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  1. I was recently contacted by team "SPARTAN TACTICAL" in an interest in getting a revamp for their currently logo designs. They are a competitive gaming team focusing on the ARMA 3 Military Simulation game! Their main problem was that their previous logo design featured a Spartan as their mascot, but was a bit plain and dated. It lacked the sense of character needed to separate itself from other spartan logos in the community. A few of their request's were creating a logo design that had the style of an eSports Logo. Something more modern and clean while still having its own personality! Also requesting that their be multiple versions of the logo design including: a Secondary Logo for Embroidered Patches, and a stand alone Wordmark! This is the outcome for their project Thanks for watching as always! Feel free to check out my Website for the Full Resolution and Information here: Gaming Team Logo
  2. Hey guys, Derrick here from Dasedesigns! This is a recent Sports Logos and Brand Identity Concept that I created as a personal project to have a bit of fun and create an awesome identity design! A few inspirations for this design came from using a skull as the center piece for the Mascot logo with a fun color palette with inspirations from the main character from the movie “Hell Boy”. This Mascot design was later sold to an eSports team for their new visual identity! In the end it was a great project and I had a lot of fun creating the project. I hope you all enjoy the presentation images as much as I did while creating them! Thanks for watching! Feel free to check out the presentation on my website for higher resolutions here: Gaming Logos
  3. Which logo color version do you like the best on a black background? This logo will be embroidered on black Jackets & Polo Shirts. Take our poll and check the one you like best. A, B or C. (embroidery digitizing artwork courtesy of
  4. JMurr


    Working on developing logo skills. Take a look at this tell me what you think. Also I am still having trouble getting these logos to post directly on the message board. Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong. I save the image in Photobucket then use the Image button to post, I cut an paste the IMG code from Photobucket.