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  1. Hello Forum Community, This crazy year has many of us with some down time, and I was wondering if anyone here might have this rev psd file in the photo below that they can share with me, or point me to a website or link to possibly download etc. I like it and it would be some good down time killer to play around with it in PS. Please feel free to post or DM me, and i am including my email if anyone has it and it can be zipped and emailed. Appreciate the help in advance. Don
  2. Hey Everybody i was watching a Texas a&m baseball game and we where wearing these jerseys Well it reminded me of the Aggie's Uniforms in the 1980's for football and thought wouldn't it look good if they went back to that. Then i realized that Adidas would likely f that up so i thought maybe A&M should just switch so here is my final product
  3. Hey guys, here for your pleasure I have Nike newest uniform template, the Elite Mach Speed set. I made this template to use for some NFL and College Football series and wanted to share with the community as well! Template is for Adobe Illustrator in an .ai file. Also included is a .psd file made directly from this template by Bucks Fan. Thanks for doing that man! Just with some of my other templates, the only thing I ask with this free template is that you mention my name (Trent Daniel or tbdaniel15) when you use this and give me credit for my work. Other than that, enjoy it! I hope it can help some of your projects pop. .psd http://www.mediafire...y_BucksFan5.rar .ai *Note* There are helmet and pant stripes hidden within the layers. Simply pressing alt+opt+3 to reveal these for you to access!
  4. Anyone else see the new TCU Football uniforms for next season?? I think that NIKE did not do a great job with the "frog skin" sublimation and could've utilized it in a much more appealing way, disappointment in my eyes. If anyone else can find better pictures of the uniforms please add them to this!
  5. I have been working for a few weeks to figure out how to use Inkscape and how to work with templates and whatnot. I had a lot of trouble with putting logos in, but a helpful fellow by the name of bkknight95 has been sending me some logos to use. (The ones i found on the internet were either not svgs or un-openable in Inkscape) So, i have begun a series of some helmets from the NFL and possibly some time in the future i may even go as far as uniforms. (What's holding me back on that is the template i downloaded freezes up my Inkscape or makes it awfully slow so it's just helmets for the time being) For the bills i wanted to keep the red helmets because i thought they looked neat. I decided to make the line coming across the logo to be white as a bit of a chance from the past. I tried making a white outline to ease the transition between the blue and the red, but it didn't look right in the horn area, so i scrapped it. With the browns helmet there's not a ton you can do, and i wanted to keep the logo-lessness as per tradition. As with any redesign, the inclusion of some new idea was necessary, and i went with a cream colored facemask because somewhere on these forums i saw a brilliant concept for the Browns that included Cream as a major color. From a young age i remember really liking the color of the Cowboys' pants. That shade of metallic blue was incredible and i wanted to make it more prominent in this redesign by adding it to the helmet shell. When the dolphins unveiled their new logo and uniforms i was blown away. They really have a well-designed logo but to me it seemed a little dark so i wanted to brighten up the teal a bit. (after all their jerseys look really bright, but that may just be the lighting in the stadiums) Here's the dilemma: If i make both shades of teal light, the helmet looks way too bright. If i make them both darker, it looks very unexciting and looks too much like the old dolphins' colors. If i make the shades both different, it seems like they are way too far apart. What should i do to get the shades to look pleasing? Jacksonville is in my opinion, my best work by far. Again, i was inspired by someone else on the forums who changed the Jaguars teal to kelly green. I also reverted to this older logo because i think it looks more intimidating. (The presence of too much white on the new one doesn't look great) I think this is much better than the poorly designed gradient helmet they have now. I have a few more to post that i am still tinkering with, stay tuned. Also feel free to make suggestions on changes for the completed designs. I like them all, but if you have a good idea, i'll try to take a look at it in Inkscape and see if the adjustment looks good.
  6. I have made a new helmet template. I feel that this template solves a lot of problems I see in helmet templates. The format is .svg. Included on the template: Properly angled helmet, meaning side logo decal can be placed without having to rotate them traditional triple stripe Modern Speed specific stripe (as seen on the 2011 Ohio State Pro Combat helmet) Riddell front and rear bumpers American flag "decal" Warning label (required on all helmets) "Metallic helmet flakes" chin strap snaps, jaw pad valves, side clips, and all the other minor, realistic details The images for this template came from photographs of a Speed helmet I took just for making this template. Feel free to use it on any concept you make on this forum or any other. Here are a couple helmets I made to give you an idea of what you can do. These aren't concepts, but are based on existing helmets.