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  1. Hi guys (again) I have plenty stuffs that I'm working on, And rather than create 50 threads I'll post them all here if it's allowed. I need some C&C before posting any of these & future designs on my portfolio. -Wofford : I've done two versions because I'm torn... which one you guys think will work better?
  2. Hi guys I had that project waiting to be published, here is a personal concept. I want to be able in a near future to make some 3D presentation, It's not 3D yet but I'm working to improve my presentation... what you think? ps: You'll find the rest under the video in the second post, enjoy!
  3. Hey guys, I was working on a gatorade rebrand, and I would like some feedbacks/advices on what I can do to improve if necessary.
  4. Hello! This is a concept for a football team in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'll be working on it some more in the future til then, feel free to critique. Also please keep these ideas in mind: - I have no clue how pandas are related to St. Louis. Oh well! - The base Helmet was created by Chris Maurer - The rest of this project is at Enjoy!
  5. Hey all, I got this idea a while back for a new sport to play (well, modified from an existing sport at least) and I thought it could be fun (plus good design -practice) to take it and build a league concept around it, so here we go! The sport is called Reflex. It is a modified form of Tchoukball (click the link to see a highlight reel), where teams score points by throwing a ball against a rebound net and having it hit the ground before the defense can catch it. The sport has elements primarily of ultimate and handball. Games are played on a hardwood court with walls around it the size of a standard hockey rink. Some major rules are: * 6 Players on the court for each team. * Player with the ball cannot take more than two steps. * Player with the ball cannot hold onto it more than 5 seconds. * Either team can score off either rebound net when ball is in their possession, but must complete a minimum of three passes before a shot is attempted. * If the offense drops the ball, steps in or has the ball land in the red zone, commits a penalty, or allows the defense to intercept the ball in they lose possession. * If the defense catches the ball off the rebound net, no points are awarded to the offense and the defense gains possession. * Contact is not allowed, and the defense cannot enter the forbidden zone. Major defensive penalties result in a penalty shot for the offense. Minor penalties result in a player spending 1 minute in the penalty box. * Hockey-style substitutions. Scoring: * 1 Point - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 1-Point Zone * 2 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground in 2-Point Zone * 3 Points - Ball rebounds off net and hits ground beyond the 2-Point Zone * Reflex - After the offensive player bounces the ball off the rebound net, a teammate catches the ball and immediately throws it off the rebound net again, after which is hits the ground in one of the scoring areas. Worth 3 Points + Points corresponding to where the ball hits the ground (so if 2nd throw bounces and lands in the 2-point zone its worth a total of 5 points). Team locations (will be a 20 team league), names and logos will be unveiled in the coming days, but here is a diagram of the playing surface for the United Reflex League. A larger version of the league logo will be posted next. C&C is appreciated, enjoy! These teams are posted so far (in order of post date): Austin, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Omaha, Grand Rapids, New Orleans, Albuquerque, San Jose, Columbus, Orlando, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte, Oklahoma, Utah, Hartford, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland I'm also going to add secondary logos and uniforms to the posts linked to above as they are made for easy locating, in addition to their own dedicated posts.
  6. AMERICAN FLASHBALL ASSOCIATION: INTRO: Played as a fun game after spring football practices, Flashball is something all players are looking forward to every day between the months of February to May. It is a cross between touch football and ultimate Frisbee but is packed with non-stop action, and competitive arguing throughout the game between games with the team. I wanted to bring Flashball into the concept world on the boards because I really love playing the game and like the challenging idea of creating a conceptual league for it. RULES/GUIDELINES: A 6 player game, it is played on a 40 yard field (goal line to goal line) in length and 25 yard width. The Touchdowns are 5 yards in length, so half the size of a normal end zone. The are two, ten minute halve with a non-stop play clock. There are 2 Refs, each patrolling a sideline. The scoring system is as follows, 2 points for a TD and 1 point for the conversion from the 5-yard line and 2 for the conversion from the 10. Each team gets 4 total downs to try and score a TD. There are also no handoffs, only passes. A player is declared down when a defender tags the opposing player with 2 hands (refs also watch for that). The only penalties in the game are a 5 yard penalty for offside/false starts, and 10 yards for pass interference. SEASON PLAY: Once all logos are completed for the 16 team league, 8 team conferences, 4 divisions. The Athletic and Future Conferences will be the two conferences (names are set). Yes this will be a seasonal concept founded in 2016. The season is 24 games long, with a 4 teams from each conference making their respective playoffs. After 12 games there will also be an all star game, host cities will be revolving. The uniforms will be created on RaySox's soccer template, Im still undecided if there should be sponsors or not. The league is sponsored by under armour. I think that I have laid out everything pretty solid! Ask any questions needed! Here is the field template. TEAMS: Athletic Conference WEST Phoenix Oakland Denver Eugene EAST New York Minneapolis Miami Raleigh Future Conference: WEST San Diego Seattle United Albuquerque Billings EAST Houston Apollos Chicago Columbus Richmond
  7. Hi all, This is a fictional sport that I created a few years back. It is called Wall-Ball. There are 8 teams spread across the world in the premier league, the WBA (Wall-Ball Association). The field looks like this: The positions are Left Forward, Right Forward, Left Outer Mid, Left Inner Mid, Right Inner Mid, Right Outer Mid, Left Back and Right Back. As well as this, there are 3 Interchange players. a match has a cap of 50 interchanges. This team is playing an attacking format, as evidenced by the Midfielder standing slightly towards the wall. The wall looks like this: The wall is 6 metres tall and has two even sections. If you kick it in the yellow section, the other team gets a free kick. To score 2 points you must kick it against the wall (provided it is in the blue section) and catch it. To score one point you must catch an opposition kick against the wall (provided it is in the blue section).
  8. So a while back I post a sport I kind of made up for a story I was writing - well that particular story idea faded. However a lot of the elements were taken from many different sports including Field Handball. I have been watching videos of Olympic Team Handball and it got me thinking about the sport and it looked fun, yet there were a few things I wasn't keen and/or looked strange. So I'v created what I'm calling handball 2.0 - Still thinking of a cooler name. Let's start with the Rules: - Nine Players per side: 8 Position Players and 1 Goalkeeper. Substitutions: Unlimited Substitutions are allowed. Players entering the field must enter via the Substitution Area, and may not engage in the play until the exiting player has complete exited the playing area (aka the Boundary line near the benches). A departing player does not have to exit via the Substitution Area. - Play is two 45 minute halves, with a halftime of 15 minutes plus a five minute warmup session. In Regular Season matches no overtime is played, a tied at the end of Regulation is a Tie. In playoff/tournament/World Cup games, Overtime is one 20 minute period played to completion, with the team ahead at the end of OT declared the winner. Should the teams still be tied at the end of OT, Penalty Throws will commence. - The game is player on a Soccer/Football Pitch. The field shall be natural grass or artificial turf with the field and boundary markings in their proper colors. Only the Penalty Arc shall be yellow with everything else in white. There are four zones: Offensive, Defensive, Neutral and Time. The ball must cross into the offensive zone prior to the offensive player of the play is offsides and possession reverts to the other team. Once a team gains possession, a 32 second shot clock begins. A player may hold, carry or dribble the ball without restriction anywhere on the field except inside the Time Zone. Inside the Time Zone the offensive players outside the Goal Box may only possess the ball for three seconds, after which they must bounce the ball, or pass it or shoot. If the player chooses to bounce the ball, the three seconds resets. An offensive player may not bounce the ball consecutively while in the Time Zone. An offensive player in the Goal Box who choses to post up a defender may possess the ball for a five count after which the player must bounce the ball, pass the ball or shoot. Once again, after the bounce the five seconds resets and posting up player may not bounce the ball consecutively in one possession. The 32 Second Shot Clock resets to 25seconds if a defending player knocks the ball out of the offensive team's zone and the ball goes out of bounds. If a defender knocks the ball out of bounds within in the offensive zone, the shot does not reset. If the offensive team loses possession of the ball and it exits their zone, the offensive team may not touch the ball until all offensive players have tagged up behind the (Offensive) Zone Line. If a defender knocks the ball out of the zone, but it is still in the play, an offensive player may possess the ball, but must wait for all seven other teammates on the field to tag up. More rules to come, like Violations, Penalty Throws, etc. but here's the Field Diagrams: Full Size: Field Positions Diagram Any adjustments? Suggestions on Gameplay, Rules, etc? Questions? C&C Welcome
  9. Hi, I would like to show You our new logo. It's a rebranding of Angels Torun Football Team. Please provide feedback. Regards Lunatic Agency
  10. Hi, I would like to show you my last logo prepared for Polish Heritage Night in Washington. It's a celebration organized by Marcin Gortat for Poles living in the United States. Logo unfortunately was not accepted. What do you think? Logo on: Dribbble Facebook Regards Kamil Doliwa
  11. Five years ago my brother, father and I set out to create an "Athletic Uniformory" to streamline the lacrosse uniform design and production process. Throughout the past 5 years, everything has changed... with the exception of our passion to deliver Professional-grade athletic wear that empowers every team to look and act as a team, on and off the field. That said, it is time to say goodbye to our old branding as I feel it doesn't symbolize the state of "Uniformity" that we like to associate ourselves with. Also, I've attached another logo that I've been working on. I'd appreciate hearing the feedback that anyone has! Left - Old Right - New
  12. So I was thinking today about how football kickers today don't use the straight toe kicking technique that everybody in the olden' days used. Now it's more of a soccer style kick. And one day I wish to see barefoot kicking make it back into the NFL for 2 reasons. 1. You look like a badass 2. I think you kick better without a shoe
  13. Hi, this is my new rebranding made ​​for a basketball team of top Polish league. What do you think?
  14. Hi, check out my new logo Thanks for comments and opinions. Regards Kamil Doliwa
  15. thought id share my pitch for the fantasy league over on icethetics, Hawaii honu (sea turtles). done a bit of tweaking since i posted it on dribble (mostly changes to curves and line weights), pretty happy with how it ended up. the turtles natural texture had a cracked magma feel to me, which i think ties in with the Hawaiian theme. I chose this particular colour scheme to emphasize that and go with something wasn't just your typical blue and green approach. The word mark i decided to keep simple and modern again shying away from the cliche tropical look. any last suggestions before i turn it in? I'm also looking for ideas for a secondary logo, so far volcano is at the top of my list but ideas would be great
  16. Hi, I present my latest logo "Zubry Bialystok" Polish basketball team. Bison was supposed to be secret, and bad, but not angry. For this reason, there is no mouth. So they do not have a human personality. Full presentation: http://www.behance.n...alystok/7759147 Please, constructive criticism and evaluation.
  17. Pocketball team histories with logos. The sports beginnings. Pocketball began in 1889 when the showman PT Barnum created the game as another of his attractions. He arranged for a game to be played at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. He organized two teams to compete in the game. He called them Team Black and Team White. Team Black Team White The game proved popular and PT Barnum made it an annual tradition for the next two years. On April 7, 1891 Barnum passed away. Without his leadership it seemed the game was doomed but then in stepped Barnum’s business partner and friend William Cameron Coup. He decided he would take control of organizing the annual game between Team Black and Team White. The 1892 game would forever change the course of the sport. In attendance for that year’s game was one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie instantly became a fan of the game. He went back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and organized a team of his own. Once this had been done he approached Coup and issued a challenge that he send a team to Pittsburgh to play his. Coup liked the idea and decided he would merge Team Black and Team White into one team that he would call the Boston Checkers. Then it was decided rather than holding the annual Team Black versus Team White game, Coups Boston team and Carnegie’s Pittsburgh team would play each other in two games, one in each city, for the 1893 season.
  18. Hi, as you probably know wildcat is a very difficult subject, and very often they look so bad (in sports logo). I'm not talking about lions, tigers or the panthers, but small cats, such as the lynx, bobcats and cougar. Here is my version of the wildcat: Please comment and feedback.
  19. What do you think of the new logo Dontaye Draper team Real Madrid. Full presentation:
  20. A logo prepared for the - Lowlanders Białystok - american football team from Poland. Full presentation Please write opinions and comments. Thanks.
  21. Hi, my idea for a logo Charlotte Hornets
  22. Hi, recently I was working on a new logo for the new football powerhouse - Panther Wrocław. Full presentation
  23. Hi, I wanted you to ask for opinions on the logo that I made for the club that promotes basketball to children and adolescents. Coach is a former NBA player Michael Ansley. Elements: Leaf & Basketball Full Presentation on Behance http://www.behance.n...yszlosc/9546085
  24. Hi, I present my latest logo prepared for the professional basketball player. Marcus Ginyard is an American professional basketball player from the University of North Carolina. Full presentation: Process: http://www.behance.n...ip/67905/271857 The logo consists of three elements: The old well (Chapel Hill, UNC) Dog tags - MG Tattoo MG initials Please, constructive criticism and evaluation.