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  1. For reasons that defy common sense, I'm trying to put a list of different ways professional sports teams of all stripes have sold themselves out to corporate sponsors. I've come up with what I think is a somewhat extensive list, but I know it's not exhaustive: -- On ice/field/court advertising. Direct ads (e.g., CFL, NFL) -- Player uniform advertising. (e.g., NBA, European and minor leagues) -- Official Product categories. (e.g., "Massengill, The Official Douche of the NFL") -- Official team sponsorship. (I remember the Chicago Bears did this one year; I'm not sure it went anywhere beyond that) -- Sideline/end line/goal area videoboards/dasherboards. (e.g., NBA, NHL) -- Shot Clock sponsorship. (NBA) -- Special event presentation sponsorships. (e.g., the "State Farm NBA Rookie Game" or whatever) -- League title sponsorship (e.g., Barclay's Premier League) -- Internet website advertising (ubiquitous at league and team levels) -- Dance/cheerleading team sponsorship. (mostly in minor leagues) -- Complimentary item giveaways. ("Pirates Batting Helmet Day sponsored by Heinz;" first 10,000 fans get a helmet) -- In-game "break in action" announcements. (ubiquitous) -- Game programs/media guides/schedules (ubiquitous) -- Scoreboard/videoboard advertising. (ubiquitous) -- T-shirt tosses/cannon (ubiquitous) -- Video "ad landscaping." (NBA/NHL - the practice of darkening the arena and using the court/ice as a giant projection screen for video ads) and my personal favorite... -- Legal disclaimer advertising. ("Any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of this game, without the express written consent of the Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, is prohibited. This legal disclaimer is brought to you by the Nelson Law Firm, with 17 offices throughout southern New Jersey and representing your civil or criminal case needs.") What types am I missing? What types of sponsorship tie-ins have you come across that you've found that, for some reason (good or bad) stuck out in your mind?
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