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  1. I've done many "Vintage Style College Mascots" and as the NFL season gets started I was thinking of what their logos/mascots might look like if they had been created in the style of Arthur Evans. I don't plan on directly using any mascot/logo looks (college or NFL) that are already out there (example: using Pistol Pete for the Dallas Cowboys). However, I may take inspiration from bits or pieces of them. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding my newest iterations, please let me know what you think with your comments and/or likes. First up: Minnesota Vikings
  2. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  3. I am a huge fan of how recognizable and unique the current Minnesota Vikings logo is but after studying design for a few semesters, I've come across some fundamental composition flaws in the viking head. 1. Since this a profile view of the viking, the back horn should not be visible to us. It should be obstructed by the horn closest to us. 2. The shape of the emblem as a whole fights for your attention because it has multiple points pulling you in different directions. This isn't a problem if the directions are equidistant (like a star) or pulling you in a general direction but the helmet, horns, hair, braid, and mustache all bring you somewhere else (as pictured in the diagram below). Now these things seem minor, but they leave the viking head looking very static in space. 3. The mustache looks fine. This is just personal opinion but I think beards look meaner. My goal for this redesign was to create a streamlined, visually appealing, and tougher version of the classic logo that feels like a natural progression into the future. My solution to my issues with the existing logo was to remove the back horn, recompose the curves to all point behind the viking head, and add a beard for a tougher and more modern look. I'm still in the process of refining the logo but I wanted to post it on here to get some feedback before I dive in too far. The beard feels sort of empty compared to the interior of the hair but I'm not sure how to incorporate the same line quality without making it feel too busy.
  4. Finally got some time to mess around with these hockey uniform templates. I thought I'd try doing hockey uniform versions of the 4 final teams in the NFL playoffs. Never did a mash up before so thought I'd try it out. Wanted to see what the thoughts were. It's the Patriots, Jaguars, Vikings and Eagles. I took various parts of the design from elements of the football uniform, IE: Pant shell stripes from pants, socks from socks or sleeve striping and jersey elements influenced by the elements on the football jerseys. Really enjoyed doing these and experimenting a bit. I didn't change/adjust any of the team logos. I just used the versions that the teams use in the NFL. Hopefully this works.
  5. So, I found the original Minnesota Vikings logo used from 1961-1965. I think this one looks better and cleaner than the current one displayed, and was wondering if we could update it. This is not a custom design by myself, it is the original logo designed by Karl Hubenthal in 1961.
  6. Fantasy Sports Logo Project Ever had a fantasy sports idea that you wanted to bring to life? We received an inquiry from a man named Joseph, who was looking for someone to make this happen. He had an idea for creating a sports brand "Fantasy Warriors", and we figured we'd be the ones who could make it work! The original idea was to create a Berserker Warrior or Viking Character, along with a Bears Pelt. Take those base ideas and create an awesome "Mascot Logo" for his sports brand! Something he could really be proud of and remember with when seen. This was our base idea for the project, and we now present our final concept! We hope you all enjoy! And as always you can check out the full resolution photos on our site here: Fantasy Warriors Logo Project For these Apparel Mockup Templates, check out YellowImages
  7. I decided to try 4 NFL Color Rush Uniforms. Let me know what you think. This was done rather quickly, so expect some errors.
  8. I have to believe not everybody is going to be happy with this presentation.
  9. Here's something I've been working on recently. After seeing that so many high schools and even some colleges use the same few cartoon bulldog images as their logos again and again, I decided to take a crack at it and create my own version. Of course there are some colleges with original and solid bulldogs, but overall I wanted to stray away from that cartoon Looney Toons bulldog look that is everywhere and make something original. I kept the cliche spiky collar because apparently a bulldog isn't a bulldog without one. The full project can be seen on behance: NOTE: All logos in this thread may not be used without prior consent of Greg Hahn.
  10. A few years ago I posted a version of the logo that was still a work in progress. Here's the new, completely remastered version that was 100% created/recreated in Illustrator: It's a combination of the following logos: My ultimate goal is to do one for each state. Thoughts?
  11. I thought this might be of interest to the community. This is Mick Tinglehoff's rookie helmet from 1962. It was in a case at the Hall Of Fame this past weekend. Quite a beat up looking relic. But what was interesting to me, was the paint job. The shell was painted purple (apparently a molded purple shell was unavailable at the time) and the horns were also painted on... not a decal. You can see in the pics that the paint has scraped off in spots. If you look close you can also see that the horns were taped out first... there are those tiny tell-tale paint pulls at the edges that anybody who has ever taped out a paint job should recognize. That last pic shows the process pretty well, I think. The rivets and screws were removed first and replaced after the paint job. The whole helmet would be masked out then some sort of template traced on. You can see a slight incised line where the horn was cut out before being sprayed. A lot of work, I'd think.
  12. From the original source
  13. Ive tried making a viking logo in the past but it didn't work out. My school currently uses a knockoff minnesota vikings logo (the colours are different though, blue and red) so it'd be nice to see a change. Here it is; please let me know what you guys think.
  14. So, when the new Viking uniform was released, there was no alternative uniform as part of the package. For the past few years, the Vikings’ alt was the 70’s throwback… I guess they could still use it, but somehow that doesn’t seem likely to me. The new uniform seems to, in my mind, render that throwback sort of extra obsolete. (Not that the new uniform is, in any way, a “throwback”, just that all the language they’ve used to describe it make you feel that they, at least, are thinking of it as a sort of visual heir to that 70’s uniform.) So here are a few possible choices for a new Vikings Alt and/or throwback. First, a throwback to the mid-60’s road uniform… one of my personal all-time favorite uniforms. I’ve tried to translate it onto the modern template as is, “faults” in all. This means mismatched helmet color and weird sock stripes. This is what the Vikings had done with their 70’s alt, and I’m not a fan of the fauxback, or the modern “clean-up” (any more than you have to do to in terms of uniform styles, nameplates, NFL logos and such) in recreating a classic uniform.
  15. Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. This is mostly what I think Nike could do, with some personal tastes thrown in. I kept the clues we have so far (new helmet, gold wordmark under collar, purple collar) and went with a modernized throwback. Starting from the top, the helmet features a new horn that finally matches the logo. This also solves the Revo Speed issues, as it doesn't cross any air holes. The helmet itself is a semi-matte (like the Seahawks) with a scratch/scuff pattern at the bottom a la Rutgers. The jerseys and pants feature yellow-white/purple-yellow Northwestern stripes with angled cutoffs and the scuff pattern in the center stripe. The numbers and NOB are a custom block font (Nike's new thing), with angles matching the angle of the stripe cutoff (30 degrees if anyone was curious). The numbers also feature the scuff pattern, while the NOB is yellow to match the wordmark on the front of the jersey. Lastly, the viking head remains on the sides of the pants. So, here it is! Home Road Road Alt
  16. HOME AWAY HOME ALT HOME ALT AWAY ALT Not sure how to put images within the post...sorry. I'm hoping this is the direction they go with the redesign. A new take on an old look. Darker purple, and the gold matches the gold of the new logo. I've got a few different looks here, but I think the Purple/Grey would make a great home set, and White/Purple would be great for the away set. Any thoughts? We haven't seen or heard much about this redesign in a while, thought I'd share my take on the new look.
  17. I've taken information I've learned from various sites across the net (including this one) and mocked up something that shouldn't be too far off from the final version. Now what we know is that it it has been confirmed that the design will be a good mix of retro and modern, and so with that in mind, I made the numbers block format without an outline, and chose to make them gold, like the wordmark that was released the other day. I gave it a gray facemask and pants, as rumors seem to be fairly prevalent that both these elements will be included in the new design. The biggest shock may be the helmet, and basing off what I have learned, the helmet is different than it's ever been in the past. I can't imagine they'd do away with the horns, nor would thy change the sshape of the horns because the new logo just adopted them. I'm thinking, based off Jared Allen's description of "tougher" that the helmet will eliminate the bright white horns and opt for a darker (tougher) gray horned look.
  18. This is about what I expect the new Vikings uniforms to look like based on various information I have gathered from all over the internet. Thoughts?
  19. Lately I've felt the Vikings logo looked a bit dated and wanted to jazz it up a bit and make it a bit more modern looking. Now being a Packer fan it pains me to spend so much time on a rival team design, but hey, the Vikings are my least disliked of the other NFC North teams so I figured why not. I started out trying to freehand it (on my iPad, in the ArtStudio app), which didn't go so I went into illustrator and roughed out some curves. Which I then put onto my iPad (again in ArtStudio) and started sketching out the idea. After a bit of shape tweaking and a lot of sketching I came out with this. Then I took it into photoshop and gave it a once over with Liquify to nudge everything into place. After that it was just a case of redrawing it in Illustrator and colouring it up. It's really only the first logo I've done and for an afternoon/night's worth of work I'm pretty happy with it. I'd love to get some thoughts on it.