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  1. Hello everyone! Thought I'd post my own fictional country thingy. The name of it is Spensàr, and it's an island nation of 30 million people in the pacific. It was discovered in the early 1600s by the French, hence naming it Spainsar, because of the lands similarity in climate to the Mediterranean country. After few failed attempts at colonization,the land was seemingly forgotten until the late 1800s.The English, colonized the country and took the name Spainsar for there own, slightly altering the spelling and adding the accent on the letter a to acknowledge the land's previous custodians, the French. Because of there colonization, most of Spensàr speaks English and is white,though natives were/are treated with more respect than in previous historical situations. The country gained Independence in 2002. Anyway, onto the thread. The I-Buy Eximius Foedus ( Latin for Super League,) is the top division of Spensarian soccer, the country's third most popular sport. 12 teams compete in 22 rounds and the top 6 at the end of the season's duration are put in a playoff system, with the final surviving 4 teams given positions in the WFA Championship. The bottom two teams in the league are relegated to the Spensarian Second Division. My fictional sporting apparel wear company, Spanna Athletic, manufacture the uniforms league wide. Here's a bit of a league map, I'll get into some of the country's background in future posts. Spensar has 16 states, and an underline indicates that the city is the capital of that state. Westingham Forrest will be up later tonight.
  2. Hey guys, I'm only a newbie to this site, and I've been inspired by some of the great concept series such as Raysox's Yakball and In_a_rush's URL, to create my own fictional sport. It's called Bucketball. Well, it's not entirely new I guess, my brother and I Invented a form of the sport wayback. But nevertheless, I'd like to showcase it to you americans. A brief outline of some rules of this fine game- (Template is an adapted form of Darth Brook's basketball court psd. Cheers Darth) Aim- The aim of the game is to score as many buckets as possible - 4 x 10 minute quarters - Middle bucket is worth 4, outer ones 2. A shot outside the pin that goes in is a bonus point. - 5 players on court allowed atone time. These are ... 1 x Lynch ( Kind of a goaltender. Called this due to the pin shape in which he's allowed to roam in. 2 x Rogues (Defenders. Called this due to there rough, no frills type playing style.) 2 x Questors ( Attackers. Shoot at all the buckets.) - Only 3 substitutions allowed per quarter - Players must bounce the ball along the ground at least once when passing the ball. - Ball must be passed at least three times before a shot is allowed to be taken. - 2 minute powerplay If a player gives away an Orange or Yellow Card. - A player can only take a maximum 3 paces without passing. - Bucketball is a minimal contact sport. If a player with the ball is indefinitely being pushed around free passes are given. At the moment this will only be an 8 team league, with possible expansion across the world later. Here's a bit of a league map for ya. The first team, from the sporting capital of the world, will be... Melbourne! Can't wait to share this with you guys.
  3. Thought I'd share my ideas for a rebrand of an Austraian Ice Hockey League team, the Adelaide Adrenaline. There current logo is REALLY dated, its definitely seen better days.There's been at good 15 years since it looked classy. I kept the original double "A" monogram, and took the shape of the chemical symbol for Adrenaline and used it is a backing. I added a faint heart beat in the background, which can also be seen on the uniforms as striping. The uniforms are a bit experimental. For example the striping, but I believe it works perfectly for a team like the Adrenaline. Plus, the coastline of the Adelaide's coastline looks alot like the "heartbeat" design I've used, so that's a nice double meaning. For colours- I decided to scrap the royal blue seen on Adelaide's current unis for a darker, more menacing and excitable blue. BEFORE After Original in Spoiler Might do other AIHL clubs if this is popular. Constructive feedback is appreciated.
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