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  1. Well, with all this free time on everyone's hands, I've revisited an old hobby and gotten back into jersey design for the first time in years. And with all of this season's NHL games free for now, I found some inspiration in 2019/20's three outdoor games, which is where this concept series will start, and we'll see what happens from there. By way of (re)introduction, this isn't technically a new account, but as I said, it's been years, and all my old posts are archived and all my old images are disappeared, which is for the best since they were pretty terrible. I'm not a graphic designer, just a hockey fan who thinks sports uniforms are beautiful, and as a hobbyist, my medium of choice is MS Paint, with some minor Photoshop for logo placement, recoloring, and resizing. I'm always open to criticism, suggestions, ideas, etc., and to posting revisions based on them. First up in this series: 2020 Winter Classic Dallas Stars vs. Nashville Predators I thought that on the whole, the 2020 Winter Classic had great-looking jerseys, but that didn't stop me from overhauling them, mostly by going even closer to their inspirations, the Dallas Texans and Nashville Dixie Flyers. I also thought there was no excuse for this game not to have been a color vs. color matchup. They look great on the ice, the league needs more of them, and while I understand that travel schedules are the main reason for not having them, outdoor games with one-off specialty uniforms are the perfect opportunity to make them happen. And it makes it easier for the road team to bust them out at home later on. So expect to see more color vs. color sets in this thread. My Dallas uniforms are heavily inspired by the Texans jersey that featured the D logo, rather than their other uniforms that inspired the actual Winter Classic jerseys. I introduced silver as a way to mimic the Texans' two-tone-red stripes, and added it into the logo as well to make things more cohesive. The D-in-a-star patch from the Texans' sleeve stripes is also carried over into the Stars' jersey, rather than the Texas-shaped patch on one sleeve and the Winter Classic logo on the other, which has been moved to the chest on both teams' jerseys. The arm numbers have moved up to become shoulder numbers as well, to give the D-in-a-star patch room to breathe, and to fill the space left behind by the shoulder yoke that's no longer in my version. The tan pants and gloves have become a true brown, which is also the helmet's color to try and tie together the "let's pretend the equipment is leather" motif. Obviously, the Nashville sweater has become yellow instead of white, but the striping pattern isn't much different than what was actually done. The cuffs aren't navy anymore, the arm stripes are a tad wider to make up for that, and the chest stripe continues onto the back, because it's my personal opinion that chest stripes cutting off at the sides (looking at you too, Florida) look terrible with very, very few exceptions. I could justify it if it made the numbers illegible or messy, but that's not the case here. As with the Stars, the Winter Classic logo moves to the chest, putting the fauxback tiger head on both shoulders. I also replaced the full-bodied tiger on the helmet with the head-only logo, because the full-bodied logo just always looked weird to me. Yellow helmets offered a better contrast to the Stars' brown helmets than navy helmets would, and the navy logo stands out better. So that's the start of this quarantine project! Heritage Classic is likely up next before the Stadium Series. Comments and criticism are welcome, and if there's any strong consensus or ideas that really resonate with me, keep an eye out for revisions.
  2. It's been a few months since my last thread, so I figured I'd start a new one. Hopefully I can keep this going for a while and maybe even finish it. As we all know, many of the recent outdoor jerseys have drawn plenty of criticism. In this series I'm revisiting every NHL outdoor sweater to fix the problems that ruined the uniforms. I'm starting with the most recent game and working backwards all the way to the first Heritage Classic in 2003. Here we go! 2018 STADIUM SERIES - ANNAPOLIS, MD WASHINGTON CAPITALS While the Capitals' uniforms weren't terrible, they could use some improvement. The "cummerbund" is no longer an issue and the white yoke is now red. I also added elements that represent the city of DC while also giving a nod to the US military. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS The original uniforms were hard to look at, especially in person, as I went to the game. I got rid of the white pants and added a few things here and there that again represent the city of the team and their country's military. C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Hello,! I decided to make a Stadium Series template, obviously for hockey, due to the fact that I wanted the one that uses, but the internet didn't have it. Therefore, I made it on my own, and that made me want to make more. (Some templates are just re-made for Here they are: Stadium Series (Now with tweaked shoulders!): Archetype Blank: Archetype Ultra-Modern: Archetype Classic: Archetype Modern: Archetype Modern Hem Stripes: Archetype Stadium Series: Nike Custom: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 2: RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 3: RBK Edge Modern 1: RBK Edge Modern 1 Arm Stripes: RBK Edge Modern 2: RBK Edge Modern 2 Hem Stripes: RBK Edge Classic: Old CCM: Sweater: More coming soon. Probably.
  4. Here are some logos I made for the 2016 NHL Stadium Series that try to be a little more adaptive to the home team. Rip 'em apart. Colorado: Minnesota:
  5. I don't know if many people agree with me but I think that the Stadium Series jerseys had a lot of missed potential this year, especially for the LA side of things. I think their more muted colour pallet bodes well with a half / half design, and tried to show that here. Gone are the gimmicky chrome or whatever designs on the logo and white pants, instead, a gimmicky logo altogether. Straight from the 1990s, INTRODUCING!!! the Sunglasses Lion logo!! This logo is lifted from the shield that fans either seem to have a love or hate relationship with. Why the Sunglasses Lion? Well the game is outside of course. You need sunglasses to keep that California sun out of your eyes. So without further ado the concept! Anyway... If you have any comments, or criticisms go for it. I am all ears. But not really... A person who was 100% ears would have a hard time typing this out since they wouldn't have fingers.
  6. HJC is holding a Stadium Series themed competition right now where entrants are to design uniforms for a hypothetical Stadium Series game. I chose Washington and Tampa Bay as it would be an interesting game. Star power between Ovechkin and Stamkos, and the two teams don't always get along. They've had some heated playoff series in the past so I believe both fanbases could get behind this. Plus it introduces a new team to the outdoor scene. All we have to create uniforms so all I'll be doing is adding the pants, helmets, etc. I won't be getting as in depth as some will. (Stadiums, Patches, Bleh, etc.) I may just use this years SS patch without a number as a placeholder. However, I imagine that the game would take place in DC, probably FedEx Field where the Redskins play as I'm not sure Florida can get or consistently stay cold enough to host an outdoor game. Raysox tells me it had been in the 40's that past week or so in Florida, but I feel like that was a fluke and he's a liar. The set on the left, the way I see it, is a combo between 1) Arm length yoke with enlarged arm striping and 2) Vertical hem striping playing off of the yoke. The set on the right features a large vertical stripe going down the torso. I also created a new collar for these jerseys. It's basically an Edmonton style collar but more square
  7. dkc

    The Mixup In Motown

    This is a concept I developed for a humorous mixup that would likely never happen. I realize that it is unlikely that Detroit would get another outdoor game so soon, but I loved the logo and wanted to use it. Comments, criticism, and general belly-aching is accepted. ENJOY!
  8. I'm a huge Stars fan and would love to see the boys under flood lights at an NHL Stadium Series game. Now I'm sure Jerry Jones could fork over enough money to get a game in his beloved stadium, but I've always assumed they'd be the visiting team in an outdoor affair. A game in Minnesota would be perfect for everyone, but you know the NHL. On to the concept. I've read many times that the star pattern jersey is\n't compatible with the Reebok template, but I did it anyhow. Its our most memorable look. There must be some way they could oblige. Its basically an updated version of that look. The socks look kind of funky, but other than that I think the new brand translates pretty well to the vintage look. Also I didn't know how to apply a chrome look to the logo, but if they insist on doing that it wouldn't look too bad on our logo.
  9. So I know JCRGraphix is already doing this, but let's see what other people can come up with.
  10. Well here's something that I don't think anyone has or will ever try again. (The closest now [that I know of] is JCRGraphix's Winter Classic/ Stadium Series older games in which he featured CSKA Moskow). Anyway, Before everyone complains about the chrome logos, or the angled striping/ TV Numbers, half the reason I started this was to embrace the tacky terribleness of the Stadium Series designs. Yeah, I hate the chrome too, but I want to show you how good it could look if Reebok used some different ideas. Besides when worn just for one special game, I don't think chrome ever hurt anyone. Except you, Isles, If you do end up using your Stadium Series jersey full time, please rid your self of the chrome! Depending on how much reception this gets, I can make one for every team, but if this gets minimal comments, I will stick with my original plans and just do 8. So far I have Donetsk, Bratislava, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok finished, but I can take requests for any team (in the KHL of course). Here's the first one I did in Bratislava! (Note Daradniz29 made all the logos for the first three, then I figured out how to do it myself and Vladivostok uses my first one)
  11. So I'm going to redo the stadium series jerseys in not just a way I want but hopefully the way everyone wants And hopefully with a bit more thought than reebok put in. Up first we've got the Ducks! I decided to go for a modern take on the Mighty Ducks throwback they wore earlier this year seeing as they got all that shinny new equipment for it. And the throwback has been one of the best selling jerseys this year. But still tried to stay with in the Stadium Series boundaries that have been established this year. And Just in case you want to stick with the Duck's current Colors here you go Well that's it For the ducks stay tuned for the others!
  12. Hey guys, I haven't been pumping out many concepts lately, mainly since I've been busy with school, and also I've been drawing the different templates that are used by (as you can see in my latest post). I started a little project that will get posted someday in the future here, so look for that! But in the mean time, with the info that was posted on these boards about the Blackhawks' stadium series unis, here is my guess for what they will wear. C&C appreciated, and let me know what you think of the new template! side note: this is based off of what we have seen from the other jerseys released, so please don't say "oh man, the weird angled striping, elongated numbers and chrome logos have to go!" ---- I think we all feel this way. But enjoy.
  13. What's good, everyone? It's been a while since I regularly posted concepts on here, but I've found some time recently to start working on a few projects. As I finish more and more concepts, I'll post them. Here is what I'm currently working on. -Stadium Series -Winter/Heritage Classic -Nike Redo -Alternate Uniform Series Firstly, I've started (and completed) a Stadium Series set of concepts for all of the games played outdoors this upcoming season in the NHL. Enjoy. All C&C is appreciated and welcomed. LA Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers
  14. The NHL unveiled the official 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series logo earlier today at a press conference at Yankee Stadium. Official Primary version: Here's the New York version: What are your thoughts on the logo? PS- If anyone has better quality versions of the logo(s) I would really appreciate it if you post it/them in this tread.