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  1. I know what you're thinking, another US Soccer concept? Stay with me on this one. When US Soccer went through their rebranding, I was really excited. I thought nothing could get as bad as how the team's branding was before. However, the brand went in a completely different direction than I wanted. I think the federation in general should have taken on a more vintage, collegiate look instead of trying to be very modern with their designs. The font is too spread out and rounded for me, while the kits look way too modern and futuristic. In addition, instead of building on old jersey designs and giving them a breath of fresh air, it seems as if every cycle they just try to come up with something completely different. The federation is ignoring the 100+ years of history and other uniquely American design elements that they can bring to the table to honor the history of soccer in America. With this concept for the 2018 World Cup, I intended to hearken back to the storied history of the national team and give America a classic, vintage, traditional, but modern look. With this new set of kits, the idea was to establish a new orthodoxy of how US Soccer designs kits. I struggled quite a bit with which of the many looks the team has had over the years to retain, but I tried to keep it as simple as possible. The primary kit must always be primarily white, the secondary be primarily blue, and the alternate to feature some kind of red and white striping. So, let's start with the primary kit. I went with the standard US white kit, but with some special touches. The concept of the primary kit is to create a kit that pays homage to the national team's history and unrelenting fighting spirit. I chose to draw from the famous Gadsden Flag and the image of the rattlesnake. First, the jersey crest is located on the chest, in homage to the original US Soccer jerseys. A diamond design inspired by rattlesnake skin is sublimated on the front of the jersey. The kit is rounded out with navy shorts, and socks with subtle hoop designs. Additionally, "Don't Tread on Me" lies on the inside of the kit under the collar. The secondary kit draws from decades of US Soccer employing a sash on kits. This installment features a dark navy sash across the jersey. The shorts feature red stripes down the side, and are paired with inverted socks. "EST. 1913" lies under the collar on the inside of the jersey. Lastly is the Waldo-style alternate kit. Only for special occasions, such as big rivalry games, the main feature of the kit is obviously the red and white stripes. Darker red pinstriping lies inside of the red stripes. The kit borrows the shorts and socks from the primary set. "Stars and Stripes Forever" lies under the collar on the inside of the kit. With this set of kits, the US gets a classic look that draws from a lot of different eras and influences, but still retails the sleek minimalist look that Nike is currently producing. Let me know how I did! Enjoy!
  2. I love the new US Soccer crest, but the kits could use a lot of work. Part of the problem is Nike standardizing all the teams, but the color choices are also questionable. So I used the new Nike template, but took some liberties and added elements beyond the trim and contrasting sleeves. The only real changes I made on the primary kit were using navy on the sleeves and changing the socks to navy. I really like this look, and think that white on white with blue raglan sleeves, blue socks, and red trim could become a timeless look for the US. The clash kit features a royal blue top with fading navy stripes, navy shorts and socks, white numbers, and red trim. I thought this would be a nice way to get the 13 stripes on a kit in a more subtle way, as well as use royal and navy together, which is a sharp look IMO. Have at it!
  3. US Soccer Copa America When a team is celebrating the anniversary of something they will usually use classic jerseys, just look at the Canadiens 100th, the Ducks' 20th, and so on. For the 100th anniversary of the Copa America, US Soccer did not do this. So I came up with this concept. The home is very clean and a bit similar to the US's 2013 kit, which was a throwback to the US's Original soccer kits in 1930. After seeing the actual away kits that the US will wear which feature red and blue split sleeves and a black base I came up with this more traditional split kit. Ultimately, with US Soccer releasing their newer, cleaner, crisper logo, I think kits like these would be the perfect bring in the new era of US Soccer. Let me know what you guys think, I set up a poll so feel free to vote. I am open to creative criticism so throw any suggestions out there. Please don't bother telling me the font looks bad because I know. I am a bit of a stickler for using the correct font and since I could not find the actual font the US will use this summer to download, I copy and pasted the font from an image and re sized and recolored it. I did do previous US Soccer concepts, the home concept I did can be found here and the away concept I did can be found here
  4. After the possible US Soccer shirt for the Copa America tournament has been leaked (See Here) I decided to release the conversations that Nike had with US Soccer about their kits for the Copa America. Enjoy: Nike also saw the opportunity to create a brand new USA flag for this summers tournament, and here it is: So the questions are: Was this leaked jersey legitimate? Will we see the USMNT in black this Summer? Will the president agree to the new flag changes? Do you really think this was a serious post about an actual leaked conversation? Are you just realizing this was all a joke? If you answered Yes to the last two questions then I only have one thing to say to you: Really?
  5. Nike and FC Barcelona decided this year to ditch the traditional vertical stripes for some horizontal ones. So I decided to see what other teams would look like if they switched the direction of their traditional stripes. I decided to start with Celtic. This is obviously not a serious concept thread, just a fun idea. Feel free to suggest any teams you would like to see. Barca Treated Teams: Argentina AC Milan Inter Milan Juventus Bayern Munich USA USA Black and Volt Newcastle United Swansea away West Brom Sporting KC away Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Atletico Madrid Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators 2015 Stadium Series: San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings
  6. This is something I've been tinkering with since the Women's World Cup as I got tired of watching the USA be represented by white, black, and Volt. The initial idea was a reworking of a previous concept I had done creating a shirt based on the imagery of a Revolutionary War soldier. The away kit features two red-trimmed white sashes in a crossed pattern directly invoking the Continental Army uniforms, which lends its name to the concept. Simple white shorts recall the white pants of the minutemen, and the striping patten is repeated on the socks. With the home kit I didn't want to do more hoops, stripes, or lines, as I feel most of those jerseys start blending together and are generally sideways moves from each other. I went with a blue-red double chevron on a white shirt, which is repeated in the socks as well. Both shirts feature a slightly simplified version of the 2013 Nike Don't Tread On Me snake logo sublimated above the player names. The base of the numbers on the back feature the 13-star arrangement from the Betsy Ross flag. The inside collars quote Captain John Paul Jones at the Battle of Flamborough Head, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Otherwise the kits are relatively simple and rely on strong colors and shapes to be distinctive. Template by raysox.
  7. - Simple design which is what is needed after the last two interesting away designs - "I Believe" on the inside collar
  8. Return to the older, darker colorsTribute to/modernized version of the 2006 kitReturn to the white shirt and blue shorts comboUSWNT version of the kit will have stars above logo"I Believe" on inside collar
  9. I love the "Don't Tread on Me" aspect of the US Men's Soccer identity system. This is just my take on it. I always thought there could be a way to incorporate a flag pattern to the scaling on the snake, just never quite knew how to pull it off, and still it's not perfect, but I figured I would share to get some other eyes on it. I welcome any comments or criticism! Hope you like it.