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  1. It’s been years since I posted anything on here, but I’ve been tinkering on logo concepts in my spare time over the years, and I’ve finally gotten around to compiling them into a 20-team basketball league I'm calling the USBL. EASTERN CONFERENCE: Baltimore Barons, Boston Bees, Chicago Cyclones, DC Ambassadors, Nashville Rhythm, New York Empire, Ohio Flight, Philadelphia Liberty, South Florida Crocodiles, Tampa Thunderhawks WESTERN CONFERENCE: Arizona Desert Demons, California Fire, Hawaii Tropics, Houston Hurricane, Las Vegas Stars, Minneapolis Owls, New Orleans Marauders, Rocky Mountain 14ers, Sacramento Miners, Texas Toros Some of the teams are carryovers from a previous concept series that I posted on these boards almost a decade ago (called the EBA). I’ve gone back and edited a handful of those. Others are loosely based on fictional teams I created as a kid back when I used to draw logos on paper or Paint. And the rest are completely new. A few will look like your traditional NBA-styled basketball logos, which tend to contain the team’s full name spelled out and a ball all within the boundaries of the logo, but others will look more like football, hockey, or college logos where the team name is separate. By not having the team name in the logo, I’ve found that it allows for a lot more freedom composition-wise. I also tried to avoid overdesigning so the logos remain clean and easy to read if reproduced on jerseys, courts, apparel, etc… I’m kind of busy these days, but I do have most of the 20 logos finished and I’ll post these as I finish up each team’s jerseys and courts, so hopefully I can keep at this. The first team is the New Orleans Marauders in Mardi Gras colors. For the jerseys, I focused on purple and yellow and kept green as an accent color since there are a few other teams with green too.
  2. I had started a thread in the sports logos section a few months back in regards to this design. I recently made contact with someone from LSUA who advised me they did not choose any of the entries they received for their contest. So with that being said I can now go ahead and post my work. The idea behind this concept was to use a TIGER to create a link between LSUA and LSU while introducing a fresh interpretation that would connect to the Generals nickname. Secondary and tertairy marks were added to further tie in to the Generals home and location while also making it a complete set. Check em out and let me know what you all think. Appreciate everyone's C&C. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Recently, I participated in the Fuse Sessions Sport Branding Workshop with Joe Bosack. During the workshop Joe guided us through a quick history of sport branding, his professional experience and gave us some great information on how to concept and design sport identities. For the workshop, I chose to create a new an identity for a new MLS Expansion team in Nashville. The final mark was inspired by Nashville's music scene, printing/letterpress studios and the Gateway bridge. The color scheme was pulled from the neon signs that line Broadway.
  4. Does any one here have ties to LSUA or know anyone who does? They held a logo contest back in August & have yet to post anything about it. Wondering what became of it, I've tried to make contact but haven't had much luck. Below is the add they posted. If this is not the right place for this by all means please move it to where it belongs, thnx! https://www.lsua.edu/news/noteworthy/2017/08/01/lsua-athletics-logo-contest
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