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Found 4 results

  1. nbitterman

    Fix the Bucs

    Here is my version of an update to the Bucs uniforms. A direction that combines traditional and modern concepts that embraces the historical Bucs looks with some adjustments that are consistent with the current branding. No more glowing alarm clock numbers, pewter shoulders or over-sized logos. Hope you enjoy!, Nate Red Combos White Combos Alternates (In compliance with NFL helmet rule)
  2. I saw there was a thread about Tampa Bay Bucs possibly getting new unis for the 2020 NFL season. Here are some markups I did. I kept the Retro unis pretty straightforward, but combined the 2 looks with the Retro & the early 2000's. Please give me any feedback you may have.
  3. So, my NHL series is winding down and I'll be starting a college football thread along with this one, but this ones about the NFL and fixing the issues that some teams have with their looks. But first I must establish a few rules about this, seeing as this does deal with the No Fun League 1. Teams can have more than one helmet but no more than 3 (throwbacks not included in the rule) 2. The sock w/white rule is now optional, meaning some teams can wear it, but all teams aren't forced to 3. Teams can have 5 jerseys max (throwbacks not included) There probably should be a rule about Jacksonville's helmets... Anyway now that that is out of the way, Lets start this off So the Cardinals scream Reebok piping disaster. I think they should be a front runner for a Nike redesign next season. Anyways, even with the Nike updates, I think the Cards should be relatively uniform conservative team, which is why you don't see any chrome or half helmet gradients. I don't like how the red jerseys never had any striping while the white jerseys did, so the red jerseys have a striping pattern on them. The biggest thing, I think about the jerseys is the sublimated Arizona flag pattern on the shoulders. I used the pants style from the Oregon spring jerseys to also have the sublimated flag. The alternate jersey or Pro Combat of the set doesn't stray too much from the home and away, but is geared more as a "Pride" jersey, as the flag is on the chest, and kinda has a copper appearance to it, which fits Arizona. The pants are slightly different. Red and black socks and black and red shoes for all the sets and I gave them a red helmet to go along with the white. C and C this up
  4. This story's been getting a lot of press ever since Jerry Rice threw his hat in the ring of conspirators. I have no idea if there's any further meat on the bones, since it's been so long since this particular game has crossed anyone's minds. Tim Brown was the first and Jerry followed suit in accusing Callahan of sabotaging the original run-heavy gameplan in favor of an out aerial assault. Both Rice and Brown implied that this sudden change likely led to Barrett Robbins infamously abandoning the squad. Everyone was apparently aware of Robbins' emotional instability. Discuss.