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  1. Djruggs

    USMNT Concept

    So the USMNT kits are awful, I decided to mock some up. In case you cant see them, the side panels are red on both shirts and shorts
  2. I love US soccer, and the new logo is okay, but could be better. SO while I had some time the other night, I worked on a new logo. I used Conrad's USA Font for this. The year is 1913, the year USA soccer came into existence. Added a soccer ball so it would be soccer specific. Extended the stripes to fill some blank space, but I might take those away if it doesn't go over well. C&C appreciated! Thanks! Uniforms to come.
  3. I love the new US Soccer crest, but the kits could use a lot of work. Part of the problem is Nike standardizing all the teams, but the color choices are also questionable. So I used the new Nike template, but took some liberties and added elements beyond the trim and contrasting sleeves. The only real changes I made on the primary kit were using navy on the sleeves and changing the socks to navy. I really like this look, and think that white on white with blue raglan sleeves, blue socks, and red trim could become a timeless look for the US. The clash kit features a royal blue top with fading navy stripes, navy shorts and socks, white numbers, and red trim. I thought this would be a nice way to get the 13 stripes on a kit in a more subtle way, as well as use royal and navy together, which is a sharp look IMO. Have at it!
  4. This is something I've been tinkering with since the Women's World Cup as I got tired of watching the USA be represented by white, black, and Volt. The initial idea was a reworking of a previous concept I had done creating a shirt based on the imagery of a Revolutionary War soldier. The away kit features two red-trimmed white sashes in a crossed pattern directly invoking the Continental Army uniforms, which lends its name to the concept. Simple white shorts recall the white pants of the minutemen, and the striping patten is repeated on the socks. With the home kit I didn't want to do more hoops, stripes, or lines, as I feel most of those jerseys start blending together and are generally sideways moves from each other. I went with a blue-red double chevron on a white shirt, which is repeated in the socks as well. Both shirts feature a slightly simplified version of the 2013 Nike Don't Tread On Me snake logo sublimated above the player names. The base of the numbers on the back feature the 13-star arrangement from the Betsy Ross flag. The inside collars quote Captain John Paul Jones at the Battle of Flamborough Head, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Otherwise the kits are relatively simple and rely on strong colors and shapes to be distinctive. Template by raysox.
  5. TCutt

    USMNT Soccer

    Before the US Men's National Team match against Guatemala, I was talking to some buddies at a tailgate about the best kits the US has worn and what they could do to improve, especially in regard to the white kit the Women's team wore through the entire World Cup. One conclusion we reached, as annoying as it may seem, was that the best and most popular kits for the US, and the ones that captured most of America's attention, were the ones that pandered the most. After having this conversation, I had a few ideas for kits and, after making them for this group of friends, that I would share them with people who know what they're doing. The best kit that we as a group agreed on, both with and without pandering, was the Where's Waldo/Stripes from the flag kit worn in 2012. It was popular with the average American because they saw the flag in it. Soccer fans, myself included, generally liked it because of the excellent use of hoops. I pretty much just remade this whole kit, with some slight changes. I updated the NOB font to the current font and used a similar font, just with the inline, for the number. I decided not to put a number on the front simply because I thought it looked smoother and I feel like it just made it too busy. The other kit design is completely new. With the recent Women's white kit that lacked any Red or Blue, we discussed what designs we could use that might not have any red or blue in it, and we decided on a Don't Tread On Me Kit. I believe in the 2010 World Cup, Nike created a Don't Tread On Me US Soccer logo, and I have always felt like it's underused. For this kit, I based it off of the flag itself. I put the snake logo as a sweatback design, which may not be traditional but I thought it was a nice touch. I also outlined it in yellow and put it on the shorts. I have also given the torso of the jersey a snakeskin pattern, once again referencing the snake on the flag itself. I feel like there's something missing, and I'd like to think of a patch to put on the shoulders there, but still. I am working on a white kit, but I figured I'd share these two before I finish that. Any and all C&C is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
  6. Return to the older, darker colorsTribute to/modernized version of the 2006 kitReturn to the white shirt and blue shorts comboUSWNT version of the kit will have stars above logo"I Believe" on inside collar
  7. Hi everyone! Here are some of the USA Soccer T-shirts I designed to support the USWNT during the World Cup & the USMNT during the Gold Cup. They are on sale for $15.99 via TeeSpring at
  8. Figured we might as well start one up, this is for really North American soccer only, no European stuff as there is an International Soccer thread for that.
  9. Now that Everton has a blue home kit and a black away kit, the general consensus is that they'll need a third clash kit this season. This is my best guess at what I think it might/should look like. I've picked this color based on the fact that they've used it a lot in the team's training gear. If they go for a more traditional look, I think it might look something like this:
  10. 7/31/14 Update After the energy and enthusiasm showed by American fans at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, US Soccer and Nike decided to rebrand the USMNT to capture that spirit. During the World Cup, the American side was widely praised for its determination, passion, and courage in the face of superior skills and long odds. The United States, for once, was not one of the heavyweights, but an underdog, fueled by the romantic belief that win or lose the USA wasn't going to go down without a fight. It was a mindset that hadn't been felt on American soil in over 200 years: not since the birth of the country, when 13 colonies declared independence from the largest and most powerful empire on Earth. The US Soccer Federation seized on this Revolutionary spirit and decided to make it the defining theme of the USMNT in a rebrand known as "The Continental Army." The Crest For starters, the old US Soccer crest was replaced by a new crest, a combination of Nike's Centennial crests and Don't Tread On Me logo, emphazing the Gasdsen snake as the central iconography of the new USMNT. The confusing triple stars were removed and the more stately USSF initials used at the top of the crest. The Home Kit The Contiental Army home kit is essentially the embodiment of the First Navy Jack. The popular hooped design returns with Old Glory Red and Heritage Cream, representing the dignified aging of 200+ years (and taking a note from America's past-time, baseball, where cream is often used in throwback uniforms). Instead of player names, the back features the Revolutionary/USMNT battle cry "DONT TREAD ON ME," emphasizing the team and country's fighting spirit and unity which rises above the individual. A cut down version of the crest featuring just the Gadsden snake adorns the left breast and right shorts leg, with the shorts and socks being solid red. This kit sends one message: when you come play on our turf, you better be ready for one hell of a fight! Clash Kit If the home kit is the embodiment of the First Navy Jack, the clash kit embodies the Revolutionary soldier. The other successful USMNT, the sash, returns in this kit modeled to look like a Contiental Army uniform. The number font is intended to evoke the writing on the Declaration of Independence. Both kits feature this logo on the inside of the neck: a ring of 13 stars (the design of the Union on the Betsy Ross flag) inscribed with part of a George Washington quote, "It is infinitely better to have a few good men than many indifferent ones" to remind the players the difference a small group of passionate, courage men can make. Thoughts and critiques welcome!
  11. I love the "Don't Tread on Me" aspect of the US Men's Soccer identity system. This is just my take on it. I always thought there could be a way to incorporate a flag pattern to the scaling on the snake, just never quite knew how to pull it off, and still it's not perfect, but I figured I would share to get some other eyes on it. I welcome any comments or criticism! Hope you like it.
  12. It's been a while since I've posted a concept, but it's time for a new one. Don't call it a comeback... (more to come soon)