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  1. Recently, I participated in the Fuse Sessions Sport Branding Workshop with Joe Bosack. During the workshop Joe guided us through a quick history of sport branding, his professional experience and gave us some great information on how to concept and design sport identities. For the workshop, I chose to create a new an identity for a new MLS Expansion team in Nashville. The final mark was inspired by Nashville's music scene, printing/letterpress studios and the Gateway bridge. The color scheme was pulled from the neon signs that line Broadway.
  2. Been a while since you seen something outta me, ain't it?? Well, every now and then I can still do this stuff. So let's get on with this... ...Been a bit of chatter going on 'round the interwebs lately about a certain Major League Baseball team considering yet another identity update. Considering their past one was what, three or four years ago, suffice it to say this club might well be one of the most schizophrenic in all of American major pro sports. That said, whatever they do next, they really need to make sure it hits home and can actually last, so they can quit changing clothes more often than some of us change socks. Popular opinion holds that the San Diego Padres should revisit and return to the brown and yellow colors. For one, its a unique colorway in that no other major pro four sports teams use it, and for two, it actually has bona fide history behind it--henceforth, where the main idea of this concept set goes. You see, when many mention a return to brown and yellow, many also indirectly pine for a near-facsimile of something akin to the Padres' sets of the '70s or whatnot. Here's the other problem I've seen with the Padres over the years: to me, it seems they have no clear clue of what direction they want to take their identity. The former logo set emphasized more of the "beach", with colors to match (sky blue and sand). That's all and good...except baseball, as we all know, has overall the most tradition-laden visual appearance of all. So bearing all that in mind, here's the question I posed in my own brain: how can I set upon an angle no one's yet really tried, to concoct an identity that the people in, and even out of, San Diego can immediately connect to at first glance? THE BRAND As we all know, "padre" translates to "father". The original Pacific Coast League Padres got their name from the Spanish friars of the Franciscan Great Order, who founded the city way back in 1541. Of the four great orders, the Franciscans were distinguished by their brown robes and were sometimes known as "brown friars" (so now you know where the brown in the color scheme comes from). For the Catholics among us, you know that priests are sometimes referred to as "father"; hence the word, and this team's name, "Padres". I based this set around the brown as well, albeit a bit of a different shade, one I call, aptly enough, "mission brown". (For any of you who happen to work in the roofing business, that's also one of GAF Timberline's designer shingle colors...and as I currently work in the business, the color name stuck in my mind and as such here it is now. Don't know if they pulled that name from this same source or not, The secondary color is golden yellow, but instead of inserting orange, I mixed in a bit of another color prominent in the Catholic church, cardinal. These two colors also come directly from the San Diego city flag, so they fit perfectly. THE IDENTITY Some of you may have deduced by now that the direction of this set is heavily rooted in history, particularly that of San Diego. Some of those friars I mentioned last paragrpah built missions in and around California, such as this one, the Mission San Diego de Alcala. And see, that right there is exactly the place I went for this whole set. The primary logo features a caricature version of the belfry of this particular mission, with an updated version of the script from the original PCL Padres uniforms. I'm actually pretty proud of how that turned out, since I vehemently suck at trying to render baseball scripts. I also worked the arch forms of that belfry prominently into this concept, as seen on the main logo. It's also worked into the road script and jersey numbers, as well. Mixed in a bit of cardinal for depth, but not so much as to compete with the yellow. I kept the swinging friar around as an additional logo, along with a slightly edited version of the Padres' current cap logo. THE IMAGE This is what I hope you will see with where I tried to base this identity; if your emotional and sensory reactions match up with what I was trying to create, I'll know this was a success. Of course, there's only one way to know, so here they are... *Note: if for some reason these images are not working, you can also check this project out over in my corner of the dribbbleverse, as well as my personal portfolio over on Behance. Lemme know what y'all I said, it's been a long time. ~Buc