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  1. During the early stages of the lockdown, I decided to fight my boredom by revisiting my two favourite video games of all time: Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. I was immediately blown away by how well they’ve aged graphically and how stunning the art direction was. From the shimmering, glacial beauty of the Phendrana Drifts to the neon-lined halls of the Sanctuary Fortress, these are fully-realized, immersive, alien worlds with a style and level of detail unrivalled by any other game. During a particularly boring day in quarantine I posited the following questions. What if these worlds had their own hockey teams? What would their uniforms, logos and branding be like? Is it possible to translate that beautiful art direction into sports branding? Over the past 5 months I have created a league with 10 teams, 5 from the first game and 5 from the sequel. I didn’t include Metroid Prime 3 because I didn’t think it was up to the same standard artistically. I’m extremely excited to share these concepts after working on them for so long would be very appreciative of any C & C. While these drawings do take a long time to complete, I remain open to revisiting and improving them.
  2. In honor of my hometown FINALLY being put into the game, I decided to bring up my concepts I've made for NBA 2k19. In my world, OKC moves to Ft. Worth (as well as the Clippers moving back to San Diego, which is next)... This is what I came up with: They play in "Bass Family Alley" The basics: - The colors are supposed to be an altered garnet/grey/"Trinity blue". Kinda hard to get the colors down on the game. While changing the color of the name and numbers, it doesn't really translate to what you want, exactly - LOGOS: Primary is a basic roundel with the "FTW" insignia, which is based on the Fort Worth Cats minor league team. The alternates are the insignia and a panther head for "Panther City". - Northwestern stripe is actually based on the city's fire trucks - the "corporate patch" is American Airlines, which is based here And like I said, I'm doing the *San Diego* Clippers, next. But I'll post an alt. for Ft. Worth, which is another nice addition to this game.
  3. TEAM LIST Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington Football Team I have been a uniform geek for a while now. I joined the boards on my 13th birthday, and I just celebrated my 16th last week. In the past 3 years, I've thought of some good uniform concepts for sports teams, and I've been willing to show them. But the problem is, I can't make graphic designs to save my life. So I've been at a stalemate where this will be hard to work unless I find another solution, and I found it. The Maximum Football Franchise, a Canadian-made football series that is the second best on current gen consoles, outside of Madden NFL (which isn't great to begin with.) Two extremely nice perks about this; one, it has pretty simple uniform customization, (simple, but it at least has it,) and two, it's the only current gen game to have college football (but we will get to that when we get there ) And so here I am, making uniforms for all 32 NFL teams for personal use and internet use. DISCLAIMERS: I will be using the game given logos on the helmets, yes, there is a logo editor, but it's super hard to use (you can't just upload images, you have to make them using shapes, and like I said, I'm not a graphic designer.) Each team will get a certain amount of uniform combinations: some will get just a home and away, and some will have a bunch. With that being said, let's start with the first team in our list: The Arizona Cardinals! HELMETS! PRIMARY WHITE HELMET Used with all uniforms except for the black alternate. All white, the only true blank helmet in my NFL PRIMARY BLACK HELMET: Used with the all black alternate exclusively. Gave them a gray facemask, I personally am starting to grow fond of gray facemasks. HOME COMBINATIONS! RED OVER WHITE: The Cardinals have become so dated that in my opinion, turning to the past is a better idea, especially see what Nike has done with one of their divisional rivals this year. RED OVER RED: Same home uniform with red pants. Stripe is hard to see, but its an inverse of the white pants. AWAY COMBINATIONS: WHITE OVER WHITE: Stays pretty classic overall, pretty much a inverse of the home. Gave them a yellow wordmark, because I think it's unique enough to stand out without ruining the vibe of the uniform. WHITE OVER RED: Standard white uniforms with red pants. Yes, I know the yoga pants effect is there, sue me, I'm not all that bothered by the pants and socks matching. ALTERNATES: BLACKOUT UNIFORM: Gave the Cardinals a BFBS uniform, to really only be used once or twice a year. No white to be found, except for the wordmark and the player names, so there's legibility. ARIZONA PRIDE ALTERNATE: An added alternate that uses yellow, as a nod to the state flag. Shoulders would've had like a sun ray gradient, but I did the best I could do With that being said, C&C is appreciated! Next team up is the Dirty Birds!
  4. As a kid, I once rented an NES game that had all 28 at the time NFL teams, and their helmet logos, and actual players. I forgot the name of that game (Tecmo Super Bowl) until college. Lately I’ve been learning more about Tecmo Super Bowl and found it interesting that they could manage to be as accurate as they were given the technological limitations of working in 8-bit programming, especially when the helmet was automatically the same color as the pants. I also find it interesting that approximately half the NFL teams have alternate uniforms in this game, presumably to avoid clashes. There really was a great deal of attention and effort put in. Anyway, I’m meaning for this thread to serve as a piggyback from this excellent thread on a Tecmo forum: The Tecmo thread is good but leaves out a few alternates plus doesn’t show pictures of the various uniforms in action. Now we can play the game on our phones and computers and take screenshots, so I think it would be nice to visually catalogue the various uniforms used in this impressive game. I should be able to post a lot of them in the coming days if anyone can tell me what the preferred image-hosting site is these days. Also, if a mod wants to move this to a different forum, I don’t object. I'll show images of all the uniforms a given team wears in the game, and also give a brief description of the team itself in TSB. All uniforms are described as (helmet-jersey-pants). For instance, the Colts are white-blue-white.
  5. I'll be doing two custom covers each weekend. This Saturday and Sunday: NORTHEAST - Jim Brown MID-ATLANTIC - Micheal Vick - Nov. 19-20 GREAT LAKES - J.J. Watt MIDWEST - Tyler Lockett - Nov. 26-27 SOUTHEAST - Bo Jackson FLORIDA - Michael Irvin - Dec. 3-4 TEXAS - LaDainian Tomlinson ROCKY MOUNTAINS - Kordell Stewart - Dec. 10-11 WEST - Troy Aikman & Rodney Peete PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Jake Locker Kicking it off with Jim Brown at Syracuse for the Northwest.
  6. So the polls spoke, and the first EA Sports game in my crEAtion Series will be FIFA 18. All of these games will be for the 2018 season since the 17s are coming soon. I did this because I wanted to make new covers. Speaking of which: I simplified the design for the EA Sports logo and the title of the game, but the background and (obviously) the cover athlete will be different. FOREGROUND: - Red and Blue rectangles - Simple EA Sports logo - Title of game has white lettering with a different color for the number BOTTOM: - Rating - Official License - (different games) Television Presentation - Playing surface of sport the game is based on BACKGROUND: - Cover Athlete(s) - "Tear Effect" with different colors - Specific images associated with cover athlete/team Now, kicking this series off, I will work on FIFA's PitchBuilder and LeagueBuilder. Stay tuned...
  7. So, I'm sitting at home on this beautiful weekend with a knee injury, decided to dust off the PS3 & play some NCAA Football. I was thinking, with all the trickiness involved in the licensing situation with the NCAA & student athletes, I wonder if EA could just support the current title with new uniforms, stadiums & schedules? Of course, the Teambuilder website should rec'v support as well. Better yet, bring on NCAA 17. It's not like EA can't produce rosters to reflect a school's current strength without ripping off student-athletes likenesses. It's not like we all don't immediately go online to d/l an updated roster file anyway. What would it matter how authentic the initial roster file is? EA Sports, please bring back NCAA Football. Also, please make it for PS3, so I don't have to buy a $400 gaming system to play one game. (Literally, the only game I own for PS3 & previously PS2 is NCAA Football) Just some thoughts on a super-boring Sunday afternoon on the couch...
  8. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. I like the "create-a-team" or "Team Builder" feature in sports games and for years, (seriously, ever since the Nintendo 64 days) I've always wanted to go deeper into the customization of the teams. Even though they've come a long way, it's still pretty limited. So, in an effort to send out my ideas that I've had ever since I was a kid, I'm starting a "Create-a-_______" series for this forum. Starting with: Now before any of you get too excited, there is no official word on NCAA Football coming back this year. I HOPE it does, but it's still just a rumor at this point. This game features "TeamBuilder", and with all the logo/branding junkies here, I know several of you are glad that it exists but feels that it could be a bit better than what it is. I could go on about the uniforms, but I'll get to those later. What I really want to focus on for this thread is the stadium creation part of Team Builder, which is lacking. And by lacking, I mean all you're really doing is designing the field (also limited) and picking from a preset design. That would be fine, but if you're like me, that ain't good enough. During the week, I'll get into more detail, maybe even designing menu screens to let you fully see what my vision is for a "StadiumBuilder" feature. I'll also post real-world examples with each category. Stay tuned, folks.
  9. I've seen several posts where people have mentioned mocking up various concepts in the NBA2K series of games. I don't own a gaming system more advanced than a Wii, and I don't typically have much time for video games anyway. From what I understand you can create your own teams, and you have a lot of latitude in designing them. Can you also create your own league from these teams? Just curious. Also, I wish Madden would bring that back. Remember the PC Madden games where you could design your own helmet in Paint and import it into the game? I had some really sweet ones for Madden 04. lol
  10. Got this idea from the game Life Is Strange and Blackwell Academy in the game. I went with name Otters and not Bigfoots. I created a interlocking BA and shield logo. I was going to make a Otter logo similar to what is found on a poster of the swim team in the game. I thought it would have more of a prep school look with a script for the crests Just playing around with different ideas and templates. If any of you are gamers and havent played this game there is spoilers in this so I apologize ahead of time.
  11. I gonna start a petition for it
  12. So, I'm a long time lurker here and decided to have my hand at creating a few fictional teams. I tend to gravitate towards football concepts, but had the idea of creating my teams in a video game, and with there being no recent football PC game, I turned to basketball. I want to create 30 teams to replace the NBA teams in-game, but I know I probably won't get that far. Nonetheless I have concept locations and team names for most of the 30. A few things first, the uniforms will be a bit rough as it's my first time doing this, and also my first time using GIMP, meaning the logos won't be great either. I'm also using and Microsoft Photo Essentials 2006 (something like that). Also I'm taking a bit of inspiration from the influx of circular logos for NBA teams, and will be making all of the logos circular. (1. Because I like the design. 2. I'm lazy and it makes it a bit easier.) First team! So, at the moment I only have the primary aways finished. But I hope/imagine that creating the homes won't be too much more difficult than a color change, and that a yellow alternate wouldn't be too difficult either. Thanks for any thoughts/criticism! (PS, also I'm very sorry about the horrible color match-up of the Tridents vs the Clippers there, I was testing the color blue I was using.)
  13. I saw the recently released NBA 2K14 Cover and decided to make a few more versions for you guys. First is the original cover with Lebron holding 2 championship trophies, in case he wins his second trophy this year. LMK what you guys think, and there is more to come. Enjoy