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  1. Inspired by hettinger_rl's recent topic, I was curious what license plate designs do you like the best? Here are some of my favorites:
  2. This is the USBL. The United States Baseball League is comprised of 32 teams. There are 4 divisions, (North, South, East and West) with 8 teams in each division. Team names and designs are inspired by the 1900’s - 1940’s baseball era. The USBL has a 100 game season. Each division winner makes the playoffs. There are also 4 wild card spots. Each division winner automatically gets a 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed. The teams with the next four best records will get the 5, 6, 7 and 8 seeds. NORTH Chicago Wind Sox Milwaukee Warriors Indiana Badgers Omaha Pioneers Minnesota Millers St. Louis Spiders Cincinnati Scouts Louisville Sluggers SOUTH San Antonio Outlaws Birmingham Bears Memphis Crows Houston Hurricanes Atlanta Zephyrs New Orleans Tiger Sharks Miami Waves Dallas Independents EAST New York Scrapers Detroit Motors Baltimore Birds Philadelphia Federals Boston Maroons Cleveland Ghosts Pittsburgh Buccaneers Washington Senators WEST Los Angeles Californians Portland Lumberjacks San Francisco Seals Denver Prospects San Jose Seagulls Oklahoma City Twisters Seattle Orcas Las Vegas Silvers
  3. Playing around with the USA National Soccer Kit. I can't stand what Nike has done the last few design cycles. The best kit they ever did was the centennial design. It was simple, clean, and actually used our colors! I took the current redesigned logo and integrated it into a similar design to the centennial look. To distinguish us from everyone else I went with the striped socks to reflect "Old Glory". No neon color accents, no Popsicle stripes, and no black.
  4. Which is better with or without the palm tree. Also and C&C to improve is much appreciated.
  5. So this is a concept I came up with. The American Sates Cup. It's a soccer (football) tournament where each of the 50 states of America battle in multi-stage tournament. There are ten groups. Each group has 5 states. Each team plays each other two times for a total of ten games each team. Then, the top 2 automatically qualify for the knockout stage. The teams that finish 3rd and 4th battle to see who will go into the knockout stage. A 30 team tournament remains. Much like the Champions League, the teams are randomly selected to see who will go against who. Plus, two teams are randomly selected to have a bye week. Instead of randomly selected each stage for who will go against who, it will be more of a World Cup format where the teams will go against the team above or below them on the bracket that won. Basically like the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Of course it leads to the final, and it is a single-elimination, except for third place game. I have randomly selected the teams and groups seen below in the group stages. For each group I will introduce the jerseys for each state. So here is the Group Stage.
  6. Over in the License Plate thread, I mentioned flag redesigns, and I didn't want to go off topic too much, so here it is, the Vexillological Thread! Of the 50 state flags in the US, over 20 of them are essentially identical, a state seal (which has too much detail to be recognizable from a distance) on a field of color. Most of those fields are blue, save that of Washington. Honestly, from a distance, can anyone tell the difference between my home state of Montana's flag and that of Nebraska, Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, Connecticut, Virginia, Utah, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota or Vermont? Not really. Blue with a seal on it. There are states with truly great and unique flags. One can easily rally behind the flags of Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, South Carolina, Colorado and Arizona and Alaska. They are bold, unique, full of symbolism. (My favorite is Alaska, but I'm biased. New Mexico is another great one.) Ohio is the only non-rectangular flag. So it's unique and distinct. Maryland's flag is complex, but totally unique and recognizable. Oregon fits with the seal-on-a-bedsheet crowd except for one unique feature, it's double sided. And the blue field with a gold beaver is pretty awesome. Indiana is predominantly blue and gold, but the torch/stars combo is pretty distinct. Rhode Island's flag is square, so that's unusual and it's been around since 1640, so there's something to say for that! Other flags can't seem to rid themselves of history - Hawaii having a Union Jack as part of it's flag is odd. Mississippi has a corner dedicated to the flag of the Confederacy. Subtle! Some flags are great, but could use minor tweaks to make them even better. Arkansas, for example, doesn't need the actual word "Arkansas" on it. Wyoming could ditch the seal entirely and just use the bison on blue with red border. ---- The Montana state flag has roots in the Spanish-American War, as it was taken into battle by the Montanans serving in that conflict. The blue was lighter, then, but the seal was essentially the same, depicting mountains, the Great Falls of the Missouri River, a plow to represent agriculture and a shovel/pick to represent mining, and a banner with the motto "Oro y Plata" (gold and silver in Spanish - for a state that was never native Spanish speaking, our slogan and state name are both Spanish. Odd.) I think a flag should be similar to a logo, bold, unique, easy to remember. In a way, it's a logo for a state. So let's do a little brand analysis for Montana. What are we known for? * Big Sky * Mountains * Agriculture * Mining * Outdoor activities (skiing, fishing, hunting.) When we went through a similar thought process for our state quarter, we ended up with mountains and the bison skull. I have heard people respond negatively, saying it was odd we'd represent our state with a symbol of death. However, that's not what the bison skull is. In Native American culture, the bison is a very strong symbol - it represents prosperity, strong, independence and freedom. And the skull represents sacrifice and the responsibility to be a good steward. The Native Americans hunted bison, but they did so responsibly, they used every bit of the beast out of respect to it. The skull represents that respect of the sacrifice the animal made to them. That's why I've come to think of the bison skull as a very good symbol for the state. It represents the good things in Montanans. We're taught to be responsible stewards of the wonderful natural resources we have. We're independent, strong, and roam free. Our current flag is require by law to have a blue field (the blue is not defined, but is often navy), with the state seal and gold fringe on the top and the bottom. I've gone through tons of ideas for years thinking about the flag. And I'm honestly not sure I've come up with a solution worth posting. I've had variations of the letter "M" formed by mountains. I've had gold and silver, I've had lakes, rivers, mountains, snow, all kinds of things. Eventually, I boiled it down to one thing, and I think I like it. (Although I may not like it tomorrow.) I retained the gold fringe on the top and bottom and used a color known as "Big Sky Blue" that was used by the Great Northern Railroad. My bison skull reflects the shape of the western side of the state, and the "V" shape kind of creates a valley. What do you guys think? A worthy change? A waste of time?
  7. I saw a thread on here by Fox and it gave me the idea to give it a try for myself. The colors might be off because I did this on Microsoft Paint and the choice of color isn't the greatest. C&C will be appreciated! Here is the best in my opinion