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Found 4 results

  1. So I'm not a big fan of the flag of my homestate South Dakota. They had a great design until they relinquished clain to the title of "The Sunshine State" to Florida. After that they just slapped the state seal on the sun and called it "The Mount Rushmore State." In 1989 a home grown artist by the name of Dick Termes came up with a design that, over the years, beame popular enough to bring a "motion to change the flag" to the legislature in 2012. That motion failed and we are still stuck with a boring, unoriginal design. I have been tinkering with my own version of a SD flag and have narrowed it down to 3 options. I'm looking for some feedback on their shapes, I will clean up a final version once it's narrowed down. All three incorporate the sun shape, that has always been a part of the flag, combined with an outer ring of red diamonds. The outer ring creates a look similar to a Lakota War Bonnet design (this adds a Native American element). I also added a circle of color to the center of the sun to give the look of a sunflower which is one of our states leading crops (this adds an agricultural element). Finally they all show some sort of stripe that moves behind the sun and expands to the right of the design, this is depicting our expanding future, the way that products goods and services from our state shine accross the country, and it helps re-inforce the agricultural aspect by creating the look of an old fashioned windmill (our state is expanding rapidly in the modern wind turbine/energy industry). 1. 2. 3. This concept adds the shape of the Lakota medicine wheel. Easier to compare visually: Please let me know what you think of the concepts.
  2. I posted a thread in the General Design forum about bad flag design and a wonderful TED talk on the subject. Speaker Roman Mars encouraged listeners to not accept their bland, terrible city flags and in a digital sense, I've taken that message to heart. I thought I would spin up a thread in the Concepts forum for a proper place to post city flag concepts and updates. I don't intend to monopolize this thread with solely my own designs, so please feel free to contribute and add any other city flags that you may have reworked, recolored, retouched, or otherwise made better for the sake of good design. I'd like to restrict this to city, county and/or local municipality flags, please. I know that levels of government aren't quite the same in other nations (besides the US/CAN demographic of 99% of this site), so please use your best judgement. State/Province flags get a lot of concept love, so I don't think we need to see ANOTHER reworking of Mississippi, etc. Same goes for national flags because as Mars calls out in his talk most country-level flags have fantastic design simply because the stakes are too high on an international level. So let's see what CCSLC'ers have come up with!
  3. Interesting talk about design, and specifically, flag design.
  4. After seeing the TED talk on flag design (posted in the general design forum), I decided to try my hand at redesigning Maine's flag, which breaks pretty much ever principle of good flag design. As you can see, the flag is one of the "Seal on a Blue Field" designs. While there are many great symbolic elements in the flag, the execution is done so poorly that the meaning of each element is lost. My design looks to take as many of the symbols featured on the flag, while still retaining principles of good flag design. For more information on the flag and each of the elements, please see my Behance project.