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  1. Runner attempting to steal third. Catchers throw towards second base side. Third baseman comes up line and catches the ball and tags a sliding runner knocking the ball lose. Runner slide is short of the base so fielder is trying to pick up the ball and tag runner. Umpire calls defensive obstruction on the third baseman. She was not holding her down, pulling on her or anything. Just trying to get the ball. Umpire said that if she held into the ball he would have called her out but since she dropped the ball and the runner had not reached the base it was obstruction. Can someone explain this stupidity for me?
  2. Does any one here have ties to LSUA or know anyone who does? They held a logo contest back in August & have yet to post anything about it. Wondering what became of it, I've tried to make contact but haven't had much luck. Below is the add they posted. If this is not the right place for this by all means please move it to where it belongs, thnx!
  3. Never really seen a softball large on here, got some concepts, but if anyone is interested in helping with team identities, feel free to message me. Starting in the year 2020, softball finally gets a successful pro league. The National Softball League! A six team, two conferenced league. Three on the east coast and three on the west coast. Prepare for expansion. Seasons will be simulated. West: Denver Gold St.Paul Angels Albuquerque Doves East: Miami Rays Chicago Stars New Jersey Hope Looking for criticism!
  4. I made a softball poster for a high school; a friend of mine is their coach. This is what I came up with. In the interest of improving my work and getting better as a designer, C&C is appreciated.
  5. Last year the White Sox honored their 1976 unis but went more conservative by wearing uniform pants rather than their infamous shorts. Probably a good idea. My idea is this: What if the shorts had actually caught on and every team decided to adopt them the following season? Going with this idea, I made concepts for each MLB that existed in 1977 with colored short pants. I'll start out with the pioneering White Sox, who I paired with the Indians. C&C appreciated.
  6. Ah, that magical summer of 1976 when Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck thought it would be a good idea to put a team of grown men in softball shorts. Rumors that the White Sox will be throwing back to their '76 unis this month inspired me to explore what might have happened had those shorts actually caught on. The concepts below depict the three distinct White Sox looks post-1976 as softball uniforms. You'll notice that the '87-90 and '90-present uniforms are now pullovers. The concepts are hand-drawn onto a soccer uniform template to which I just added caps. C&C appreciated!