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  1. So while I finish up my CLH series, I'm going to start my next big project. Many of you might remeber my last NHL by Adidas project. It was well recieved but I ran out of time and my template was clunky. I'm back with a new template, new format. It's very similar to my CLH project. Here's some groundrules; •I will be following Adidas trends, like bold colours and new patterns, all while creating a classic look. •One home and one away. I will also be doing a Winter Classic and other outdoor games. •I will be trying to differentiate colour schemes and uniform styles. With that being said, here's the first two teams! ARIZONA COYOTES I actually really liked the new Yotes uniforms, with some changes. I added a pattern to the arms and hem, as well as replicating the styles to all parts of the uniform. I kept the colours of the rebrand because the design complimented it. ANAHEIM DUCKS This is one where I want some advice. A Duck fan, a friend of mine, says that these colours wouldn't fly, but this series IS about trying things out. I felt the orange and green looked good, but it may not. The design was inspired by Daniel Lowry. We'll see how it goes. Leave C and C! I'll upload Boston and Buffalo tomorrow morning. Excited to see how this goes!
  2. Hello all! I'm back after my Denver Nuggets redesign, which I am willing to continue, given the opportunity. I played on a hockey team this year (WOW!) and this year turned out out to be the last year for this organization. We were called the Lorne Park Ojibwa. Crosstown rivals Clarkson Hurricanes also folded as well, leaving the owners to do a sensible thing; merge. Aaaaaaaaand the new name..... Lorne Park Clarkson Wilds (yes that's an "s" at the end of Wild) Yeah. Pretty bad. My name change >> Cawthra Park Wild (Cawthra is the region of Clarkson and LP) They will reportedly be using exact copies of the Minnesota Wild (no shocker there) and while I love the Wild identity...I don't want a copy. Here is what the teams currently use (Clarkson uses exact Carolina copies); I loved LP's colours and the Clarkson/Carolina road uniform and that wasn't much to work with. Here's my new set, with uniforms. The logo is based of the Wild's logo and has similar trees and the shooting star. The shape in the background is a map of LP/Clarkson and the star is placed where the arena is (kind of like how the N in the Islanders logo pointed towards Nassau Coliseum). I want to improve it. The uniforms. There wasn't much to do, considering the league says they have to already be in the Bauer catalogue and the Wild road uniform is. I merely swapped the logos and replaced red and gold. C + C is much appreciated!
  3. Hello all, I was looking through the old histories of some of the NBA teams and stumbled across this gem. It got me thinking as to what this logo would look like modernized and updated. I began some work and I guess I don't need to explain myself much. I used some current elements and old ones to create this. C&C is much appreciated. Uniforms will follow.