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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for some constructive criticism and just opinions in general of my MLB uniforms designs or tweaks. Basically, this is what I would do to each MLB team's uniform. I will upload the American League uniforms first, and then the National League uniforms. I will go alphabetically for each team from the East Division first, then in the Central Division, and finally in the West Division in the American League and then the National League. I will be using the Wikipedia template, and therefore, if you have Microsoft Paint, you will easily be able to make edits to the template (or use a third-party app called Paintbrush if you're a Mac user like me).
  2. I'd love to see what this creative community would do if they designed every NFL team Uniform to match different superheros using the superheros colors: I took the liberty and enjoyment of assigning them, I tried to get a good spread of them (But I am open to changes if it's a better fit and not already assigned).... feel free to create the prototypes... and of course have fun! Become an internet hero and post to twitter #NFLSuperheroTeams NFC North: Minnesota Thors Green Bay GreenLaterns Detroit Wolverines Chicago Batmen NFC East: Dallas WonderWomen New York Supermen Philadelphia Hulks Washington CaptainAmericas NFC South: Atlanta Hawkeyes Carolina Catwomen New Orleans Constantines Tampa Bay Storms NFC West Arizona Hellboys San Fransisco Nightcrawlers Seattle SilverSurfers St. Louis Spirit AFC West San Diego Flashes Oakland Punishers Denver Deadpools Kansas City Green Arrow AFC South Houston Cyclops Indianapolis GhostRiders Jacksonville JeanGreys Tennesee Spawn AFC North Pittsburgh IronMen Cincinatti Daredevils Baltimore Blades Cleveland Crows AFC East Buffalo Ticks New England Rorschachs Miami Aquamen New York Spidermen