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  1. Hey guys! Since the US Open is on, I have been seeing more and more of the logo they have now and I feel like it could be better. So introducing my concept, new logo, new font. Hope you like it! C&C Welcome! OLD: NEW:
  2. Team Tennis Championship 15 clubs. 14 countries. 5 continents. 1 champion. The TTC is an international club competition featuring tennis teams based in 15 of the world’s greatest cities. Clubs compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Teams 15 teams from around the world compete in one single table. Each team consists of 6 players, 3 men and 3 women. Only 4 players, 2 men and 2 women, play in a series, with a player only allowed to be substituted due to injury. The 4 starters must be named the Wednesday prior to a series taking place. The Competition Each team plays 14 series in a season. A series consists of 5 tennis matches, each of a different type. There is one match each of mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles and mixed doubles. Each player competes in two of these matches (e.g. one male player plays in the men’s singles match and the men’s doubles match, while the other plays in the men’s doubles match and the mixed doubles match). A series takes place over the course of a weekend, with the mixed doubles match taking place on Friday evening, the men’s and women’s doubles on Saturday, and men’ and women’s singles on Sunday. A team wins the series by winning 3 or more of the matches. The Points System 2 points are awarded for each match win, with 0 points awarded to the loser. The table is decided by total number of points, so every match is played regardless of the series score. Even if a team is down 4 matches to 0, the final match is played as two points are still on the line. Therefore a team can obtain between 0 and 10 points in a weekend series, in increments of 2. The losing team can never obtain more than 4 points in a series. Upon completion of the 14 game schedule, the teams with the top 6 point totals enter the playoffs to compete for the Arthur Ashe Cup. The top two seeds receive byes to the semifinals, while seeds 3 and 6 and 4 and 5 compete in a weekend series (with the higher seed hosting). The winners move on to face the top two seeds in another weekend series, while the winners of those series meet in the Grand Final, a weekend series held at a neutral location. The winner of that series receives the Arthur Ashe Cup. The Venues Matches will be played in indoor arenas on hard surface tennis courts. This is to ensure that weather does not delay matches and no one gains an unfair advantage from playing at home on clay or grass courts. Clubs are required to have an arena with a minimum capacity of 10 000 and a sizeable number of luxury boxes. The Uniforms For its inaugural season, Wilson Sporting Goods are the exclusive manufacturer of team tennis club wear. They will offer one set of uniforms for each club with various options available for the players to choose from so each can play in that which is most comfortable for them. No names or numbers will appear on the tennis wear, but club logos and branding will. There is no requirement for teams to differentiate their look from one another during a series (therefore there will be no home and road uniforms). A few notes: There is currently one professional team tennis league that I know of, that is based in the United States. My feeling around tennis (which could be completely wrong) is that is an upper class sport, and a team tennis league should cater to those fans and their sensibilities. I don’t believe the Boston Lobsters or Las Vegas Neon of WTT are doing this. In this series I will borrow more from the world of luxury goods and corporate branding as I create a league which is full of international glitz and glamour. Below are the map of club locations. I have decided upon some names, but feel free to offer suggestions. Keep in mind the feel I am going for in this league when recommending names. Naming conventions will vary, with some clubs not having any official nicknames, while others will. Teams will often employ the moniker TTC (Team Tennis Club) in their name (e.g. London TTC) though this isn’t required. Preferably teams will have names that are in the language native to that city/area. Apologies in advance if any translations are incorrect. I have only just begun the club identities for this series, and it will likely be a slow process. But hopefully you are intrigued and will follow along. I will update this first post pointing to the various concepts throughout the thread. Toros en Barcelona - Barcelona, ESP Amsterdam Team Tennisclub - Amsterdam, NED Union Montreal - Montreal, CAN