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  1. Hello everyone! First I wanted to introduce myself, I'm PascalHugo and I am a designer. I wanted to create a football series, sorry soccer, across the Europe and maybe the world... So let's start this! ( Yeah yeah I know, I try inspiration by Berlin Wall and Lafarge) DEUTSCHE FUßBALL LIGA The Deutsche Fußball Liga was founded in 1960, after the DFB and the DDR decided to create an unique championship for Germany. It's a merger of several regional championship across the two Germany. It was one of the Top 5 championship in Europe (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) and it's most unpredictable of all. There are 20 clubs in the Deutsch Fußball Liga . During the course of a season (from August to May) each club plays the others twice (a double round-robin system), once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 38 games.
  2. It is about time to show some love to rugby here ! As always I found an obscure league in need of an overhaul and so I'm glad to present you my redesign of the spanish División de Honor, the top tier of spanish rugby union. The league has 12 teams and has a relegation system, meaning that the last team is sent down to the División de Honor B and the champion of the lower tier gets promoted; the second to last of the División and vice-champion of the B tier get to play a play-in-out game. This is a pro league, meaning that players get paid, but for many not enough for a living, so a number of them has a side job or are students. This a very common thing in european pro rugby outside of the top leagues. Many teams have important sponsorships that even change their names, I don't really like this system so I'll call the teams without their sponsorship name. The División was founded in 1953 and since then a number of teams have won the trophy but the most succesful are Valladolid RAC (10 titles), Club Deportivo Arquitectura (9 titles) and CR El Salvador (8 titles). Teams for the 2020/21 season are: Valladolid RAC (Valladolid, Castilla y León) UE Santboiana (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Catalunya) CR Cisneros (Madrid) Independiente RC (Santander, Cantabria) CR El Salvador (Valladolid) Ordizia RE (Ordizia, Gipuzkoa) Aparejadores RC (Burgos,Castilla y León) Getxo Errugbia (Getxo, Vizcaya) FC Barcelona Rugby (Barcelona, Catalunya) Club Alcobendas Rugby (Alcobendas, Madrid) Ciencias CR (Sevilla, Andalusia) CR Santander (Santander) league map Here you have my redesiged logo fot the league. Renfe, the spanish national railway company, is the main league sponsor. For reference you also have their actual logo (this is the 2014 edition, seems like they haven't a newer one)
  3. Hi everyone. This is a project I started few days ago, and I've decided to upload it here. I've been living in Spain for 13 years, but in fact I was born in Venezuela, where baseball is the most popular sport. My relatives are baseball fans, and I like it too. Unfortunately, it's not very popular here in Spain (there's a league, but it's not really known nor big), so I decided to create a fantasy baseball league based in Spain. I organized it in 4 divisions: Northern, Central, Mediterranean and Southern. You can see the divisions and the club locations in the following map: These are the temas from each division: · División Norte (Northern Division): o Marineros de A Coruña (A Coruña Mariners) o Sidreros de Oviedo (Oviedo Cider Makers) o Montañeses de Santander (Santander Highlanders) o Lobos de Bilbao (Bilbao Wolves) o Leones de Zaragoza (Zaragoza Lions) o Toros de Pamplona (Pamplona Bulls) · División Central (Central Division): o Gatos de Madrid (Madrid Cats) o Rebeldes de Móstoles (Móstoles Rebels) o Emperadores de Toledo (Toledo Emperors) o Romanos de Mérida (Mérida Romans) o Pucelanos de Valladolid (Valladolid Pucelle) o Morcilleros de Burgos (Burgos Blood Sausage Makers) · División Mediterránea (Mediterranean Division) o Barcelona Dracs (Barcelona Dragons) o Murciélagos de Valencia (Valencia Bats) o Castellers de Tarragona (Tarragona Castle Makers) o Turistas de Mallorca (Mallorca Tourists) o Palmeros de Elche (Elche Palm Makers) o Isleños de Menorca (Menorca Islanders) · División Sur (Southern Division): o Linces de Sevilla (Sevilla Lynxes) o Mozárabes de Córdoba (Córdoba Mozarabs) o Nazaríes de Granada (Granada Nasrids) o Boquerones de Málaga (Málaga Anchovies) o Corazones de Murcia (Murcia Hearts) o Chachos de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Lads) Tell me what you think about my fantasy league idea and if you would be interested on seeing the uniforms.
  4. - Request from rocketcris - Real Madrid with gold font and trim - Gold trim, pin stripes, and font - Not the correct font, but it was a little similar and I liked it so I used it anyway - Any thoughts/suggestions?
  5. All new kit designs. Its the top Spanish league, La Liga. A league that boasts the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. I'll have three kit designs for each team and will be posting in alphabetical order. Feel free to leave C&C, but make sure you can back it up. Love to hear new ideas and opinions.
  6. Here's the last (this time for real) part of my "What if..." series. Imaging Puma signing a collective contract with La Liga, well here's my take. Enjoy! Link
  7. Much to my surprise, I did OK in Raysox's European Soccer Concept Cup (go vote if you haven't already). I didn't make the knock-out stage [cue the sad trombone music], but I don't think I embarrassed myself either, especially going up some longtime board members/great designers. I have some thoughts on what I could have done better, but I'll keep those to myself for now. What did you think of my concepts -- other than some obvious typos that keep me up at night (I'm an editor by trade)? What worked? What didn't? Good kits, bad presentation? Why didn't you vote for it (even the smallest details)? I'd be interested in any Illustrator and/or Photoshop tips/tricks/processes that could help me improve, too. chrisCLEMENT was kind enough to provide some feedback during the UK voting round: "HONORABLE MENTION: Sheffield - Great concept, a better look at the crest and a back view of the jerseys would have put you into the top 5 in my box, very nice effort on your part. Lots of potential there!" So, again, thank you for that. But I always appreciate more C&C. Thanks in advance! First entry: France - AS Bordelais Crest: Not only incorporates the tower from the Bordeaux coat of arms, but also the shield shape typical of French club crests. The city symbol, lion and fleur de lis are front and center. As unoriginal as it may be, the color scheme mimics wine, a la Bordeaux. Home kit: I'm a huge fan of sublimation, or at least subtle color changes in kits, so I included them here. The hoops are mimicked in the socks, which are Adidas' version of the Team Speed socks (for reference). Away kit: Keeping with the hoops theme, I decided to change it up a bit. This time, the hoops are thinner and represent the tower in the crest. Third kit: Went with the secondary color for the third kit. Adidas uses contrasting lines (am I using the right terms here?) to sublimate designs in jerseys. So I thought I would do the same to keep it looking like something Adidas would do. Rather than being on the back of the jerseys, the city symbol is now on front of the third kit, and the lion from the coat of arms replaces it.Next up: Spain - Euskal Herriko Futbol Taldea
  8. One of the challenges to doing the European Soccer Concept Cup contest (or similar contest on the forum) is that we don't really get a chance to ask for C&C here. That, I think, is part of the point of these contests, and why they're inherently difficult. The designer is forced to come up with their best work possible without any feedback before submitting. So, I had some struggles with my entry for the Spain contest, seen here: My biggest trouble was with the bull's head. As I explained in my rationale, I wanted to take the traditional lauburu design and add bull's heads. (It would have helped if I had done a more visual inspirational board, rather than just write out what I was trying to do--then folks would know what a lauburu is without having to Google. Lesson learnt for next time.) Of course, the trick is that a lauburu is two-dimensional whereas a bull's head--or at least how I conceived it--is three dimensional. And that's where my crest fell apart. I knew that as I submitted my entry, but without feedback, I didn't know how to fix it. Should I have depicted this image flatter or fuller? I don't know, so I'd like to hear what you think. The face of the bull looks two-dimensional, but the addition of the horns on both sides of the head look three-dimensional. I had thought of leaving out the "back" horn but didn't think that looked correct. I also struggled with the facial features. I looked over lots of reference photos (couldn't really find a single one that depicted exactly what I was going for). The outline of the bull's head looks oversimplified to me, yet when I looked at reference photos, the real heads really were that simple. And the facial details seem too simplified, as well, yet, again, a bull's face is really basic. I think perhaps a stroke along muzzle may have helped. I didn't even try it. So, these are my thoughts and concerns on the design, and I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks.