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  1. This is a little series for me to fix up a bunch of the '19-'20 redesigns that messed up in some regard, IMHO. Now, this isn't distracting from Defunct Saga, as I'm in the middle of the latest batch. Let's start with the worst redesign of 2019, the Texas Rangers! TEXAS RANGERS; PT. I - Scripting Error Upon their move to the ballpark that they should've constructed in 2001 or 2002 (I get that Turnpike was a glorified erector set, but you should have waited like the Astros did to get a proper retractable-roof venue), the team redesigned their admittedly safe uniforms. All they had to do was put a "Rangers" wordmark or script on the home uniform and maybe tweak a few things, but they managed to botch it. In the words of yours truly: I stand by that opinion. The script is atrocious compared to the 1984-93 design, the drop shadows and incorporation of powder blue (powder for powder's sake is not a good trend, IMHO) are poor decisions, the "TX" cap is trash, and they still haven't fixed the color imbalance with the red caps. It also kept issues from 1994, such as the drop shadow on the cap logo and said insignia's asymmetry. The only upgrades are the return of thicker stripes (which could be a few millimeters thinner) and the idea of "script at home, wordmark on the road." So, where to go from here? The first step was to dust off the Project 32 Rangers, where I had fixed up a lot of the issues I had with the 2014-19 uniforms (albeit in different colors). The cap logo fixes, the alternate "TR" logo, and the reinstatement of the badge all carry over. Instead of trying to create a wholly new script, I instead took the Rangers' historical cursive (on their old primary logo) and adjusted Fenway Park JF to match it better. Now, we have a faithful modernization that adds thickness while not sacrificing the fun quirks of the original. Here is a comparison: EDIT: I've adjusted the "Texas" cursive script, per @sparky chewbarky's suggestion. Here is a comparison, and the original logo sheet. The uniforms follow the new set's pattern, with a script at home and a wordmark on the road. However, I've added much-needed front numbers and inverted the interior color. Red is the primary lettering color, with blue accessories on the outfit. That way, accessory colors can change without causing color balance issues. The team also now wears a blue cap with a red bill at home (historical reference) and an all-blue cap on the road. The front numbers and NOB are blue alone, for maximum contrast. Given that I've done so much work on "no touching" designs in Defunct Saga, I carried over a lot of my lessons in color contrast here. Double outlines are on the wordmarks and numbers, and while I'm not keen on them, it's something the Rangers can call their own. The stripes are thinner, while the socks have an asymmetrical pattern. The first set of alternates features an inversion of the primary, with a wordmark on the red jersey and a script on the blue shirt (inspired by @Ted Cunningham's "Texas" design). Two-layer stripes are now on the sleeves, to avoid the power block on the royal jerseys. The alternate logo is on the blue jersey. The original image is linked here. The second set of alternates includes the red accessorized home uniform and a cream retro alternate, with drop shadow (a 1972-82 detail resurrected and updated) and no-NOB. It's far more tasteful than full powder blue at home. The jacket is my typical Rangers jacket design, playing up color contrast and putting a badge on the chest for wannabe cops. PT. II - Slate and Brick Bastion My preferred variation, one that uses slate blue, brick red, and sand, is also here. I've opted against double outlines here, preferring to use sand as a white substitute on the alternates. The format of all of the uniforms is the same, save for the retro outfit having inverted colors. EDIT: At the recommendation of @MJD7, I've got a double outlined version! Logo Sheet (Original render) Home and Road Alternates Pt. I (Original render) Alternates Pt. II Jacket You see, Rangers? That wasn't too hard not to screw up your set again. Heck, the slate blue, brick red, and sand color scheme would be a good way to "evolve" out of that tired royal/red look, should you desire such a course of action. C+C is appreciated, as always! I'm going to try to get this all done before opening day. Up on the docket are the Padres, Brewers (I know a certain fella looking forward to that!), Diamondbacks, and a few other squads that did less this offseason.