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  1. Hola everyone! I've been roaming around the Creamer boards for a little bit to see all the great concepts that everyone is putting out. I thought I'd get in on the action around here and post my first ever concept here on the Creamer boards. I decided to update the Portland Steel AFL team brand and overall design aesthetic. I wasn't too keen on the logo they unveiled a few months ago and thought that it could use some work. I ditched the knight icon for something a bit more appropriate, using instead an actual steel working illustration. I did however like the original colors so I didn't deviate far from that combo. Anywho, comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you'd like to see more goodies from this project, check out the full presentation HERE
  2. This is the latest version of a reoccurring concept of mine to "modernize" the Steelers' uniforms. In this version, the helmet is matte and the facemask has been changed to a "steel" color, which is also used on the alternates. On the home jersey, the number font has been changed and the stripes now fit fully on the sleeves. On the away jersey, the entire shoulder cap is turned black to keep the shoulder stripes clean and consistent. I have two alternate ideas, both of which are merely concepts as they would require the NFL to change its rule on alternate helmets. One is a yellow jersey with a yellow helmet and steel sleeve caps and pants. The other is an all-steel alternate. The yellow and steel helmets (which would both be matte) have a chrome logo on the "blank" side.
  3. The Chicago Steel is a USHL Tier 1 junior hockey team that plays in Bensenville, Illinois. They have been around for 15 years and have had the same logo since the start. I found a font that i thought would work real well as a new word mark for the Steel. I slightly remade the Steel's logo with the new font and slight other changes, followed by a second one that used the style they have had but added the skyline of Chicago and other variances. The top one was the last concept when i decided to make a whole new logo for the club. I took their shoulder logo the C with the crossed hammers an remade it to have the bolts included to look more like a steel girder. I had a friend suggest making an S-hammer logo for the home uniform and make the C-hammer for the road. at first o was going to make the squared C and hammers the shoulder [atch but then chose to use the rounded one. the black primary version was just tryin to see what it would look like with a black shield instead of read. Please feel free to post your comments and let me know what things work and what ones need some changes.
  4. So for those that follow me, you might have remembered my Cranthem flags - yeah will that was a while ago. I'm still figuring out what story I want to tell, so I've been procrastinating by creating some visual items to help get the creativeness flowing again. I created a shield and sword: full size Here's the breakdown: Iron Shield: Created with a template I had, and then bump mapped it, and a beveled it a little. Then put a metal texture on it and added a marble texture to create an Iron look. full Size Sword: Created from scratch in Gimp. Used some pattern overlays, and some shine/chrome effects for the crossguard. The hilt is rounded rounded metal with a marble stone decorative interior, covered with leather grips. The blade is steel. Can't get the blade to look steel-looking without it looking flat. full size So - the shield while cool, I feel like something is missing (but I can figure out what), and the gold border seems off to me. Second I also want to make another shield that's more the shiny steel looking. This shiny steel is also what I want the sword to look like (similar to the following one that I created a while back): full size The hilt of this sword to me looks kind of like steel, but don't remember how I did it. C & C would be great. Looks good, but want to clean both the shield and swords up a bit.