals, Bengals, and Texans could be doing this right now... these sock options are already available to them.