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  1. I'll tell you what...series usually aren't my thing. True, there are those I've taken on myself, or been the guest star in, that I remember fondly. The best series I'd ever done before now, though, was a complete accident. I don't mean that I hijacked somebody else's thread (I have sort of "competitively" collaborated a couple times, and honestly would be willing to do so again at some point), I mean that back then, I'd honestly only intended to post a Montreal Maroons concept, and it wound up turning into a dead NHL teams series. The MLB Rivalry Series' end is here, and that's where my thoughts took me, because when I'd posted them back in October, I had absolutely no inkling that I'd be making a decently sized series at all. That said, here we without further ado, I give you the Miami Marlins. The home whites are based on the vests that the Marlins wore from 1993-2002. I'll be frank, I've long found it ironic that Loria made such a big deal about ditching teal, only for the current colors to include a teal blue. For a while, I toyed with the idea of orange pinstripes (as I know orange has never been used as an MLB pinstripe color), but figured this was the best way to go. The roads are all black, with a racing stripe reminiscent of the ABA's Floridians. And now the Tampa Bay Rays. It took me a while to figure out what to do with the Rays...and then I realized it was time to get rowdie. The home whites use the original purple/yellow/green/blue/black scheme, while the roads use a Tampa Bay script and the ray of light on the cap. Their common theme is the striped sleeves, which are two tone blue on the grays, but multicolored on the whites, which was inspired by soccer's Tampa Bay Rowdies. Well...there will be a spinoff mini-series that'll be titled differently, as I won't consider them part of the main series...but as far as the MLB Rivalry Series, this is the end. I hope it was awesome.