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  1. I had started a thread in the sports logos section a few months back in regards to this design. I recently made contact with someone from LSUA who advised me they did not choose any of the entries they received for their contest. So with that being said I can now go ahead and post my work. The idea behind this concept was to use a TIGER to create a link between LSUA and LSU while introducing a fresh interpretation that would connect to the Generals nickname. Secondary and tertairy marks were added to further tie in to the Generals home and location while also making it a complete set. Check em out and let me know what you all think. Appreciate everyone's C&C. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. Recently, I participated in the Fuse Sessions Sport Branding Workshop with Joe Bosack. During the workshop Joe guided us through a quick history of sport branding, his professional experience and gave us some great information on how to concept and design sport identities. For the workshop, I chose to create a new an identity for a new MLS Expansion team in Nashville. The final mark was inspired by Nashville's music scene, printing/letterpress studios and the Gateway bridge. The color scheme was pulled from the neon signs that line Broadway.
  3. Does any one here have ties to LSUA or know anyone who does? They held a logo contest back in August & have yet to post anything about it. Wondering what became of it, I've tried to make contact but haven't had much luck. Below is the add they posted. If this is not the right place for this by all means please move it to where it belongs, thnx!
  4. Wanted to post this for a while now. Just wasn't sure if I should post it under Sports Logos or Concepts. I chose Concepts since my logo was never utilized by the team even though it was purchased by them. A little bit about the team, They are the Brownsville Charros and played in the ULB (United League Baseball) during the 2014 season, the league folded at the conclusion of the season. If you notice the dates on my template this logo was created back in 08 & was to be used in their 09 season which never happened. Jumping forward to 2014...I see a newpaper article saying the Brownsville Charros will finally be playing in the ULB (I got a little excited thinking I would finally see my logo or at least a variation of it make it onto the field & other forms of media). What I saw as their official mark was..well you be the judge. Not to say the mark I made back then was top notch but it was what they asked for which was an updated version of their original Charros logo from their 1938 minor league team that played in the Texas Valley League. Looking at my logo now I would definitely change some things to it & simplify it much more but all in all I was pretty happy with it at the time & it's still not half bad for something I did 7 yrs ago. As always your C&C is welcome. 2014 Brownsville Charros official logo. 1938 Brownsville Charros Logo (best image I could find)
  5. I've always been a reader of these boards and this site, but never really posted anything. That being said, I wanted to share a podcast I started called Makers of Sport. it is not just a sports branding podcast, but rather anything involved at the intersection of creativity and sports. This can include designers, art directors, writers, filmmakers, fashion (street, sneaker and uniform) designers, programmers, startup entrepreneurs and more. My most recent interviews include: Matt Hernandez of Matt Hernandez Photography. Matt is a designer and photographer that recently shot the McDonald's All-American game. Joe Bosack of Joe Bosack & Co. Joe joined me to discuss the current state of sports identity and gave a behind-the-scenes of his process and approach to sports branding.Jason Feirman, Mesh Advertising + Marketing: Jason spent 13 years as the director of publications for LSU. He discusses the rebranding of LSU in the early 2000s and an inside view of working at a prominent college athletic program.Upcoming interviews: Todd Radom of Todd Radom Design. If you don't know who he is you probably are hanging at the wrong website.Steve Vollmer, Jr, Creative Designer at the NFL HQ.Jose Lopez, Creative Director of the Houston RocketsHans Anderson, Senior Concept Developer at ESPN Emerging Technology.Would love for y'all to give it a listen and if you like leave a review on iTunes. I'm new to podcasting so hopefully it gets better over time. iTunes: Soundcloud: Twitter:
  6. Hi, as you probably know wildcat is a very difficult subject, and very often they look so bad (in sports logo). I'm not talking about lions, tigers or the panthers, but small cats, such as the lynx, bobcats and cougar. Here is my version of the wildcat: Please comment and feedback.
  7. What do you think of the new logo Dontaye Draper team Real Madrid. Full presentation:
  8. Hi, I wanted you to ask for opinions on the logo that I made for the club that promotes basketball to children and adolescents. Coach is a former NBA player Michael Ansley. Elements: Leaf & Basketball Full Presentation on Behance http://www.behance.n...yszlosc/9546085